Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Mary Jane Trial by Fire ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
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Mephisto scowled as he watched his minions run from MJ in fear. At the beginning she was barely making through the trial. Now she was a deadly force to be reckoned with. Her love for Peter was deadly enough now her determination enforced that strength. The demonic creature was desperate to stop her even if he had to face MJ in the final round of the trial. He hoped it wouldn't come to that. The next trial should hopefully end her.
The walk to the next trial was quiet as MJ pressed forward. Her patience had been pushed to it's limit during the last trial and Now she was determined to succeed. Her memories of her previous life kept coming and now it was becoming addicting. What's worse Mephisto attempted to play with her mind and all he did was unleash her wrath. The two reached the fourth door with stone statue of a knight standing guard.
The stone statue came to life looking down at MJ. Quickly the monster threw a hard right which MJ easily dodged. The creature was incredibly strong but was also incredibly slow. The statue pulled out a stone blade taking a wicked swing at MJ who jumped back before moving in like a viper striking the warriors chest. Sparks bounced of the warriors chest leaving only a small scratch on it's chest. The warrior using both arms swung the blade again at MJ only to miss again. MJ moved in again striking at the knee. The stone sparked again but remained undamaged. The two remained in the same stance with MJ striking different parts searching for a weakness. Her arms started to get tired from the swinging as her legs were slowing from the constant dodging. The stone warrior remained strong as it kept attacking pushing MJ to her limit. With another heavy swing the stone warrior knocked MJ to the ground as it moved in for the kill. The warrior dropped its blade down as MJ rolled right then rolled left slicing at the neck reach the same result as all her other attacks. The stone warrior turned to it's opponent raising its sword with both hands. MJ took her blade and lifted it up between the warriors legs. The stone knight fell to the side in pain. "You've got to be kidding me?" MJ said in shock. Noticing the warrior dropped his sword MJ rushed over using all her strength to lift the sword. As the knight regain composure MJ swung the sword lopping her opponent's head clean off it's shoulders.
"You've done well. Soon everything you lost will be returned." Morlun said walking over to her. Noticing her panting Morlun looked over the caves. Walking over to a wall on the left side Morlun dug his fist into it producing a small stream of water. MJ tossed the blade to the side as she ran over to the stream gorging herself. "I am surprised you've lasted this long without water. My apologies I should have seen this sooner."
"No. It's alright. I've just been pushing myself. I haven't had a chance to get anything." MJ replied. "All I have is one more trial right?"
"Yes one more, and depending on how you look at this could be your easiest or your hardest battle yet."
MJ looked up a Morlun and asked, "What do you mean?"
"All I can say is let your heart fight this next battle." Morlun replied walking away.
On his throne Mephisto watched the conversation between MJ and Morlun before roaring in fury. It was his time to fight and this time it was battle where he may not return from.

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