Spiral Fan Fiction ❯ Stay with me ❯ Chapter 1

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The snowflakes were falling down from clouds at the city and people who were ending their shops. The evening was nice and calm; the cars weren't at the streets. Ayumu was walking across the center of city. He stopped in front of the shop, where he was yesterday with Hiyono. He looked at the musical-box, what Hiyono liked and didn't buy. "How long is it?" he shook head. "Few hours, and I lost her." He turned away from the shop and leaded to the nearest park. “Did I really lose her?” He thought. “Can I do anything to let her back?” he sat at the bench. The snow was still falling. He raised his hand in front of him and the snowflakes fall down at his palm. “Hiyono,” he whispered. “You weren't just my partner in explaining crimes. You always believed in me. You were more than friend.” In his mind appeared the situation from yesterday. He clearly heard her voice “I'm just a girl from school.” He again swathe little tears in her eyes.”Hiyono” he sighed “I want you back!”
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The girl with honey-golden hair in two plaits was with umbrella stood in front of the same shop, like Ayumu before. She came in, came to shop assistant. “I would like to buy the musical-box.” She paid for it and left shop. She took out the mobile phone from her pocket . “Hello, here's Hiyono, Madoka can you tell me, where I can find Narumi-san?” I phone Madoka heard her sad tone. “Hiyono, it's good to hear you, Ayumu told me, that he will be in the central park. I think,” she paused “ that you will find him there.””Thank you , Madoka.”
Hiyono walked to park, she was walking and thinking about him. “ I love him, but he don't need me.I know that, but still.” She sighed and from her lips came steam. She shivered. “He `s cold like this weather.” She was walking and in deep thinking she almost pass him.
Ayumu was shocked, when she was passing him without any sight of seeing him. “Hiyono” he stood up. She looked at him surprised. “There you are, Narumi-san.” Sh stopped walking and waited for him to come to her. “Hiyono”, he sighed , “I want to apology.”She hushed him. “I don't need it to hear. It's in your character.” She looked at the package in her hands.”I have a gift to remember me for a little to you.” She gave it him.He took it very carefully. “Hiyono, please I want to talk with you.” She shook head. “There is no need, I already understand it.” She leaned to him and kissed him at the cheek. He was surprised. “Hiyono, I,” she took a step away from him. “So good bye, Narumi-san.” She turned away and walked, leaving him behind her. He looked at the package. He sat back at the bench, opened it. When he saw the music-box, the single tear escape from his eye. “Forgive me,” he was sitting frozen, looking at the music-box, than looked at the way she left. He stood up, started to run, after he came at the railway station. He looked at the signboard af leaving trains. Hiyono's train was just leaving from platform 5. He ran there, saw her like she got in and the doors were closing “Hiyono!” he shout” She heard her name, looked at the person, who was calling her, shook head, the silent No and the train started to move. Ayumu stopped running, knelled down and trying to catch breathe. “Damn, Hiyono, why are you doing this??”
In the train she was confused. She leaned her head against the window, closed eyes, in her mind she saw him, running, almost without air, calling her name. “Why?” she said quietly. “I don't want to cry, not here.” The old woman was looking at her with understanding look. From her pocket she took handkerchief. “Please, take it”, she was giving it her, “ you need it more than I right now.” She smiled at her. Hiyono looked at her surprised.”Why?” “I saw what happened at the platform. I think that you broke one more heart not only yours.” Hiyono was looking at her in shock. “What? I couldn't broke his heart. I mean nothing to him, I'm just girl from the school, he said.” She wiped tears. “I think, that you don't understand each other,” she laughed “just like me and my husband, when we were young.” She looked from thethe window. “Try to talk with him, it will helps.” She stood up. “This is my platform to go out, so” she smiled at her. “Good luck.” She left her and Hiyono was looking from the window at her leaving woman. She stood up, opened the window “Thank you!” The woman looked back at her and waved her.
Ayumu was in front of the apartment, where Hiyono was living. He caught breathe and rang. From behind the door he heard footsteps. The door was opening and light from flat covered him. Hiyono looked at him. His hair was wet from melting snow and drops of water tricked at his face. His cloak was wet and he was shivering for a little. “Narumi-san, please come in.” She let him in. “Hiyono”, he whispered, and in his voice she heard tender tone. “Narumi-san, you will catch cold if,” His hands caught her shoulders, leaned her against wall.”No more Narumi-san!” he hissed angrily and his lips were close to her. “Ayumu” she whispered. “That's better.” His eyes stopped at her lips looking at them than gently covered them by his lips. He broke the kiss and tenderly whispered to her “You are not somebody,” his hand gently stroke her cheek, “you are mine Hiyono.” She wanted to say something, but he covered her lips with his again. When they needed air, he broke the kiss and leaded his forehead against her. “Forgive me, please.” He hugged her, “I love you” he whispered and looked at her worrying “What if she said no?” he thought. “Ayumu” she stroke his cheek, “Stupid, I love you too,” She gently kissed him, “but now, you really need hot shower and dry clothes.” He let her go and followed her into bathroom. “Have a shower, I'll find some brother's clothes, hope that they will fit you.” She went to brother's room, who didn't live her parents anymore. With towel, old jeans and black T-shirt she stood in front of the door of bathroom. “Here are clothes and towel, that you need.” Ayumu opened the door naked to the waist. She blushed, when she saw his chest. “Thank you,” he took the clothes and closed the door .Hiyono came to living room. Turned on the TV and watch the News. From bathroom she heard the flowing water. After 15 minutes Ayumu came from bathroom and set next to her.He hugged her and stayed in silence. “Ayumu?” “What?” “I want this moment never ends.” He hugged her fight.” I want more moment with you . not only this one. He looked at her. “I want to be with you,” he kissed her, ”please stay with me.” He put her down at the sofa, lied on top of her. “While you'll want me, I'll be here for you Ayumu.” She kissed him back.
Outside the snw was peacefully falling at the city.