Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Lost Ones ❯ The Laboratory ( Chapter 1 )

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Shadow the hedgehog was silent when he woke up, shocked at wehre he was. For days after his last adventrue he had been wandering around aimlessly, and nothing interesting had happened until now. To fall asleep in a room onboard the ARK, and then wake up in what looked like a laboratory room could be called interesting, however it did not please him.

The black hedgehog stood up, wondering who had done this. Whoever they were, they had taken his shoes, gloves, and chaos emerald. The room was small, about ten by ten feet, and was pure white. There were no cracks in the walls, they were smooth and smelled of steel, and there was only one door.

It was empty save for himself, and upon inspection, he saw the door was firmly sealed and unbreakable. Whoever this is, they certainly don't want me leaving, he thought.

Nothing happened for hours, and as he continued to wait, he noticed a strange smell. It was coming from the walls, and now that he looked closer at them, he saw miniscule holes poked into them.

Shadow suddenly felt a strange tightening in his chest, and he began choking as the foul-sweet scent filled his senses. The hedgehog fell to his knees, clutching neck, struggling to breathe. His vision blurred then went dark and the last thing he remembed was lying on his side on the floor.


When he awoke, he was inside what appearerd to be a glass tube of some sort. It was filling with a green liquid, neaerly at his waist already. Shadow began to struggle, but was weak, and the tubes attacted to his body hindered him.

There was a breathing mask on his face, and as the thick 'water' reached his neck he realized he wasn't able to get out.

Looking through the glass he saw a dark figure standing before him in a white lab coat, the face veiled by the darkness. The hedgehog pressed his hands and forehead to the glass, bowing forward in despair as his sight became blurred from the chemicals. He'd never felt this hopless before, except for that time... With Maria...

"Well, well I see you understand that you've met your match." Shadow lifted his head slightly when he heard this voice, then drooped down again. "Yes, you can hear me, good. And you understand what I'm saying; the drugs haven't affected you as badly as the others I see. Do you know hwy you're here?"

The tormented hedgehog didn't move, he wouldn't give into his captor so easily. He was suddenly thrown back by an electrical shock, the pulse moving so rapidly through his bones and causing him to writhe in pain. It stopped after a couple minutes, leaving him gasping for breath through the mask.

"I'm speaking to you using radio implants in your ears, and some of the wires are hooked up to an electrical generator. If you do not wish to feel that again, I suggest you answer my questions from now on." The beast said.

Shadow closed his eyes, not that they were much use in the tube, and slowly shook his head.

"You are here, to be part of an experiment. You are not the main experiment in itself, but you are vital to the project. There is no way out, so don't even attempt to escape." The voice sounded malicious, and had a sinister laugh to it.

He opened his eyes again, and began growling, but didn't say anything. No one treated him this wa. The governement had always referred to him as a project, while the professor, his creator, had treated him as a living being with feelings. This, this creature, whoever he was, was obviously from the governement.

"Oh ho! Angry now are we? Or worried perhaps? The latter you should be, but you should accept your fate. You will not leave this complex alive, ever. You'll leave this tube, yes, but not this building. Your free will is gone, you will not so much as sleep without my conscent"


Days went by, and Shadow did not see or hear the figure again, nor was he allowed out of the tube. The being was allowing him to sleep, not inducing the lightining in his body again. There seemed to be a nutrition that was being pumped into him from the needles in his chest, because he felt as if he had regained his strength from being electrocuted.

Then, after one nights sleep, he casually glanced to his side and was shocked to see another tube. His vision was blurred, but he could barely make out the form of another hedgehog inside it.

It's probably best I cannot see, he though. The shape was female, smaller and slender then his own frame, and he remembered that the being had taken his own shoes and gloves.

Shadow stopped watching the other captive; the liquid in his tube had changed color. Feeling drowsy, he realized it must be a sleeping chemical before he became unconscious.


Opening his eyes, he saw two more staring back at his, a brilliant blue. When he moved to get up, they moved away, and he saw that they belonged to a young girl. She was a hedgehog, perhaps 16, maybe a year younger, and her curiosity was quickly replaced with fear.

The light brown female backed away from him, and he sighed in relief when he was she was wearing clothes. Not much, just a ragged shirt and shorts that looked like they would fall off, but at least it was something.

"Who are you?" Shadow asked her. She curled up in a corner, terrified. "I'm not going to hurt you." The black hedgehog said, rolling his eyes. She still didn't say anything, but continued to stare at him. "What's your name?" He tried again.

This time, after a couple moments, she replied. "Sheeva. How long have you been here?"


It took him hours to get a decent explanation out of her, but at the end he realized if it hadn't been anyone else, he probably wouldn't have gotten any answers at all.

This place, was an underground laboratory, separate and secret from the government, though the scientist that ran it was fired by the military for inhumane expiraments. His name was Bujin, and he was a hedgehog, though raving mad with insanity. Sheeva had grown up here, knowing nothing of the outside world. No one had ever escaped, none had ever come close, and the scientist heard and saw all.

When Shadow asked her what kind of experiments he carried out, she didn't answer, and turned away, refusing to speak anymore. It was then that he heard Bujin's voice in his head again.

"You wonder do you? Well, well... She is in fact pregnant, with your offspring."

Shadow stopped attempting to question her, trying to decide if what he had just heard was indeed true or not. Sheeva recongnized his silence.

"He's told you yes..." The brown female said, still gazing away from him.

"Is it true? I don't remember ever..." Shadow started.

"Yes. You don't have to be awake for his experiments, though sometimes you feel them afterwards." She replied quietly.

The black hedgehog was quiet for a moment, then a question popped into his head. "Have you ever, even had a child before?" He asked, turning to face her.

She was stitting on the floor, and now that he moved closer, he saw she was trembling, and crying. Kneeling beside her, he put his arms around her, trying to give her some comfort.

So, this is what the scientist meant, he thought, well, he'll never touch my child! Sheeva pressed her face to his chest, wanting so much just to be unafraid.

She didn't know him, she had just met him, but she had no one else to trust. This girl is, very beautiful, if she were to be my mate, shadow wondered, but then shook it off. Sheeva would never want me, even if she felt forced into it by having my child, I couldn't make her love me, the thought as he held her. Her tears were soaking into his fur, and she was holding onto him tightly in fear.

A couple minutes later, he smelled the sickening scent again. "Don't worry, I'll get you out of this, somehow..." He whispered to sheeva, holding her until they both fell unconscious.


Weeks passed, and Shadow didn't see her again, spending hours in his tube. Though he knew shew was there, next to him, he could see her shape. But he couldn't make out whether she was growing from pregnancy or not, he knew Bujin could be lying, and making her believe it as well.

Then, one day, her thrashing caught his attention. She was flailing wildly in the tube, as if in extreme pain. Shadow stared, watching helplessly as she started to slow.

Is she dead, he wondered when she stopped. Still unable to see properly from the liquid in his prison, he mananged to make out another form coming in the room. It was too dark to see what this being was, but he had a feeling he knew.

Within a couple minutes the being had taken Sheeva from the tube and pushed her out on a moving table of some sort. 'Great, now I truly am alone.' Shadow thought with a sigh.


Even longer weeks went by, and the female hedgehog that had captured his heart did not return. Nor did the scientist. He wondered if Sheeva had just finally gone insane, and perhaps that was why he had taken her away. Or maybe he was experimenting on her, and the child now...

That thought made him shake with anger, and he would end up banging his head and fists against the glass to no avail. He couldn't get out, nor could he pull the needles or mask off, he needed those to live.

Bujin might have forgotten he was here, or even existed, and if that were the case, he would suffocate if he took off the mask, because he couldn't break the glass. Getting more anxious by the days, he began wondering if he should remeover the mask to drown himself on purpose, at least that would end the broing suffering life he now had.

The ebon hedgehog was just about to do so when the door to the room opened. He couldn't see who this was, but was able to tell it was NOT the scientist. Bujin always wore a white coat, that he could see throught the glass, but this creature did not.

It stood in front of his tube and seemed to be staring at him for a minute, then it went to the side and began doing something, though Shadow couldn't see what. He found out soon enough.

The liquid began draining, and his feet touched the floor of his prison. The galss slid down into the floor, and he ripped the mask and the tubes off, leaping out and tackling this new person.

"Hey! Ya gonna get meh all wet again! I ain't the Crazy-hog!" It shouted, struggling under him.

Shadow paused. The purple eyes glaring back at him were truthful, and they didn't bare an evil look. The black hedgehog slowly got off of him, and saw that this 'creature' was in fact another hedgehog. He was green, and abnormally furry all over.

"That's bettah, now think oh this, ya free now. Shocko hunh?! Sheeva said ya be down here, said get ya next. C'mon, I ain't got all day, Slow-Moe!" The green hedgehog turned, and with speed equal to his own, ran out of the room. Shadow stared. Whoever this guy was, he was certainly was sasssy.


Shadow followed, keeping up with the fellow hedgehog but being unable to pass him. They stopped at a door in the hallway. This building seemed like any other government complex, no special designs or anything.

The green hedgehog entered some numbers on a keypad and opened the door for him, then took off down the hall in another direction. Shadow stepped into the crowded room, surprised. If this was a mass breakout, then these people must be Bujin's other experiments.

There were all kinds of animals, echidnas, foxes, rabbits, birds, but most of all, hedgehogs. Bujin was insane; his favorite beings to manipulate and torture were of his own race. Everyone looked tired and some looked about the point of exhaustion, some still looked afraid, but most appeared relieved. He spotted Sheeva in a corner and slowly made his way over to her.

"Oh. Omar did find you. Everyone's staying here so we can count out how many of us there are." She said.

Shadow stared at her, then at the small bundle of blankets in her arms. The brown hedgehog noticed and held the wrapped infant closer, her own eyes filling with fear.

"I'm not going to take the child, I just wanted to... see... is all..." The black hedgehog told her.

She thought for a minute, then let him look. The little one was almost an exact clone of himself, with only a few differences; a scar over his left eyebrow, and purple eyes instead of red. He was twitching in response to being moved, but stayed asleep.

"How long did the beast have him" Shadow asked her. Sheeva glared at him.

"About two minutes before that green hedgehog you saw managed to break in and rescue us. And what did you meman by you wouldn't take him? You won't take responsibilty or antying, or you don't want a kid?" She started with anger.

"Why are you angry with me, I have done nothing, I meant that I wasn't going to take him from you like tha tmonster had. You... are in fact..." Shadow halted not sure if he should continue. Sheeva waited.

The male wasn't sure if he could tell her how he felt, how she made him feel so strangely, this love. He suddenly pulled her and the babe close to him, trembling as he kissed the girl full on the lips. She froze, and he put his arms around her to keep her from dropping the baby as she returned the kiss.

It was so powerful, their lips touching with so much passion. Shadow was shaking violently, he had never done anything like this before, he had never kissed anyone before. The female was likewise, and could barely contain her joy at such pleasure, to be wanted for love, not to be just some experiment.

They broke apart after a couple minutes, and the brown hedgehog let him hold them in his arms again, silent tears running down her cheeks.