Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Silver Twighlight ❯ 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
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Silver was struggling to hold the heavy piece of metal up with his powers, the weight of it bringing his mind to the limit. He and Blaze had been fighting Iblis again, and had beaten it back once more, but it had retaliated with one last move, knocking yet another building down. Silver had been so preoccupied with the flames, that he hadn’t realized Blaze moving out of his protection range. A small part of a building had hit her and fell on her legs, trapping her, and when the building fell, she was unable to run.
Almost the entire structure was hovering over her, threatening to crush her if he let go. She concentrated, and a burst of flames came from her, and she was free. The white hedgehog let go of his hold, gasping at how much energy it had taken from him, as fighting Iblis had weakened him already.
Blaze came up to him, and he nodded when she asked if they should go back to the hideout. They had established the hideout when they had first met each other, though both of them were quite confused about the matter. They had no idea where either of them had come from, nor anything about their past. The only thing they remembered was waking up with the cat lying upon the hedgehog, when both of them were so young.
They had been terrified at this world, but working together, had been able to survive it, and help others as well. It was in meeting others that Silver found out who he was, though all of them seemed confused at why he was as young as he was. An elder however, figured it out for him, and told him how it had happened. Somehow, Silver had teleported by accident into another world, and in teleporting out of it with another, had become young and immature in his powers, and erased his memory.
This had surprised young Silver, being almost ten years old, or that’s what he thought he was, when he found this out. So he and the purple cat had lived together, in this world of terror, and now, they were getting older and still hadn’t defeated Iblis. It seemed nothing could.
They came to entrance to their hideout, Iblis had never gotten into it, not because the monster couldn’t find it, but because it was protected. It was deep in the earth, close to an underground river, and because Iblis drew its heat and flames from the earth’s core, the center of the planet was cold, and with water being as cold as ice but still flowing, kept the beast away. It was as if the planet’s center was on the surface, creating a living Hell.
The hedgehog took her hand and they flew quickly through the tunnel with his powers. Coming to the main room, Silver sank down onto his couch, exhausted. It was old and falling apart, but then again, everything was. Blaze rested next to him, pulling a thick blanket over them both and laying her head on his shoulder.
They had no mechanical heater, those were only available in the mass shelters, so it was very cold. Though they hadn’t known in their past life that they had loved each other, it didn’t matter, because they loved each other now. The white hedgehog sighed, then put his arms around her as she snuggled closer.
“Someday Silver, someday we’ll find a way to stop it.” She whispered to him. He just sighed again.
“Everyday, it’s the same. We fight, and it remains strong… I’m starting to wonder…” The cat lifted her head up, surprised. Then she smiled, she knew exactly what to do when he got in this mood. Blaze grabbed him by his shoulders and forced him down onto his back against the delapidated couch.
“What happened to the Silver of so long ago, the brave little hedgehog who said he would never give up? It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we’ll stop it, someday we WILL stop it.” She said as she nuzzled his neck. He closed his eyes and smiled sadly.
“You always know how to…” He trailed off as she started kissing him, feeling her legs entwining around his under the blanket. She stopped and he looked into her bright yellow eyes, knowing exactly what she was starting. She purred against him as he started caressing her lovingly.*****
The next morning, they got up off the couch and put on thick clothes, as they wanted to rest in the hideout for a day or two, to allow Silver’s powers to restore to full strength. It sometimes got to below freezing when Iblis shifted more towards the other side of the planet.
“You know what Silver?” The white hedgehog grunted, and continued using his powers to move the couch over. “I love you.” Silver dropped the couch unexpectedly and one of its legs broke, making it off-kilter. He turned and looked at her with a smile.
“You know, you always catch me off guard somehow. Now I’m going to have to tear the other legs off of it to make it even.” The other legs came off with a snap, and he shook his head. “I know, I love you too.” The cat sat on the couch and crossed her legs.
“Oh really? Come here then.” Blaze said, tilting her head. The hedgehog sat next to her, his eyes wandering away as if he were preoccupied. “Sil-…!” The purple cat never finished her sentence, Silver had pressed himself down onto her, his face against her upper chest, his hands holding her parka down over her shoulders.
She gasped, then started to purr again. He did that a lot, acting as if he weren’t paying attention when he was fully aware of what she was saying. He stopped nuzzling her and sat up, snickering.
“That’s not funny…. Okay it was funny, so what..?!” said Blaze, who was putting her jacket back on. Silver stared at her, still laughing.
“That was a priceless face. When will you ever learn, I’m always listening?” He said. The cat rolled her eyes, then snuggled against him again.
“I know that you become stronger faster when I’m near you.” She said. He smiled, then leaned against her.
“I’m glad you’re my friend, Blaze, and you’re right. I’m not sure why though.” The white hedgehog watched her as she took the blanket out again and started unzipping her jacket. He frowned for a moment, wondering.
“Oh don’t worry, I’m not just doing this to help you get strong again. I actually enjoy it when you touch me, when you, when you….” She trailed off as he laid on top of her again, having taken off his own clothes.
“That?” He asked. The cat pulled the blanket over them again when he shivered.
“More then that…” She whispered. The purple cat began moaning, her body starting to glow from feeling him and his powers.
*****A couple hours later they stopped, freezing at the sound of rumbling. It was just a sound, but a couple minutes later they felt it. The female cat clutched at her lover, terrified. Had Iblis finally found a way to fight against the water? Silver took charge, knowing that even though Blaze was normally was fearless, this time she wasn’t.
“Hurry, put these back on, we might have to run!” He said as he handed her a jacket and pants. She shook her head, regaining her headstrong appearance. Silver smiled then did the same. They had just managed to get their shoes on when the ceiling began to crumble, water spouting from the cracks and holes.
“The river’s breaking through, that’s all, it’s not Iblis.” He shouted in relief over the roaring water, picking up the cat and flying out of their escape tunnel. They burst out into the hot darkness, and immediately started taking off their clothes. Blaze had grabbed her heat-repel jacket before they had left, and quickly put it on.
“Flames that burn or water that freezes, typical.” The white hedgehog laughed. Losing the hideout from the river wasn’t much of a problem, he had known that might happen eventually, Blaze had told him he had made it too close to the river in the first place. The telekinetic hedgehog would just make another, though it would take up a lot of his energy.
“A little bit farther this time, maybe it’ll last longer.” The cat said. “Yeah.” Silver whispered. Sometimes he wondered if they should move back into one of the shelters, but then they wouldn’t be able to help people be safe from the flames.
Sometimes, people had to go out into the upper world, and often times they would get caught. That’s when Silver and Blaze would rescue them, but if they stayed in a shelter, they would have to follow rules, they wouldn’t be allowed out as they pleased. Most likely not even once a month, and even that would be very restricted.
Silver jumped up and grabbed the cat again, floating up high, away from the ground where they had just been, now covered in flames.
“Close one.” She said as they zipped away through the air. “Sorry, I had my mind on other things.” He muttered. ******

A few days later, they had a new hideout, still close to the river, but a bit farther then the other one.
“Silver, what’s wrong? You’ve been so quiet the past few days. Are you sick or weak from using too much of your powers?” Blaze asked him, lying in his arms on the floor. They had talked to one of the shelters and gotten a few supplies, but not much, and there was hardly anything left over from the ancient times when Iblis did not exist. The couch before had been a lucky find, now all they had were some blankets and food.
“No, I’m fine.” He said as she snuggled closer to him. She was so devoted to him, they were hardly ever apart, not just because he was afraid that Iblis would find her, but because the cat loved him. Silver loved her as well, often thinking about the times when he expressed it to her. He remembered how she kept moaning his name over and over again when he did this, and how she touched him back.
“Silver, what are you so worried about?” She asked him. How did she know everything, he wondered.
“Nothing, really.” He muttered and closed his eyes. Blaze let it go, understanding that he didn’t want to talk about it.