Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Octonaped ❯ Shopping for Doc.Ock is very complicated ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was 10:00 o' clock at pier 56. We last left Annabell tired wet and angry. Her previous attempted to escape had failed and all future attempts to escape were futile. So she was angrily glaring at the wall. Until on of the arms gave her a plate of eggs, she just glared at them. “ You might want to eat those that's all we have till you go out tonight” “ Huh? “ Your going out to get food know any places? “ Yea one place Fiona's Food” “all right”.
She finished eating and they where off. The aculaters set her down in an alley. “ We'll be watching”. She walked across the street to her friends( sort of) mothers store “ Hey Anna where have you been? “Around Fi ” “ You do remember the promise you made me last week” “ what promise? “ the promise that enchange for 50$ you show me some of your cool dance moves in public” “ After I get the food” “ Ok I'll be waiting”. Anna went in and got everything she thought she'd need and some of her favorites. “ Ok time to dance” Fi put in a Cd with a hip hop vibe
Little mama show me how move it go ahead put your back into it
Come shake your ass girl.
Anna broke it down with moves you see in music viodeos.
Up on the roof 3 tentucles where looking for SpiderMan and one was watching Anna.
That is an impressive seguence of movements.
~ What movements?~
Otto looked down to see Anna breaking it down ~ What the hell is she doing!!~
Anna finished the crowd cheered “ here's your money, damn you got skills” “ Thanks”
She was walking down the street to the crosswalk. “ Hey Anna” ~ shit Peter what is it delay Anna day? ~ “ Hi Peter” “ Hey thanks for loaning your stuff to keep my cousin busy” “ No problem gotta go” “ See you next week” ~ I deserved an acadime award for that performince.
The arms screamed~ how does she know parker we have to go now~
Anna was on the corner of the cross walk about to cross when Sandra mero blond hair blue eyes bubble head come around the corner. ~ Great first the promise to Fi then Peter now my archenemy Sandra mero the BIGGEST SLUT in school just fucking great!!!! ~ “ Hello Sandra” Anna said threw clenched teeth.” Annabell stay away from Peter he's MINE” and Sandra slapped her and Anna snapped and slapped her back. Then Sandra sucker punched her. After that it was left, right hooks uppercuts jabs kicks. Anna got her head smashed into a wall at one point.
That girl is hurting…Annabell, but Annabell is fighting back with force.
Anna punched Sandra in the nose “ Bitch you broke my nose” Sandra pushed Anna and she fell into a glass case. Pain shoot threw her. But she got up. Anna finished the fight with a flying kick (like the one Fiona did from Shrek) and knocked Sandra out grabbed her stuff and crossed the street to the ally. ~ Wonder were Dr. Octavius is it's not like he can hide~ A tentacle grabbed her pushing the glass in her back farther in “ What the HELL where you doing we have to go NOW!!” ~ I messed up somehow~. “ Hey Doc.Ock let her go! ~ Spiderman~ “ Sorry bug but I need her” “ I'll get you”.
Spiderman fought with the arms until one threw her up and Spidy caught her. Then he did the same thing. This kept up until she snapped again. “ WHAT YOU TWO THINK I FUCKING AM A HACKEY SACK? NOW PUT ME DOWN OR ATLEAST STOP THROWING ME OR I'M GOING TO KICK BOTH OF YOUR FUCKING ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Anna yelled eyes blazing she was pissed. Now for the first time in history Doc. Ock and Spidy were thinking the same thing at the exact same time. “ Holy shit, they were right red heads do have on hell of a tempera”
The aculars took advantage of Spiderman s distraction and slammed him into a wall knocking him out. The arms moved as fast as they could back home.
At Pier 56
“ What the hell were you doing fulfilling a promise I made to my friend Fiona that I forgot about” “ What promise? “ The promise that in exchange for 50$ I show her some dance moves”. “ What about Mr. Parker ? How do you know Him? “ Threw a High school mentorship program he was returning some stuff I lent him”
“ Want to know a secret Peter is Spiderman”
“ Hmm makes sense”. Otto saw her leaning forward. “ what's wrong? Are you tired? Did I hurt you? Let me see your wrist” He made a move to grab her wrist but she moved it out of the way. “ One moment please”. She reached behind and slowly pulled out a BIG piece of glass out of her back “ Ahh that's better” and she passed out from lack of blood. “ Where the hell did that come from?. Otto brought her closer and was shocked but what her saw. She had a deep cut on her cheek scratches on her face and a cut on her head. He took off her shrit to see glass stuck in her arms and back and some nasty looking scars. ~ How the hell did she get all that glass in her back?~
Three of the four arms didn't know but one knew otherwise.
I know what happened Father
~What happened?~
A female came up and slapped Annabell.They got into a fight I'll show you. The arm projected what happened in Otto mind. ~ so she was smashed into a glass case. Oh no! when we pushed her into the wall it must of sent the glass farther into her back~
Otto went quickly to work treating the cuts . He wondered what could make those scars. “ Don't cut me any more… mom…stop. “ What! ~ does her mother cut her?~
An hour later
“ Ohh everything hurts” “ I'd expect it would” “ Thanks for bandging me up Doc” “ Your welcome, I have a question” “ Yeah what is it? “ Does your mother cut you?” Surprise flashed in her eyes “ May as well tell you not like you can go to the police.
Nine years ago my step mom started to cut me don't ask me why? Until one day in a drunkin haze he took the knife and stabbed her, then told me if I ever told he kill me to. He made me bury her. I was ten” .Otto was Horrified and Appauled ~ How could a parent do that to a chlid~ “ What about your birth mother” “ He did something to make her go away leaving me in his care.” It was one of those rare ocasionse when he didn't know what to say. “ You know I should thank you for kidnapping me and giving me a better life then what I would have had, night. Those words touched his heart in away he couldn't understand.