Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Silver Twighlight ❯ 2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
*****All characters belong to their respective owners that includes Sega****

Silver was quiet when he got up. Blaze was still sleeping on the floor with the blanket over her, so he used his psychic powers to float as he moved around their new protective hide-out. He flew over towards the exit, and paused. The cat had always told him never to leave without her, but he really wanted some alone time. ‘Not much, just a little.’ He thought.
Once he was outside, he realized how quiet it was. Iblis was on the other side of the planet again, and with the absence of the bright flames, the hedgehog could see the stars. He flew up to the top of one of the dilapidated buildings and sat down, staring at them. It was rare that he got to see them; he was usually hiding from the destructive fires.
“They’re so bright… And so many…” The white hedgehog wondered. Looking at them reminded him of Blaze, and the promise he had made her. “I’ll destroy Iblis, no matter what!”
It wasn’t but ten minutes later when he felt the ground begin to rumble beneath him. The flames were returning. Silver sighed, and then headed back down into his ‘home’. He looked for the purple cat, but she wasn’t there.
“Blaze?” He called for her, but there was no answer. Then without warning something tackled him from behind.
“What did I tell you about going out alone?! At least tell me first!” Blaze yelled at him as they fell to the floor. She sat on top of his back, just behind his quills and refused to let him up.
“I know. If it makes you feel better, I couldn’t think of anyone but you.” He sighed.
“Oh really? Well, then I apologize.” She got off of him, and he gave his quills a shake. Blaze came up to him and stroked them back into place, smiling as she looked into his almond-colored eyes. Silver moved closer to her, and brought his lips to hers. The cat gasped at first as his hands went behind her, it was rare for him to start something, usually it was she. They fell to the floor again, unable to stop.
“I love you so much, Blaze. I don’t ever want to leave you…” Silver whispered, as his kissing became more passionate. The hedgehog wanted so much to express his love to her, to show her how much he cared. “If I ever lost you…” He broke off, forcing her beneath him and hovering over her on all fours. Blaze smiled, then pulled his body down on hers, bringing him into a long passionate kiss.

The lavender cat awoke to find her lover still asleep, his arms still wrapped around her in his slumber. In all her life she had never had any one care so much about her, to love her has he did. All through the night he had voiced it and shown it to her, and she wondered what life had been like before they had met. She hadn’t even remembered when they had, not technically.
Blaze lifted her head off his soft, furred chest for a moment to look at his face. ‘He looks so peaceful like this.’ She thought. The cat put her head back down, listening to his strong heartbeat. The white hedgehog sighed, and she looked up again to find his eyes open.
“Ready to get up yet?” She asked him a little slyly.
“With you I could stay here all day, but then we would never get anything done.” He muttered. Blaze got up, taking the blanket with her and walking into the bathroom with it wrapped around her. Silver watched her go, then stood himself. He found his boots and gloves and put them on, then thought hard for a moment.
He could hear Blaze cleaning herself in the other room, and decided once again, that he wanted to be alone for a time. He picked up some stale bread and took it with him as he went up to the surface again.