Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Lost Ones ❯ Dire Love ( Chapter 6 )

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Omar stood there still watching the sunset as Shadow walked up to him. "You watch the sunset even more then I do, what are you doing?" He asked.

The green hedgehog was quiet for a moment, then closed his eyes. "Just thinkn' 'bout meh girl" He said, shaking his quills a bit. The black hedgehog rolled his eyes, then looked at him questioningly.

"So, you finally found one you like, hm?"He asked. Omar opened his eyes for a moment, then closed them again.

"She's amazin'... She asked meh over fa dinneh tonight. But..." He trailed off, smiling.

"I see. Well, have fun, Shade and I are going out tonight, so we may not be here if you come back." Shadow walked off and Omar smirked.

'If I come back, reah funneh.' The green hedgehog thought before speeding of towards the city.

Omar knocked on the door of the small apartment and waited. He knew he was going out with the black hedgehog's sister. He had been friends with the little hedge-fox for quite a while, and had always seen her as beautiful. From the moment they had met, he had fallen in love with her. She opened the door and handed her some flowers, purple were her favorite.

"Heya, Foxy! What's it tonight, eh?" Shadow hadn't even known that he'd been coming here almost every day, though he never stayed overnight. Yet. This night was different though. He'd seen it in her eyes the last time, she had wanted him to stay, but hadn't said anything, but maybe tonight she would.

It was about half and hour later after dinner that they were sitting on the couch together, kissing and necking when Omar wondered if she was ever going to ask. She waited a long time, letting him make-out with her for a while before pulling away for a break.

"I love ya so much." He whispered in her ear as she snuggled against his chest. The green hedgehog sighed happily and smirked playfully at her.

"You know...."

Omar tilted his head, listening intently, was this what he was waiting for?

"You don't HAVE to leave... ever..." She said, looking into his eyes hopefully.

"I kinda figured dat. If you like, I won't." They embraced again, the night going on and on for them.

Shadow shook his head, finally starting to worry a bit. Omar had never left THIS long before. He had gone away for a couple days at the most before, but to be gone for weeks on end...

The black hedgehog thought back to when he had first met the green hedgehog, the poor guy was being mugged, unable to defend himself for a broken leg. However, Omar would have beaten the pulp out of them, and he proved it later when they tried it again. He has seen him briefly before in a laboratory, but they hadn't really talked much.

"I say we wait one more day. If he doesn't come buy then, we go looking. Who knows, maybe he really likes this girl..." Shade said. His father rolled his eyes at this, but agreed.

That night, when Shadow and his son were about to go inside for the night, they heard a familiar voice.

"Heya, Cool Blacks, wassup?" They turned, and there was Omar, with Foxy standing beside him, in her usual black shirt and jeans. She didn't say anything, but smiled when Shadow noticed the ring on her finger.

"And you never told me about this because...?!" Her brother started, glaring at the green hedgehog.

"I.... Uh... Uh...." The purple hedge-fox stepped in for her stuttering lover, giving them a small smile.

"We just told you about it, didn't we?" She said. Shadow slapped his own face in irritation, this was so like her.

"How far are you guys anyway?" Shade asked, not in the slightest bit disturbed, as he already had had a suspicion about this.

"We're married and stuff, eh. Had it all quiet yeah. I just came ta get meh stuff, I'm stayin' with her now." Omar said, relieved to see that Shadow was starting to relax.

"Yes, I see. Well, at least I don't have to worry about some crazy person attacking her, because I know you'll protect her." Shadow muttered. Omar grinned at this, knowing that all was well between them.


Shadow hadn't seen much of Omar or his sister since he had found out about them getting married, but it didn't worry him. He knew full well that they were obsessed with each other and in love, but soon they would settle down.

The black hedgehog didn't trust anyone else to have his sister, because he had known Omar for years, and the fellow hedgehog was a loving person, no matter how carefree, clumsy, and idiotic he seemed. He knew he would love and be be careful with her. Even when sometimes he thought about whe he could be doing to her, he shook it off. It was her choice, and if something was wrong she would tell him, wouldn't she?


Shadow thought about his sister and Omr a lot, but was so busy dealing with Shade, that he didn't have time to look for them. His son, nearly identical to him in every way, was often running off and disappearing, acting strangely upn return and smiling a lot. He would leave without saying anything and refuse to comment on where he'd been when he returned.

His father was worried about this, and even though he hadn't seen Foxy for nearly two years, he still trusted Omar to take care of her. The black hedgehog would wonder sometimes however, if he had made the wrong decision oin trusting the green hedgehog, why had they been gone so long without contact?

Shadow couldn't follow Shade, as his conniving son, was using Chaos Control to leave undetected. At first, the yound hedgehog was gone a couple hours, then it grew to days, then finally weeks. This time it had nearly been a month, and Shadow knew that this either had to stop, or he had to know what was going on.

Shadow was walking along the sidewalk when he halted. There in front of him, was a small green hegehog wearing a black jacket, and an earring. The little creature was staring into a shop window and watching one of the TVs on display. It noticed Shadow standing there and turned to him, sneering.

"Whaddya lookin' at?!" It growled in a small, fierce voice. The older hedgehog blinked, now that the little one was facing him, he noticed that this 'hedgehog', had whiskers, big ears, and a small fox tail.

"Doncha think I ain't noticin' that! Ya stupid purebloods always stare!" It turned and took off with speed that shocked him. He followed, and hid behind a corner when the little one stopped to see if he was being chased.

"Hunh, nobody can keep up with meh, 'specially not pure bloods... Dey always stare..." Shadow followed the small boy, his curiosity growing,

The little hedge-fox waltzed down the block, then stopped to make sure no one was looking before turning down an alleyway. It was dark and dirty, full of garbage and it smelled, but the little creature didn't seem to care.

Shadow watched as he started to climbe up a fire escape, going up only one level before stopping and knocking on a cracked window. It opened and a stick shot out, poking him on his nose.

"Stoppit, I ain't no robber! Let meh in already!" He said, pushing it away and climbing inside, closing the window behind him.

The black hedgehog zipped up and listened in, being careful not to stand in front of the window though he doubted they could see anything though it as mucky as it was. He could just barely make out what was being said, the green hedge-fox was talking to someone.

"Nothin's happenin', I guess dat's good, if they haven't found 'em yet." He was saying.

"I wish Mamma and Poppa would come back, where'd they go?" Said another, more girlish voice. There was a silence, then the sound of crying.

"Is' okay, they'll come back. And when dey do, we'll all live in dat big place dey was talkin' 'bout, where dere ain't nobody to make fun of us."

"Someone talked to you, didn't they? Someone knows about us?!"

"No! Well, I did see somebody, but is' okay, I ran 'way. 'Sides, I can't hide from everbody, can I?"

Shadow turned and grabbed the window, forcing it open and sending sparks flying. 'Controlled by a machine...?' He wondered as he started in. The hedgehog instantly tripped when he stepped on the floor, or what he thought was a floor.

Recovering quickly, he stood and snatched the stick, which had been swinging at his head. Holding hit firmly he saw to his shock who was holding it. It was a small girl, she was strapped into a wheel chair, and her appearance was nearly the same as the green hedge-fox's, except her fur was purple.

"Leave meh sis' alone, ya big bully!" Shadow turned and stepped back as a small fist came at him, then picked up the boy by the back of his jacket.

The black hedgehog frowned at them curiously, finally getting a good look at them and the room now that neither of them were really moving.

It was as if the entire building had been turned into a mechanical maze, hundreds of wires everywhere, various elevators, and now he could see that this was the only window unblocked the heavy metal plating that covered all the walls and ceiling as well. There weren't even proper floors, in fact, the area he was on now was the only place that was big enough to put a table, and the rest was filled with catwalks and thick, rounded bars.

"Argh!! Put meh down, ya big ugly...!" Shadow glared at the small creature he was holding, it was still attempting to attack him. The other one in the wheel chair had let go of the stick and was just watching, her eyes filled with fear. The green one kept yelling horribly nasty names at him, something that shocked the black hedgehog, one this little having such a vulgar tongue and immense vocabulary, even though he pronounced the words a bit strangely.

"Be quiet, and stop that filthy mouth of yours for a minute!" Shadow said, giving him a rough, one handed shake. The little one growled at him, but was silent otherwise.

"Now, I'm going to put you down, and you aren't going to run away, because I can catch you, and I WILL catch you. I'm the fastest being on this planet." The lavender eyes stared at him angrily, but the hedge-fox didn't run when he was set down.

"Now, who are you two?" He asked them both. The hedgehog had to give them hard stares before they would answer.

"I'm Jazz, and dat's Julie, now get out o' here, before I tell...!"

"I'm not an idiot, you two are alone here, it's obvious. But that's not why I followed you, you're appearance interests me..." Shadow interrupted him.

Jazz snorted and flicked his green ears. "Heh, if you're with the GOV den why dincha just say so, though I thought Mom and Dad had beaten ya'll bad enough so dat ya had learned ya lesson! Humans are rubbin' off on some animals I guess..." He muttered, though Shadow detected a faint hint of fear in the the young one's voice. Julie now looked absolutely terrified, holding her head and rocking back and forth in her chair, whimpering.

"I'm not with the government, not anymore at least. And I don't intend you any harm." Jazz looked away when he said this and sat down on the 'floor' covering his eyes.

"That's what the last one said... Just take us already, we know what you want us for."

Shadow felt a wave of pity, the little creature had finally lost his brave spirit, and seemingly his hope for some reason. He was talking normally, without the sassy gaps in his speech, and Shadow could see him trembling visibly.

"They hurt you, didn't they, the humans?" The black hedgehog asked. Neither of the young ones said anything. Shadow sighed sadly. "I'm not with them. If anything, they did the same to me. I only cam because you look like some I used to know..."

Jazz looked up, still frightened but now wondering if this stranger had somehow seen his parents.

It took Shadow a while to calm them both down, and even then they were still afraid. He couldn't get Julie to say anything, and her brother glared at him when he tried. It turned out that the two where obviously hedge-foxes, and that they were 'two' years old, or they said they were.

Shadow had now doubts now, part of his and Foxbeast's line's genetic coding was the age leap, where one year could pass as three or four, but after a certain amount of time, the person no longer aged. And they were part fox, his sister, and hedgehog, Omar.

Their parents had put them here in this building and told them to stay safe and quiet for a while, leaving for a reason known only to themselves two months ago. Back then it had been a normal, abandoned building, but the two had occupied themselves by building inside of it, or more Julie told Jazz where to put things.

Shadow didn't ask them about what they had said before, he knew his own conclusion of them being caught by the government for experimentation was definately true, with their hostility towards strangers and humans. They had been even more afraid because this time their parents wouldn't have been able to save them.

After Jazz smart-mouthed him a bit more, though he kept his language far more clean and didn't say anything about pure-bloods, he decided to tell them who he was.

"Strange as it may seem, I am your mother's brother. I've been wondering where she was, and you looked so much like your father I though you might have relation. Though it seems you don't know anything about the matter either." Julie stared at him, hope in her eyes.

"You're... You're our uncle?" She asked, breaking her silence. Jazz looked quite surprised.

"She likes ya. So dat's good, I don't have ta worry as much. Whadda we call ya anyway?"


Shadow groaned in irritation as Jazz took off running again. This was the second time his nephew had purposely woken him up with a feather on his nose in the middle of the night. The young hedge-fox found it funny, being part fox, he could see better in the dark, thus having an advantage and being unable to be caught, unlike during the day.

He had taken the two children back his own 'home' that he and his son had been staying at. Julie hadn't been any trouble at all' she would just sit in her wheel chair, and do tings on her computer.

But Jazz, it was hard to tell which was faster, his feet, or how many pranks he could pull. But Shadow didn't even attempt to punish him, after all, he was just a kid, he should have fun, and he whenever he made a mess he cleaned it up before his uncle could even think to ask him to.

Shade had not returned yet, but Shadow was so preoccupied now with his nephew and niece that he had little time to really think about his son. And besides, Shade was of age anyway, he often thought as an excuse.

Shadow walked back towards his room, next time he wasn't even going to get up. He halted as he passed the room that the two little ones shared, of course Jazz wasn't there, but he heard whimpering coming from it.

He slowly opened the door, becoming quiet as he walked over to Julie's bed. She was curled up in a ball under the covers, trembling and crying in her sleep. It was then that Shadow realized Jazz always seemed tired during the day, often dozing off for short periods of time, only to wake up in shock a couple minutes later, because he didn't sleep at night, not at all.

Julie was quiet all the time, but always had sad eyes, and she shared the same sleepy look like her brother. Jazz kept himself awake so that he didn't sleep like his sister, in a nightmare.

Shadow wasn't sure what to do, when Shade was young he had help, but now he was alone with these two... He heard footsteps in the hall, and looked to the doorway, the little hedge-fox was standing there.

"She does that everynight." He whispered, before running off again.

Shadow turned back to Julie, then reached down and picked her up from under the blanket. He sat down on the bed and held her close until she stopped crying, but still didn't leave. If she needed to sleep on him to keep her nightmares at bay then it was fine with him. THe black hedgehog didn't mind, the fact that his own son was fully-grown finally hitting him, he realized that perhaps this was what he needed to ease his loneliness.

He was nearly asleep when he felt another body rest on his besides the little girl's, and when he opened his eyes, he saw it was Jazz. The boy had been watching them, and tears had come to him when he realized how jealous he was of his sister. He hadn't slept like that for so long, and he was so tired that he had tossed his spunky attitude and pride aside.

Jazz was asleep within moments, but it was restful and without nightmares, and Shadow wondered again what they had gone through.

When the black hedgehog woke up, Jazz and Julie were still sleeping, lying there on either side of him with their heads on his chest. He blinked and looking up saw his own son standing next to the bed, making a mocking 'Isn't that so adorable?!' face. Shadow rolled his eyes then jerked his head at him. Shade understood, leaving the room to wait patiently.

By the time Shadow had managed to slip out of the bed without waking the children, Shade ws no longer in the house. He was standing outside, alone. The sunrise was casting its rays on him and his father noticed had an anxious look on his face. Shadow walked down to him, wondering if now he would finally get an answer.

"Where'd you find the kids? Look really familiar..." Shade asked him with a wink. He's hiding something, Shadow thought.

"Shade, I want to know where you've been going, and I want to know right now. I've been putting with it long enough, with you sneaking off." His father told him. The younger hedgehog stared at him for a minute, then turned away.

"Well, deal with the disappointment, because I'm not telling you quite yet. And you cannot stop me either." His on said, his expression blank. Without warning, he pulled out a Chaos Emerald, and teleported away.