Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Mary Jane Trial by Fire ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
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The two walked through a cave for a mile encountering nothing eventful which made Morlun nervous. He could hear light sounds echoing through the cave. Suddenly a small red creature with pointy ears and a tail attached Morlun only to be back handed into a wall. "Mephisto knows we're here. Prepare yourself."
Multiple creatures appeared attacking, easily being outmatched by Morlun but able to over power MJ. After Morlun punched a creature into the ground he rushed over to MJ back handing five other creatures it his way. The creatures saw Morlun's power and quickly retreated. "This was not part of the trial. It appears Mephisto fears your love for Peter. This attack was nothing more that to gather information."
"Why would Mephisto fear my love?" MJ asked unsure of what was happening.
"They say love is the most powerful thing in the world. Love could defeat Thor or even Odin if they challenged it. So no doubt Mephisto would fear something that could destroy him." Morlun replied then hesitated. "How are your memories coming?"
MJ thought back as she was in a restaurant wearing a fancy dress. To her left was Peter in a white jacket complaining about the tie and prices. Her friends had shown shocked MJ had actually gone through marriage and mocked her for it. However she could see in their eyes they were truly jealous. The waiter who had served her wine was rather rude to Peter but she had shrugged it off knowing that was just how he was. It was a humorous night for her showing off her husband and cute of him to be a bit of a baby at the time.
"They're coming back more and more." she replied smiling at the memory.
"They will as we progress through the trials." Morlun said stepping forward. "Let us continue. We are in a race now. The sooner we get through this trial the better."
The two continued to walk without trouble and with a worried Morlun. With this feeling the vampire took the lead in case of traps. Soon they reached a door with five red gems. The top gem glowed before creating a pentagram. Stepping out of the pentagram was a flame warrior with blue piercing eyes holding a sword made of fire. MJ steadied her blade and waited for the attack. The flame warrior moved in slicing at MJ who pulled back before striking with her blade like a viper. The flame warrior parried the attack, before slicing upward. The two dueled as the flame warrior kept pushing MJ back eventually grazing her right shoulder. Dropping her blade MJ clutched her shoulder in pain from the fire of the blade. With a quick move the warrior tossed the blade away leaving MJ defenseless. Morlun watched intently wondering what was to happen next. The sword came down forcing MJ to roll back her shoulder burned with the movement. Tears started down her face from the pain as she kept backing away from her adversary. MJ didn't know what to do at this point in time her arm was rendered useless and her sword was at the other side of the cave. Pulling back MJ felt a stone underneath her hand. Clutching it she new she had only one chance to make this work. The Flame warrior thrusts the blade forward as MJ took every once strength dodging left before slamming the stone into his skull.
Leaving the warrior dazed MJ rushed to her blade retrieving it quickly as she turned to her opponent. The flame warrior regaining composure charged quickly at his quarry slicing downwards forcing MJ to one knee. Flame warrior swung again as MJ rolled forward slicing her blade back piercing through her adversary's spine. The warrior slowly burned out before spilling his ashes across the ground.
"Well done. You have survived two challenges of Mephisto's trial. I was right about you." Morlun said with a smile.
"I almost lost." MJ replied upset at the result.
"But you didn't. You won and that is all that matters." Morlun said. "Now rest I will stand guard should anything attempt to interfere." MJ just smiled and sat up against the wall falling a sleep.
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