Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Spider-man: True Love Conquers All ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
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New York dock, a ship floats in from the fog. It's captain was Morlun coming back to New York after deadly journey in Mephisto's realm. With the first part of his plan completed it was time for Morlun to exact his revenge on the only man who has ever been able to defeat him...Spider-man.
Down at the Frontline Peter made his way down Ben Urich's office ready to submit the latest photos he had taken of Steve Rodgers being cleared of all charges and becoming the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. To Peter it had been an exciting and crazy couple of years. The Civil War, Secret Invasion, Osborn taking over S.H.I.E.L.D, as well as his Aunt May getting married to J.J. Senior. With Osborn out of commission Peter hoped life would settle down and he could go back to fighting light weights like Electro and Vulture. Peter thought back to Mary Jane and the encounters they had got him thinking now would also be a good time to slow down and better connect with friends, such as Harry, MJ, and Flash.
Reaching Ben's office Peter knocked on the door lightly. "Come in!" A voice called from the other side. Peter opened the door to see Ben sitting at the desk reading over some articles to publish. "How did the exoneration go?"
"Great, I don't think I've seen Mr. Rodgers happier." Peter said handing him the photos.
"These are are great." Phil said looking them over. "You never fail to get me such great pictures. How do you get such great angles?"
"I guess I just have that talent." Peter replied knowing that he had a little help from Spider-man.
"Yeah you do." Ben said looking at his notes. "I have another assignment for you. Mayor Jameson is giving a speech on a fund for the Avengers. Can I trust you to get great shots?"
Peter smiled at Ben and replied, "Always."
************************************************************* ***************************************************
Morlun walked through the sewers trying to find the perfect place for his rematch with Spider-man. New York held many mysteries and Morlun wanted to find one that would fit his needs. Morlun continued to walk through sewer letting only his sense of magic guide him. A sound was heard behind the vampire causing Morlun to turn around coming face to face with a large rodent creature. "Get out. No trespassing." The creature screamed launching himself at Morlun. Morlun held his ground throwing his fist forward knocking Vermin into the sewer ground. Morlun strolled over to the coughing rat creature grabbing him by the throat and throwing him into a wall.
"I am giving you a change to live. I assume you know much about this sewer correct?" Morlun said glaring at his quarry.
"What do you want?" Vermin hissed.
"I am looking for a ritualistic place for a fight. Something symbolic." Morlun said.
"The is an old room under a museum."
"Where?" Morlun demanded
"A place called Fraunces Tavern. That is all I know." Vermin squirmed.
"Good enough." Morlun said dropping the mutant rat forcing him to scurry away.
***************************************************************** ***********************************************
Peter stood in crowd taking multiple pictures of the event at City Hall. He was glad to see the people were trusting heroes again. That heroes were no longer being persecuted and hunted because of a bad law.
"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here today. The Super-human registration act has been repealed and it is time for us to rebuild our relationship with hero community. I therefore have now decided finance a new avenger building." Jameson paused as people clapped and cheered for the mayor.
Suddenly an automatic was fired into the air clearing away the crowd. As soon as the people left for cover Hammerhead and two of his henchmen were left. "Well ain't that sweet. The Avengers are returning to put us away." Pointing his gun at the Mayor. "I don't think so."
Suddenly a web-line shot out grabbing the gun and pulled it from Hammerhead's hands. "Watch it Flattop. You'll shoot your eye out." Spider-man called before breaking the weapon.
"Boys distract the bug." Hammerhead called as two men started shooting from the crowd. As Spider-man was distracted Hammerhead charged after Jameson.
Spider-man launched himself into a fight with the two gun men. As he dodged the bullets Spider-man leaped in the middle of two as he shot his webbing grabbing the gun men and slamming them together knocking them out cold.
In City Hall Hammerhead knocked out the two guards in his way. "C'mon out Mr. Mayor." The gangster called pulling out two nine millimeters. "It's time for you to retire." Hammerhead walked around keeping his eyes out for any movement whatsoever. "All that money goin to bunch of freaks for a tower. I got better ideas with that money."
"Like what?" Spiderman called from above. As Hammerhead looked up Spider-man swung forward knocking the gangster in chest. Hammerhead fell hard on floor his skull cracking the floor. Hammerhead regained himself and fired both guns attempting to hit his quarry. As soon he was out of ammunition. Throwing the guns to the floor Hammerhead waited for Spider-man to land before attacking with a head butt.
Spider-man quickly did a back flip as soon as he touched the ground causing Hammerhead to miss him. Hammerhead crashed into a wall. Pulling his head out the gangster looked to the left and saw Jameson sneaking around. Hammerhead picked up a vase throwing it at Spider-man before moving at the mayor knocking Jameson in the arm breaking it. Spider-man rushed to Jameson checking for serious injuries. "Get away from me you menace. If a real hero was here this won't have happen. You will here from my lawyer." Jameson snarled.
Seeing Jameson was fine Spider-man took off after Hammerhead.
Hammerhead made his way through the ally attempting to escape Spider-man. About halfway down the gangster ran into Morlun. "Get of my way pal." Hammerhead called.
"And what if I don't?" Morlun called taunting his opponent.
"Then I'll mow you down!" Hammerhead growled
"Your more than welcome to try." Morlun scoffed.
Hammerhead charged the vampire with a head butt. The vampire held out one hand stopping the gangster instantly. Quickly Morlun shot his fist upward shattering the gangster's nose knocking him out.
Spider-man appeared on the scene his eyes widen with fear. "Morlun! What are you doing here?"
"Giving you a peace offering." Morlun said holding up the beaten Hammerhead.
Spider-man looked at Morlun then Hammerhead and back before replying, "What do you want?"
"Five minutes of your time." Morlun replied quickly.
Hesitantly Spider-man replied, "Fine."
Dropping the gangster Morlun began, "I have the red haired woman known as Mary Jane in my custody. She is yours if you can beat me in an honorable fight."
"Like you have a single idea what honor is?" Spider-man shouted loudly.
"I know I was bested previously and now I want an honorable rematch." Morlun replied smoothly.
"And if I decline you'll what, kill MJ? How is that honorable?"
"How else am I suppose to convince you to fight me?" Morlun asked rhetorically. "Meet me under the Frances Tavern. Their is an underground room where we won't be disturbed" After finishing his sentence Morlun disappeared in to the shadows leaving Spider-man to apprehend Hammerhead.

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