Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Lost Ones ❯ Imprisonment Again ( Chapter 7 )

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Shadow sighed in irritation. How long would his son be gone this time? He heard the door to the house behind him open and turned, Jazz was standing on the porch.

"Who was that, Uncle Shads?" The little hedge-fox asked him.

Shadow smiled, trying to keep his mood cheerful for his nephew. "That was your cousin. His name's Shade. Sadly, he hasn't been taking me seriously lately." He muttered. Jazz tilted his head in wonder.

"Don't worry about it. Come on, you want breakfast right?"Jazz nodded and snickered as he shook his itchy quills, he was just as long furred as his father.

They went inside to find Julie sitting at the table in her wheel chair. Their uncle poured them some cereal and juice then got himself a piece of fruit.

"Uncle Shadow, have you found out where Momma and Poppa went yet?" His niece asked him. The black hedgehog looked her with pity. She was so small and frail, and easily frightened as well. She always had another question for him, another and another and another...

"I don't think they want to be found right now. But I'm sure they'll be back for you soon, I'll watch you until then." Shadow woreded it as carefully as he could, but he could still see the sadness growing in her face. Jazz didn't say anything, though his uncle could tell he was ready to fall into despair again.

"Don't worry about it. I won't let them find you. I promise." Shadow said, putting his apple down, having suddenly lost his appetite. He still wasn't sure what to do. He couldn't go looking for his sister or Omar; he absolutely couldn't leave these two alone. The government was most likely still after them, that was what he had meant with the promise. From what they had done already, he knew what would happen if they found the little ones, and they would never survive it.

Disgusting humans, they think they have the right to do whatever they want to us, the hedgehog thought to himself. Then, a sudden idea came to him. A place where they could be positvely safe, somewhere he knew that the government couldn't reach them. The ARK.

"So, this place is in space? We in space now?" Shadow's green furred nephew asked him. The elder nodded to him, smiling.

"Yes. This is where I used to live. It's very safe, from the humans. Most of them don't even know about it, and the ones that do, can't get near it without me knowing about it hours before hand." He said.

The twin hedge-foxes stared in wonder at all the technology of the space station. Their uncle had used Chaos Control to get them there, so they hadn't been able to wonder at a space shuttle or such.

"Now, this space colony has everything you need, I brought food, and there's running water and bathrooms already. You two know how to take care of yourselves, so, do you both feel safe enough here to be alone for a while each day?" Julie and Jazz turned to look at him as he said this.

"You're leaving us?!" the boy asked, his eyes narrowing. His sister was starting to tremble again in fear.

"Not if you don't want me to. I was going to go looking for your parents, since it's safe here, but if you prefer to just wait, we can do that to. They know if I ever found you I would take you here." Shadow said, realizing that Jazz looked irritated with him.

"Please don't go...!" Julie whimpered, still shaking in terror of being left again.

"Alright, I'll wait." Their uncle told them, and they began to unload the boxes they had packed.

Within the hour they had all gone to bed and finished arranging everything. Shadow was lying with them resting against him, they were asleep but he was not. He kept thinking about what could possibly be going on with his sister, there was no way she would abandon her own kits without a truly good reason, especially after what they had already been through. But what could it be? His mind dwelled long on the thought until he fell to sleep himself.

Shadow awoke in the middle of the night to hear footsteps in the hallway. He was immediately fully aware, and carefully slipped away from the little ones, going to the door.

How had someone gotten aboard without him knowing?! The humans didn't have the technology to fool him, as he had made even new advances to the ARK himself, even better then the professor's.

Whoever it was, the black hedgehog knew that they would never get near the kits, he would protect them with his life.

Shadow pulled a gun out of a small door in the wall and cocked it, he would take this person by surprise. Opening the door, he leapt out onto the intruder, a hand around the neck and the gun to the forehead.

"Ahhh! Please sir, I mean no harm, I only wanted to hide!" The small creature yelped. Shadow still did not let it up, he didn't trust someone who could sneak aboard the ARK without him being aware of it.

"Do I really look like a threat, sir? I'm completely unarmed!" The black hedgehog stared at this new aquaintance for a moment, then let the strange white rabbit stand. She was wearing a pink dress with flowers on it, and had matching bows on her ears.

"Thank you, sir. Could you please put that away?" She asked him, pointing to the gun.

"No. And it is I who should be asking the questions. How did you get here, and who are you?!" Shadow kept his voice down, but not his tone, as not wanted to disturb the sleeping children in the next room. THe rabbit blinked her pink eyes at him and smiled, she couldn't be no older then 16.

"My name is Snowflake, everyone calls me Snow however. I've been here for quite some time, I first came upon this place when I was fleeing the humans, I stumbled into an abandoned base of some sort, and there was a teleporting device there. It led here, and thus I have been safe." She explained. Shadow was silent for a moment, then nodded.

"That doesn't surprise me, the humans wil never learn. Even some of our own kind have adopted those horrifying characteristics." Snow shook her head sadly, and Shadow noticed that she looked disturbed.

"You are sure it was humans that were chasing you?" He asked. She remained silent, looking away. Apparently not, she must have had an experiance similar to his own. There wasn't one day that went by that he didn't think of his murdered mate.

"This place is called Space Colony ARK, it used to be a space station and research lab that belonged to the humans, since they have abandoned it, I have reclaimed it for my own, this is where I was 'born'. You can stay here if you like." Shadow left here, going back into the room with the kits and laying down with them again.

Snow didn't make any more noise that night. The albino must have gone to sleep, the hedgehog thought to himself, just before he drifted off.

Shadow looked for Snow in the morning, and found her staring out his window. The window he had looked out so many times at the earth. She looked as if she had been crying. Jazz and Julie were still sleeping, so he decided to find out what had really happened to the strange rabbit.

"So, what's all of the story, I know you didn't tell me everything." He said to her. Snow wasn't startled by his presence at all, in fact she seemed to know he was going to come to her. She sighed and closed her eyes.

"Originally, I was an experiment by the humans, my sister and I both, but the company that owned us was shut down, and we were sold as pets. We were seperated, but we have a telekinetic ability, and can sense each other." The white rabbit began, then stopped for a minute. Shadow waited patiently.

"Even though we're sisters, Abyss and I are complete opposites. While I was content with my humans, even though they were unkind to me, she escaped, and I can sense that she's living her life constantly on the run. She's always afraid, but she's searching for me, and someone's helping her, there is yet a small happiness in her life. I only wish for her to be safe." Snow finished, tears welling up in her eyes again.

The black hedgehog waited for a moment, still standing next to her. Then, an idea came to him. "I will find her for you. However, you will have to watch the two hedge-fox kits, they are frightened to be left alone. They've gone though something very similar with the humans."

Without another word, he left. He had only a name, but that was enough, he would find this rabbit, and bring her to her sister.

It took him awhile to get on the right track, days in fact, but he knew that this lead was true when he heard the rabbit's name. It was in the downtown slums of Westopolis, and the group he was looking for was walking out of a rambunctious looking club.

They all appeared heavily drunk, and were wobbling dangerously, nearly falling over. All of them except two. These two were a jet-black rabbit and a white and blue badger. THey were holding hands as they walked, and seemed only slightly tipsy.

The pair went into an apartment complex, and going to the top floor, entered one of the rooms. Immediately they fell to the floor together, and though they fell asleep in each others arms, they didn't do anything.

Shadow opened a window and sat on their couch, waiting for them to wake up. They remained unconcious until the morning came, and not realizing that the black hedgehog was there, began kissing each other hungrily.

Surely the alcohol is out of their systems by now, the hedgehog thought. The two stopped after a couple minutes, getting up and smiling at each other.

"We need to look again today. Betu." The black rabbit, who was apparently Abyss, said. The badger winked at her and went into the kitchen, getting out food.

"Yes, my sweet, little licorice." He said. All the while Shadow stood against the wall by the door.

"You know you really should make sure no one is in your house when you get home." Shadow said casually.The two animals jumped in surprise, then Betu jumped in front of the rabbit in a protective stance, growling.

"I assume that you are filth hired by the humans?!" He barked. The ebon hedgehog smirked.

"No, actually, Snow told me to find you. I was aboard my space station when she intruded, attempting to hide form the humans. I told her she could stay until I found you." Shadow told them. That was when the hedgehog noticed that the badger had gotten larger, and looked fiercer then ever, the creature's fur standing on end and his eyes turning red with rage.

Abyss stepped in front of her friend, her hands on his as she tried to calm him down.

"Betu, it's all right. I think he's telling the truth, stop it right now!" The black rabbit said to him. At her harsh tone, the blue one halted, then returned to normal, becoming slightly smaller again. Abyss turned to Shadow.

"Whenever he gets angry or protective, he can flex his muscles a certain way so that they make him appear larger. He's also immensely strong for being so small, even though badgers are usually big." She explained.

"I see. Looks like a bit of an anger problem as well." Shadow muttered. Betu snorted at this, but let it go.

"Basically yeah, I have been running from the humans, so has Betu, but we have been looking for her. So, you going to take us to her or what?" Abyss was a cocky, smart-aleck kind of person, Shadow realized, and not afraid of anyone, very unlike her sister.

The rabbit had many earrings on her ears, and wore a light brown outfit of pants and a tank top. She also had on brown boots, whereas her sister had pink sandals.

"Yes, hopefully the kits will not be angry that I have been gone so long." THe black hedgehog said to himself as he started to lead them away.

It turned out that the twins were all right being left with the rabbit, they didn't mind as long as they had someone to watch them and knew what was going on. Snow was overjoyed to see her sister, and was quite shocked that Abyss had found someone to love.

Shadow thought the threesome might ask him to stay on the ARK, but to his surprise they left quickly, thanking him and then leaving happily. He wondered where they would go, now that they all had each other, though the humans were searching for them.

Maybe they would hide in the wilderness or something he wondered. The black hedgehog had a strange feeling though, that he would see them again.

It was one day that Shadow was taking a nap with Julie when they came. The little hedge-fox still couldn't sleep without him near, and she had been tired a bit mroe then usual during that day.

Shadow heard footstops near him and opened his eyes, thinking it was Jazz, only to find a cloth being pressed over his nose and mouth. Starting to struggle, he breathed in the strong sedative, and within half a minute fell unconsciousness. Likewise happened to the crippled kit next to him, though Jazz had been shot with it by means of a dart earlier.

The hedgehog opened his eyes to find himself in the dark. It was pitch black, there was only a faint light from the bottom of a door crack, and that itself was at least twenty yards away. His head was throbbing with pain, no doubt from the drug, and his arms and legs felt strangely difficult to move. Shadow tried to move his limbs again, and he realized he couldn't move but a couple feet, when he heard the creaking of the titanium chains holding him.

He moaned in despair, it seemed that the humans would never let him be free, they were always looking for him. Whenever something happened in the world that was terribly wrong, they sought to blame him, what could it be this time?

His thoughts turned to the kits, his niece and nephew, he had failed to protect them, he would never forgive himself if something happened to them. But the question lingered in his minnd, how did the humans get aboard the ARK?

A couple hours later, the lights in his cell suddenly blasted on. Shadow closed his eyes tight, being blinded temporarily, then slowly opened them as they adjusted.

Bujin?! It couldn't be! Shadow stared at the abomination that stood before him, horrified. It didn't look anything like the crazed scientist, with robotic body parts and bits and pieces of a hedgehog here and there, but the eyes, and the dark grin. Those eyes, he had looked into them before slitting the creature's throat. He had seen that evil smile, when Bujin had laughed at him and swore he would come back to torture him if even it was in the after life.

"You!! I killed you, you monster!!!" Shadow screamed as he fought against the bindings. But they held him tight, and he was unable to reach the demonic scientist. The creature laughed, a metallic ring to the still evil sound.

"Yes, you did. I congratulate you on that. However, a fellow scientist decided that I deserved another life. I now serve the genius of Dr. Robotnik, helpin him build his great empire, so that one day we shall rule the world. Then, I shall have all the animals I want to exeriment on! By the way, those kits of yours, quite interesting specimens they are..."

Shadow snarled, but no matter how hard he tried, no matter how much his rage fueled him, he couldn't destroy the chains that covered his body. He would always come within inches of Bujin, so close but yet unalbe to touch him, to wrap his hands around the fould monster's neck. Spit flew from his mouth and his eyes became bloodshot, but the vil android just stood there, watch him and laughing.

"You are mine forever, I shall drive you insane with pain!" These were the last words he heard from the scientist forever. The abomination left, leaving Shadow growling in the darkness again. So, that was why he hadn't detected any humans coming, it wasn't even a human. Bujin could have slipped aboard the ARK, he had the technology, though he had kept it a long secret from the government.

After a few hours, the hedgehog knew that all was lost. He had failed to protect the little ones, and what was more, they were being subjected to inhumane experiments. He didn't have to see it to know it was happening, what else would the scientist use them for?

He felt tears come to his eyes, and let them flow. No one was going to see him cry anyway, he wouldn't ever see the light of day again as far as he knew. Bujin wouldn't make the same mistake twice, whatever it had been before, he most certainly wouldn't do it again.