Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Mary Jane Trial by Fire ❯ Chapter 6 ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
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"I'm afraid I can't go any further." Morlun said reaching the final door.
"Why not?" MJ asked looking confused.
"This battle is between you and the enemy. I will only get in the way. Remember what I said about this battle and you will be fine." MJ nodded at the advise and walked forward to the final trail.
Walking through the gate MJ hears a voice. "Welcome Mrs. Parker." The voice called mocking her name. "I am amazed such a feeble woman made it through the trial. But it matters not, this place shall be your grave."
"No it won't" MJ replied in an icy tone.
Outside the room Morlun watched as fight was about to begin. "Show me the power of love. Show me that I wasn't defeated by a mere fluke." The vampire whispered.
MJ charged swinging her blade as Mephisto dodged with amazing speed to the left. MJ quickly sliced upward at the demon's head only to miss as Mephisto moved before shooting beams of electricity at MJ. The red haired warrior fell to the ground screaming in agony. As she tried to get up Mephisto shot another blast knocking her into a wall. A loud crunch was heard upon impact indicating she had broken some ribs. MJ breathed heavily shaking away the pain before she charged the demon. Mephisto raised a hand blasting MJ back with a wave of wind. "Foolish mortal. Warriors with skill beyond your imagination have fallen before me. You are nothing but an insect to me."
"If I am an insect then I must be a roach because it will be impossible to kill me." MJ replied thinking 'Peter's poor humor must be wearing off on me.'
Mephisto laughed out loud replying, "Let's see if a roach can handle fire." Mephisto created a ball of fire in his right hand before throwing at his adversary. MJ quickly moved left dodging the fireball before having to dodge another. MJ was placed on the defense as Mephisto continued his barrage. Finally a fireball shot through her knocking her to the ground barely alive. "It's done. You were foolish to challenge me." Mephisto laughed triumphantly.
Her mind shifted to the deal with Mephisto. She asked for Peter to have a little happiness in her life if she would retain some memory of her marriage causing her pain. She saw the child that she and Peter were suppose to have but wouldn't because of Mephisto. She remembered everything and why she had agreed to the deal. "It's not over yet." MJ whispered slowly standing. "I want my life back. I want my husband and my child. I want my family, and I will get it. I agreed to the deal because I knew we would be here. I knew we would face each other somehow. I knew I would win because I love Peter more than anything, and I knew you feared our love."
Mephisto stared at MJ stunned that she could stand let alone be alive. "Fool I fear nothing!" Mephisto let out a harsh beam of electricity from his eyes at the woman. To his horror the beams dispersed before contact. MJ slowly started walking toward Mephisto with a look intending on finishing the battle. Mephisto shot out a another beam only to have the same results. Raising both hands the demon shot a blaze of fire at MJ where she walk through it completely unharmed. MJ slowly started to pick up speed as she charged forward raising her sword ready to attack. Mephisto desperately shot every sort of attack at MJ hoping to stop her. With a quick slice MJ made contact with the demon cutting right through him.
Mephisto remained in place stunned at his defeat. "So this is how it ends? Beaten by love?" Mephisto said slowly turned grey as his body fell to the ground in a pile of ashes. The wind blew the ashes away revealing a small vile of green liquid.
MJ now healed took the vile of liquid in her hands holding it close to her heart. Soon she would have her marriage back. Her mind drifted to a hospital where Peter was being held after a serious battle. He was in a room on the verge of death. MJ ran to his room in secret to be with him and comfort him. Entering his room she found a man standing over Peter ready to kill him. MJ in a rage lashed out at the man. The man threw her against the wall and turned revealing it was Morlun. MJ quickly turned to her guide finding him standing behind her wearing a cruel smile.

The End   
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