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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Shinji awoke early the next morning, but clenching his eyes shut and breathing lightly as he kept repeating to himself, " It was a dream. I dreamed that a giant man named Ox King came to tell me I was supposed to go to this special school and when I open my eyes I will be home in my closet and nothing will have changed one bit."

He heard a loud rapping noise and spoke to himself, " And that would be dear Aunt Cruella come to wake me," he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Shinji's heart sank, it had been such a good dream that he never wanted to open his eyes.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

" I'm going," muttered Shinji, but as he tossed off what he thought was his raggedy blanket, he saw that he had been on the couch of the old shack which was full of sunlight and smelled of kelp, just like the night before. Ox King himself was asleep in a corner of the room, hands folded over his chest. And there at the window was a pixie frustratedly knocking on the window, " Open up!" it yelled in a squeaky voice.

It held a rolled up paper bigger then it in one hand as it's wings fluttered.

Shinji scrambled to his feet, happy out of his mind as he hurried over to the window, lifting the latch and letting the tiny creature in. It dropped the paper on Ox King's chest and looked to Shinji, " `bout time you lazy freaks! Now where's my cash?"

"Huh?" Shinji looked rather confused. His gaze turned to Ox King on in the corner, " Um, sir? There's an annoyed pixie here and..."

" Pay him."

" That's what he's saying, but with what?"

Ox King scruffled about and pulled a few strange coins out of his bag, putting them in Shinji's hand, " Those are yen. Give him 5."

Shinji blinked and counted a few. The Pixie snatched the money and fluttered off in a sparkly red flurry.

Ox King began to stretch and stand, scratching his beard, " Bets be going, now Shinji. Lot's to do today, like heading to Metropolis to get your school things.

Shinji looked like his heart sank 3 levels, looking to the yen in his hand, "Um...Ox King?"

" Hmm?" said the giant slipping on his hat.

" I don't exactly have any money, and you heard Uncle Homer...he won't pay for me to go to that school."

" Not to worry, Shinji. Your parents took care of that," he fixed his suspenders as he stood.

" But if everything had been destroyed..."

" They didn't keep their money on them, boy! Nope, first stop Kushranadas, the anime bank. Why don't you eat some of your cake before we go, Shinji? It's not bad, even though a bit squished."

" Anime characters have banks?"

" Just Kushranadas, run by kitsune none the less."

Shinji nearly dropped the piece of cake out of his mouth.


" Yes, so only a crazy person would think of robbing it. Never mess with kitsune, Shinji. Kushranadas is the safest place for anything you want to keep safe in the world, except for maybe the Anime School that is. As a matter of fact, I have to visit Kushranadas for Yosho. School business." Ox King grinned proudly. " He usually gets me to do important stuff like fetching you and going to Kushranadas. He knows he can trust me.

" Have everything? Well, come on, let's go then."

Shinji followed Ox King out of the shack. The sky was clear and the sea shimmering. The tiny boat they had ridden to the island was still there, looking like it was ready to sink.

"How did you get here?" asked Shinji looking for another boat.

" Flew," answered the giant.


" Yeah, but we'll go back in this. Not supposed to use magic or anything like that now that you are with me."

Ox King steadily settled himself in the boat as Shinji winced, expecting it to sink to rock bottom the minute that he set a foot in it.

" Seems a shame to row though, so if I er...sped things up, would you mind not mentioning a thing?"

" Of course not," said Shinji, curious about his methods to get to shore faster.

Pulling a white and red ball from his coat, he threw it into the water and the weirdest little turtle-like creature came out of it, ranting, " SQUIRTLE!"

" Squirtle, would you mind taking us to shore?"

The little thing ranted again, saluting him and diving behind the boat, kicking at speeds that Shinji could hardly believe.

Shinji shook his head as he looked back to Ox King, " Why would people be crazy to try and rob Kushranadas?"

" Spells, Curses, Machinery," said Ox King reading his paper and fixing his glasses, " They say it's a maze with dragons and machinas guarding the bigger vaults, and if you ever found something worthwhile down there, you would probably starve just trying to find your way out."

Shinji thought this over while Ox King read his newspaper, Tokyo Daily. Although Shinji had learned the hard way about disturbing people when they read from Uncle Homer, he couldn't help the fact that he was bubbling over with questions.

" Anime Council, messing things up as usual," murmured Ox King looking over a new article.

" There's and Anime Council," asked Shinji before he could stop himself.

" Course," said Ox King, " The wanted Yosho for their Head of Council, but he'd never leave the school, so that old fool, Hercule got it. He messes things up on a regular basis and pelts Yosho with an array of pixies and winged cats every morning on some new situation he can't resolve."

" But what does an Anime Council do?"

" Mostly they keep the Anime world hush hush to any one that isn't part of it."


" Why?! Think of it Shinji, everyone would want a mecha to come and fight their wars or the uses of all our priestesses in all kinds of love spells. We're best left be."

At this, the boat gave a light bump on the side of the harbor. Ox King stuffed his paper in his bag and opened the red and white ball, scooping up a tired little turtle in a beam of light.

As they walked down the streets, it wasn't hard to imagine that everyone kept staring at the odd duo. For instance, Ox King was twice as tall and wide as everyone around him and seemed fascinated by the drawing style of the things on the street.

" Ox King," said Shinji as he had to leap now and then to keep up, " Did you say there were dragons at Kushranadas?"

" It's rumor. I know I'd like a dragon."

" You'd like one?"

" Course, been wanting one ever since I was a baby. Ah, here we are."

They got on a bus, Shinji giving the man some quarters for their fare since it seemed Ox King didn't understand a thing.

They stared at the odd pair on the bus. As Ox King knitted what looked like a baby blue tent with a bright smile on his face.

" Still have your letter, Shinji?" he asked as he knitted.

Shinji produced the letter from his pocket and unrolled it.

" Good, there's a list for all your school things in it,: said Ox King.

Shinji began to read...

Animeland High School

of Sorcery and Mechanics


First years require:

3 sets of white school shirts

3 sets of blue uniform pants/ skirts

2 red neck ties

A brown coat for winter.

All uniforms should be labeled with full names

Course Books

All Students should have the following:

Simple Spellwork by Kaede

The History of Anime by Melvin

Mecha Theory by Howard

Charming the Charmless by Hercule

Potions and Their Uses by Kami

Protecting Yourself From Crazy Badguys by Squall

Other Things:

1 set of VR helmet and gloves

1 small cauldron

1 set of simple work tools

Students may also bring a pixie OR a winged cat OR a gnome.

First years may not bring their own rocket skates!

" Can we get all this stuff in Metropolis?" asked Shinji.

" If you know where to go," smiled Ox King.

Shinji had never been to Metropolis before. Ox King seemed to know where he was going, but Shinji couldn't say he was too sure of that. All the while Ox King complained to Shinji, " I haven't the slightest idea how American characters manage."

Every where they passed, Shinji didn't see a sign of VR helmets or Pixies, just the normal every day people on the streets. The occasional talking rabbit or Laser shooting man, but where in this mess was the anime stuff? Could it have been hidden? He questioned if this was some big joke, but remembering how intolerant of jokes Aunt Cruella was he came back to his senses.

" This is the place," said Ox King, " The Cracked Sake Bottle. Famous you know."

It was a tiny place that looked nothing more then a small coffee house that he would have passed right by if Ox King hadn't pointed it out.

Coming inside, Shinji found it hard to believe this place was famous. It was tiny with a few small tables with cushions. A few ladies sat at one table drinking tea and a man at the bar drinking a bottle of Sake straight. The tiny chatter though, stopped as they entered. People waved and smiled that Ox King as the bartender waved a hand, " the usual?"

" No thanks, Wakka. On business," he beamed down at Shinji.

" In all of the blitz ball kingdom..." Wakka's, jaw dropped, " It can't be...."

The entire bar peered over and Shinji oddly felt like the center of attention.

" It is! It is Shinji Ikari! What an honor!" smiled Wakka.

Jumping clear over the bottle and shaking his hand in a way that shook all of Shinji's body Wakka ranted, " Welcome back, Mr. Ikari!"

In moment's Shinji was surrounded by people scraping to give his hand a shake and shouting all sorts of words of encouragement and what an honor it was to meet him.

In the midst of the crowd, an ashen haired young man made his way forward, his hands nervously rubbing one another.

" Professor Bakura!" smiled Ox King, " The professor here will be one of your teachers at Animeland High, Shinji."

" Ikari," smiled Bakura warmly, "It has practically been my dream to meet you!" he cried out as he grasped his hand in a firm shake, his rather elaborate pendant jingling at his neck.

"What do you teach, professor?"

" Self Defense and Martial Arts. Isn't that splendid? Though I highly doubt someone like you would need it, eh, Ikari?" he chuckled, " I suppose you're here to pick up your school things. I'm here on getting a book about Shamans myself. I'll see you in school then!"

The crowd had begun to close in on Shinji once more, but Ox King made his way through, pushing Shinji ahead of him, " Come on Shinji, lot's to buy!"

Wandering down to the cellar, Shinji seemed baffled as Ox King dusted him off. There was nothing here but wine barrels and such. Ox King smiled as he looked down to him, " Told you that even Bakura would be delighted to meet you."

" Is he always so happy and polite?"

" Oh Yeah, see, he values everything around him. Ran into a nasty sort of battle and never been the same since. People say he's grown indecisive."

While Shinji was thinking over why on Earth such a nice guy like Bakura would be mixed up in a fight, Ox King had lifted a board on the side of a barrel, pressing a few glimmering buttons in combination there as the wall opened to a stair case and street that was a mix match of magic and science, "Welcome to Digimon Alley!"

As they walked through and Shinji lost himself in the sights, the doorway behind them slammed closed. There was cauldrons and pixies everywhere.

" Oh, you'll need one of about everything, but first comes your money, Shinji," smiled Ox King.

Shinji was wishing he had a camera. He wanted to see and remember everything. He nearly made himself dizzy trying to see everything at once. There was a lady dressed and selling winged cats. As Shinji passed another window, he saw a few boys his own age goggling at a jet pack on the other side of a window. He heard one of then say, "That's the Cirrus 2001. They haven't made anything faster!"

Passing by a few more shops selling gizmos of sorts, they stopped in front of an important looking building.

" Kushranadas," said Ox King.

Entering the marble lined building with velvet and gold, Shinji was most surprised to see a rather non official looking fox creature bouncing about with a bag slung over it's shoulder.

" That's a kitsune," said Ox King as they approached one sitting with over sized glasses behind a desk. His fox like ears twitched and his nose gave a wiggle.

A pair of the foxy creatures led them into yet another room where a hundred or more of them ran this way and that. Over in the middle of the bank was a Large portrait of a man with honey colored hair and a rather suave smile. The tag under his portrait read, " Trieze Kushranada".

Taken up to a free kitsune at a teller that was fixing her glasses and trying to look important, Ox King smiled down at the tiny creature, " Shinji is here to withdraw some money from his vault."

" Ohhhhhh....does he have his key?" she asked bouncily.

Ox King produced a key, but as he handed it to the little fox lady, he bent in closer and whispered, " I'm also here on official business to take the thingy from you know which vault for Yosho."

The little fox girl who was entirely too gaudily dressed nodded as she inspected the keys and grinned, "here are your keys, after biting them and sniffing them, I have come to the conclusion that they are not in fact chocolate mousse."

Shinji quirked a brow at the thought of such utter weirdness, but the tiny fox lady stood and waved another tiny fox boy over, "Oh Shippou! I need someone to take these two to their vault. Would you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase....?"

Shippou nodded as he fluttered and pulled Shinji and Ox King with him, " This way!"

While walking, Shinji looked up to Ox King, " What's the thingy Yosho wants?"

"Can't tell you, Shinji. Strictly Animeland High business.

Going into another passage way, Shinji had expected more marble, but instead found himself in a watery cavern where huge creatures, like the one that Ox King had in the white and red ball, swam in the streams. They all climbed aboard one that Shippou had called Lapras, it giving a painful squeak as Ox King climbed aboard. When they shot off, Shinji found it difficult to remember left from right in the watery maze, although the Lapras seemed to know, since Shippou was too busy laughing to give directions.

Poor Ox King looked like he was going to be ill, but Shinji was too fascinated by the new sights to think otherwise. Once they had stopped, Ox King got off and braced himself against a wall to keep his balance. Shippou opened Shinji's vault, and as the moths flew out, Shinji was amazed to see all kinds of piles of coins and papers, all his. His Aunt and Uncle couldn't have known about this, otherwise they would have taken it for themselves. Ox King and Shinji piled a few into a small pouch for him. As they left , Ox King looked to Shippou, " Vault 1369, and please, a tad slower this time."

" Sorry big guy. Only one speed!" giggled the tiny Shippou.

Spinning at alarming rates through waterways, Ox King had held onto Shinji to make sure that he didn't fall off the watery creature as the turns grew faster and the air grew thicker. Reaching the vault, Shippou hopped off the Lapras and patted it, before speeding off to the vault. Shinji had to help Ox King off as he looked like he was going to hurl.

Pressing his tail to the door, it jumped up and vanished, revealing nothing more then a grubby package with a paper on it that had many symbols Shinji couldn't read.

" If anyone, but a Kushranada's kitsune tried that, they would be sealed inside."

" How often do you check?" asked Shinji.

"Well, if we hear screaming, but sometimes we forget until long after the screaming has died down," the tiny Shippou grinned.

Ox King took up the grubby package, and although Shinji longed to know what it was, he knew better then to ask.

Ox King stumbled back onto the Lapras, holding his mouth, "Best not to talk to me on the way back, Shinji. I'd rather not revisit my lunch."

A wild ride later, they were outside of Kushranadas, with Shinji holding more money in his hand then either him or Blob had had in their entire lives to themselves.

Ox King still looked sick, so dropping off Shinji at Fuu's Fukus, he was off, promising to meet him later at The Cracked Sake Bottle. Shinji was more nervous then ever, all alone in this entirely new place. Fuu was a slightly tall girl with huge glasses and honey curls up to her chin. With a sweet smiled she spoke, " Animeland High?"

Before Shinji could answer, she took his hand and led him to a dressing booth, "It's all right, I have the entire lot here and another young man is getting dressed for school too."

Standing on a pedestal, was a boy with spiky brown tresses that shot out in all directions. He had a rather shrewd face and cunning eyes, with a smirk that almost made him seem less then pleasant. Fuu stood him on a stool next to this boy as she rummaged through some slacks and shirts to fit him in.

"Hey there," said the boy looking over, "Animeland High too?"

"Yeah," answered Shinji.

" My Dad's next door getting my books and my mom's looking at the VR helmets at Cid's," said the boy in a rather haughty, but some how bored fashion. " I'm going to have my dad look at the Jet Packs with me later. It's not fair that first years can't have them, but I know I can smuggle one in if I talk dear ol' dad into getting me one in the first place."

This boy's air sickeningly reminded Shinji of Blob.

" Have YOU got a jet pack?" the boy asked.

" No," said Shinji rather dryly.

" Play Blitzball at all?"

" No," repeated Shinji as dryly, though inside he was wondering what on Earth was Blitzball.

" I do. Father said it's a crime if I'm not picked to play for my division team. Know what division you'll be in yet?"

" No," said Shinji once more, trying to hide how stupid he felt.

" Well, no one does know, do they? I know I'll be put in Villains, though. All my family has. I would just die if I was put in Sidekicks. Wouldn't you?"

At this point Shinji had shut off his senses, nodding dryly at the boy's comments.

" Hey! Look at that man out there!" the boy said suddenly as he pointed to Ox King, who was standing outside with two large sno-cones, showing that he couldn't come in.

" That's Ox King," said Shinji. Now actually having something worth talking about, " He works at Animeland High."

" Oh," said the boy, " I've heard his name before. Isn't he like a butler there or something?"

" He tends to the grounds there," said Shinji, liking the boy less and less.

" Yeah, I heard he was a sort of savage. Getting drunk and unable to do anything right. Living in a hut on the grounds at all."

"I think he's great," answered Shinji coldly and dangerously.

" DO you?" said the boy with an icy sneer, " Why is he with you? Where are your parents?"

"Dead," said Shinji shortly. Of all people to talk with about this, this boy was the last person he wanted to talk to.

" Oh, sorry," said the boy airily, "They were OUR kind though, weren't they?"

" They were anime characters if that's what you mean."

" I really don't think they should let the other kind in. They don't have a clue about our world. Some never even knew about Animeland High until they got the letters. I think they should only keep the originals. What's your name anyhow?"

But before he could say a think, Fuu stood up, "You're done and free to go."

She smiled as she help Shinji off the stool. Glad to have an excuse not to answer or talk to the boy anymore, Shinji near raced out with his things, the boy calling after him, "See you at school then!"

Eating his Sno-cone, Ox King found it odd that Shinji was so quiet, but Shinji kept lying through his teeth that nothing at all had been wrong. They bought him a fine laptop for school work. Looking down at the bags in his hands, Shinji mumbled, "Ox King, what's Blitzball?"

" I'm sorry, Shinji. I keep forgetting how little you know. Not knowing Blitzball!?"

" I already feel bad enough, Ox King," he then went on to tell Ox King about the boy in Fuu's Fukus.

"-And he said that people from American toon families shouldn't even be let in."

" But you aren't from an American toon family. If he'd known who you were. He's grown up hearing your name if his parents were Anime characters. Besides, what does he know? Some of the best I have seen were from American cartoons. Look at your own mom and what she has for a sister."

"So, what is Blitzball?"

" It's an anime character sport. Like baseball to you. It's played in a water coliseum and, well the rules are hard to explain."

"And what are Villain and Sidekick?"

" School divisions. Everyone says that Sidekicks are a bit thick, but..."

"I bet I'm in Sidekick," said Shinji drearily.

" Better Sidekick then Villain. Not a single anime character went bad that wasn't in Villain. Even, that-other-guy."

"Na- sorry, HE was at Animeland High?"

" Years and years ago," said Ox King.

They went to a place called Squiggles to get Shinji's books. He had to be practically pried away from a book no teaching how to cause Malicious Hexes by Sesshoumaru.

" I wanted to curse Blob."

" I'm not saying that isn't a good idea, but you aren't supposed to do anime things outside Animeland expect for special cases. Any way, you couldn't work a single one of those curses until you learn some more things about anime first."

Ox King wouldn't let Shinji buy a decorated gold cauldron either, but did allow him to get a decorated set of scales. When they visited the mechanic to get his tools, Shinji felt the air hanging heavy inside the shop and the smell of grease and oil surrounding them. Exiting the shop, Ox King looked to the list, " Just your VR helmet left, oh and I have to get you your birthday present too."

Shinji felt his cheeks flush as he looked down, "Oh, you don't have to..."

"I know that I don't have to. Tell you what, I'll get you an animal. Not a gnome, they went out of fashion a long time ago. And winged cats make me sneeze. I'll get you a pixie. Every one wants one and they are incredibly useful and intelligent."

Twenty minutes later, Ox King emerged from the Pixie Palace with a blue haired little fainted pixie in a cage.

" I think you killed her," said Shinji looking over the tiny girl. He opened the cage and picked her up, poking her stomach and rubbing her cheek with a single finger. The little thing looked up to Shinji and screeched happily, " YOU SAVED ME! MY HERO!"

Shinji nearly fell back as a blonde girl popped out of a trash can he had been standing next to as the blue haired pixie clung to his face. The girl in the trash can looked about hopefully, "Heero!? Where?! COME AND KILL ME HEERO!!!!!!"

Her cry was cut short as a bat like thingy slammed down upon the lid of the can and stomped it a few times


The bat thing was chased off, much to Shinji's surprise, by a handsome boy dressed in black with a braid and grinning at the audience as he ran by with a fishing net over his shoulder.

" That was odd," said the tiny pixie as she watched the entire scene, " Guess I better watch what I say."

" All that's left now is your helmet," said Ox King proudly.

The helmet? This was what Shinji had really been looking forwards to! The shop was shabby and in peeling lettering said "Cids: VR specialist". A single ratty looking helmet lay on a shabby mannequin bust at the window. Stepping inside, Shinji noticed it to be much like the mechanic's shop. It was littered with boxes of all sizes and a chair for Ox King to sit and wait.

" Hey, you, kid!" Shinji heard a gruff voice call out. A blonde man with a cigar sticking out of his mouth in an odd angle looked Shinji over as he brought his hand up to roughly wipe his lip with the side of his fist.

" er...Hi," said Shinji, looking up at the man strangely.

" Hey, you're that Ikari kid I guess. Yeah, look kinda like your dad. Got your mom's eyes though. I remember when she came in and bought her helmet. Lightweight and angly with a white glove and blue tint specs. Good for charming men."

Cid looked down, a hand coming up to tuck under his chin as he narrowed his eyes, inspecting Shinji, " Your Dad had a middle weight blocky with a gray glove and red tint though. A tad more powerful and better for mobile suit work. Well, it's really the helmet that picks the user, kiddo."

Cid was practically nose to nose now with Shinji, his thumb lightly coming over Shinji's star shaped scar, " Hmmm. Sorry to say I sold the helmet to the guy that did that too you. Powerful thing, in the wrong guy's hands though."

To Shinji's relief, he had by now seen Ox King and went over to give him a huge hug, " Ox King! I remember yours! Heavy weight, green glove, blocky and green tinted!"

" It was a good one though."

"Smashed it when they expelled you is my guess," said Cid a bit stern now.

Ox King flushed and nodded, " I still have the pieces."

"Don't use them though do you?"

" No, heavens no!" he repeated quickly.

Cid nodded skeptically before turning to Shinji and pulling out a tape measure, "Now, which is yer writing hand?"

"Right," said Shinji a bit unsure.

Cid began to measure him all over, talking as he did so, " VR helmets aren't really helmets, just a piece that goes over your eyes, both ears, and a wire that connects it to a single glove. In genius invention that keeps people from really getting hurt. This isn't a cartoon you know."

Snatching up his tape measure and pulling a set out of a box, he fitted Shinji with it, " Heavyweight, angular, blue glove, and green tint. Give it a shot."

Waving his hand, Shinji felt the thing short circuit. Taking it off, Cid put another one on him, "Middle weight, blocky, red glove and red tint. Try again, kiddo."

Shinji felt himself make the vase on the counter fly and Cid took that helmet away too. Much of the afternoon went like this and Shinji began to grow depressed.

" Tricky customer, kid, but don't worry. I know the right one is here for you somewhere. Hmmm....I wonder. Try this. Lightweight, rounded, white glove, and violet tint."

Shinji felt his sense shoot thirty times higher the minute he had it on. He raised his glove that fit snugly on his hand and a ball of white formed on his finger tip.

" Yeah! That's it kid! Funny though..." he heard Cid say.

"What's so funny?" asked Shinji.

" I remember every helmet I ever sold, kid. Every one is different. But no two ever came as close as the one I sold to the guy that gave you that mark. The only difference was the white glove. His was black."

Shinji gulped hard.

" That guy did great things, kid. Horrible, but great. It's almost funny that you should get his brother helmet."

Shinji wasn't sure he liked Cid much, so he paid and left quickly with Ox King. Late afternoon hung in the air as they exited Digimon Alley. He stayed quiet all the way back home as a matter of fact. Lost in thought, not caring about how many people found it odd that he, a boy, had a pixie "doll". Ox King had bought him a hamburger and looked to him with a bit of worry, " Shinji, you're awfully quiet. Is everything okay?"

" Everyone acts like I'm so special. But I didn't even know what I was until a little while ago. How can people expect me to do great things when I don't even know what those great things I'm supposed to be doing are?"

Ox King smiled and leaned over, "It's okay Shinji. I know it's hard, but everyone is starting at the beginning at Animeland High. I know it's harder because you're famous. You will have a great time though. I still do as a matter of fact!"

As Shinji got on the bus to take him back to the Drearys, Ox King gave him an envelope, " Your ticket to Animeland High. Any problems and send me a letter with your pixie. She will know where to find me. See you soon, Shinji."

The gentle giant waved heartily as the bus sped away and Shinji watched until he was out of sight.