Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ sonic meets slayer ❯ okayy? ( Chapter 2 )

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Sonic: tails I need your help man sonic said rushing though the door tails: oh sonic what do you need help with sonic: well I ran into this hedgehog and he had a chaos emerald and use chaos control I don't what's going on tails but freaking the fuck out tails: clam down sonic it'll be okay let me do some research and I'll tell you about him later right now you need some rest go home sonic sonic: your right tails I do need some rest so sonic went home but as soon he open the door Amy was being fucked by slayer ahhhhhhhhhh said Amy sweetly sonic: what's going on slayer: huh oh sonic so glad of you to join but as you see I'm fucking Amy so yeah amy: okay were done now slayer: fine amy hoped off slayer dick and laid down for awhile amy: sonic I had ran into slayer when I was walking to your house and I well he was just so charming and I end up doing what I just did right now sonic didn't belive it sonic: I I I I I I can't go through this right now I got to leave but one before I leave slayer how do you know us where did you came how do you have a chaos emerald why why why slayer: ……………….. well you should now by now dude I mean come who doesn't know about you and your friends man and I came from earth and I found this emerald sonic: why you had sex with amy said sonic while crying slayer: well it kinda been my dream to have sex with her so yeah but don't worry man she is all yours I got to go anyway so bye and off was the hedgehog in the speed of light sonic: he runs as fast as me I want so have a race with him yeah and I'll win amy: just like him to do that.