Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ sonic meets slayer ❯ the race ( Chapter 3 )

[ A - All Readers ]

Sonic: slayer! Slayer: huh oh sonic what do you want sonic: I want a race
Slayer: a race why do you want a race
Because I saw you ran and I wanted to race you so yeah sonic said while running
Slayer: okay but you're going to lose
Sonic: ha I like to see that happened
Slayer: we are racing to tails house ready set go!
Off the two ran but eggman had stop them from finishing the race
Slayer: grrrr you better have a good reason for stopping us eggman
Eggman: ha what do you think guess what I got
Sonic: that's a chaos emerald
Eggman: that's not all I got also got
Slayer: amy!?
Amy: help!
Slayers and sonic: let her go
Eggman: huh what's going on?
The two was going into their darkform and fusing together
Darkslacit: I'm going to kill you big bang kamahamaha
Eggman: what noooooooooooooooo!
Before it hit eggman darkslacit save amy
Slayer: are you okay amy
Amy: yeah I'm fine
Sonic: I hope that the big bang kamahamaha killed eggman
Slayer: I don't know but he's not dead but I will find him don't worry
Sonic: I'm going to shadow and sliver in this
Slayer: right
Sonic: where's the chaos emerald
Slayer: I don't know but let's get going sonic
And off our two heroes went