Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ His Story ❯ His Story V: The Next Journey ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Shadow and his friends were thinking about how to escape this island, except Knuckles, who's mind had been switched with that of a common bird. Then Sonic snapped as if he had an idea. "The X-Tornado," he said, "it's pieces are scattered on the island, we could build a boat out of it!" "That's not a bad idea," Shadow thought out loud, "if we could find enough pieces to make a boat big enough to fit four." "Am I the only one who thinks this won't work?" asked Rouge the Bat, "Even if we can find enough pieces to build a boat big enough for all of us, what if it doesn't float?" That thought made Shadow think hard. "Then we'll use scattered pieces from the egg airship." He said. "That's genius Shadow!" Sonic exclaimed, "if we use the technology from the egg airship, we can create a propelled boat!" So they started gathering and building. By sunset, again, exact date unknown, they had built a boat with an engine and a propeller. "Now where do we go?" Shadow thought out loud. "While I was exploring the east side of the island, I saw another island that looked like people lived there." Rouge said. "Then we'll go there, and see what we can find." Shadow told his comrades. And as they rode off into the night, they were unaware that this was the worst decision they had ever made, I am sorry to say though, that this is where our story ends. Stay tuned for chapter VI
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