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Keiji: Kiraa's writing a story. I'm putting it up for him. His notes below. I have nothing else to say.
Kiraa: Hi all, you don't know me but hopefully you will come to like my writing soon enough. This here's my first jump into the fanfic business, but rest assured it is NOT my first ever venture into writing prose. I decided to write this fic in response to the challenge on the main page and to take away what little free time I still have left. I'm just masochistic like that.
And just because this is my first attempt at fanfiction please do not go easy on me. I'm a big boy and can take some harsh criticism and reviews work better then any of my `happy pills'. Flames however will be sent to Old Lucifer since I heard he's got some sort of collection hobby for those things.
As for the story itself it's loosely based on the Sonic Adventure games and Sonic X….extremely loosely. Some thing are the same, some are VERY different. Also note that italicized dialogue signifies a character speaking in a different language. This is something I took from the original Japanese versions of Sonic X, in which sonic randomly says things in English. I kind of took that idea and played with it so whenever Sonic says something like “Of course!” note the italics and that none of the characters, except for Knuckles and Tails know what he's actually saying. Knuckles knows because he's familiar with the language, Tail's just because he's been around Sonic so long he can get the basic gist of the meaning.
Happy reading!

Prologue: Glimpse of a Flashback

He was growing to hate this trip. The books had told him of an ancient sanctuary up on these plateaus, but so far he had only found a few ruins and no signs of life. Well no, that statement wasn't wholly accurate. There was plenty of life to be found, in particular the avian variety. Birds with fantastic plumage could be seen all around and on all levels of the wood. This was by no means a tropical zone, but the bright colorful feathers of these avians did remind a person of brightly colored rainforest birds. To top it off, in this one little expedition he had already discovered, and recorded for posterity, six new species of paradise birds.

There were also the ruins. In the initial scouting expeditions they had almost completely been missed, but in his detailed search through the wood he had found many ancient stone structures. It was no surprise that the buildings had been easily missed, most of them were totally covered with shrub life and dirt to the point that these looked like nothing more then oddly shaped hills. They had proved to be a wealth of information, especially those few that he had actually been able to enter. These showed a great technological advancement despite they're obviously ancient origins, technology that could stand on par with what was commonplace today.

Still, to the old scientist, the expedition was a let down. He had hoped against all hope to find some living individuals of these ancient cultures. The old books had said that this plateau had been a final refuge and safe haven, that many had fled to hide hear and live in peace. And that communications with these reclused people had continued for thousands of years after the fact. But it seemed there was no one here now. A sour disappointment, especially after the scout reports had mentioned what could have been a few individuals.

Nothing, there was nothing here except animals and ruins. With a final glance at the thickly grown wood he turned to walk back down the path he had cut through the undergrowth…and froze. Right there on his trail, seeming as surprised at his sudden decision to turn around as he was at seeing it, was…something. At first he thought it was nothing more then a wild animal, but wild animals did not stand on two feet.

For a while the two stared at each other both waiting for the other to make the first move. The doctor couldn't help the smile that spread over his face, causing his overly long mustache to wave with the motion. “Hello…” he said in the most disarming voice he could manage. And it with that one word it was gone. He blinked through his glasses, not sure whether he had even seen the creature move only the rustle of a bush settling back, right beside where it had stood only a second before, marking its passing.

Though the quick disappearance brought a frown at first, it quickly transformed back into a smile. Well it seems there was at least one person, of questionable intelligence, living here. It wasn't a human though which was no surprise since the books that had led him to this location had only ever mentioned humans in passing, they were far older then the human race. But it was a person never-the-less and a sign that this expedition and all its troubles would bear some interesting fruit if he could find them again.

Well that's just a small teaser mostly putting it up to get my writing style and bearings on the fic. Can you tell who the two `people' are? The real story begins with Shadow in Chapter 1.
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