Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ sonic meets slayer ❯ the end ( Chapter 4 )

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Sonic: shadow sliver
Shadow: huh oh it's you sonic
Sonic: well who else would it be
Sliver: what do you want anyway?
Sonic: I need your help
Shadow: why do you need our help?
Sonic: because we are going after eggman and finally kill him
Sliver: I'm in
Shadow: hmph fine
Sonic: alright now let's go and meet with slayer
Shadow: who's slayer
Sonic: I tell when we get come on
And off the three went to meet up with slayer
Slayer: sonic you got them
Sonic: yeah
Slayer: good cause now the time has come
Eggman: hahahahahaha yeah right
Slayer: grrr
Eggman: ha I like to see you defeat my latest creation meet metal slayer
Slayer: if you think that's going to work you must be an idiot
Metal slayer: ha I well defeat you easy big bang kamahamaha
Slayer sonic shadow sliver: awww shit
Slayer: hmph
Metal slayer: what how are still alive
Slayer: you must be a idiot hey guys time to go super
Sonic shadow sliver: right
Slayer sonic shadow sliver: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha
Super slayer: let's fused
Super Slayer sonic shadow sliver: chaos control
Super slivanic: hmph it's the end of the line for you
Metal slayer: not haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha
Darkspline metal slayer: ha now come at me
Super slivanic: hmph ok you ask for it time to end chidori lament it's over
Darkspline metal slayer eggman: whattttttt noooooooooooooooooooo
Slayer: hmph we did it it's finally over we killed eggman
Sonic: let's go home
Slayer: yeah let's
And the two went home to began anew