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Disclaimer: I don't own Spiral or any of the characters that are in the original anime. The co-writer of this fic doesn't own Spiral either. However, the original characters are of our creation and do belong to us.
Notes: We tried to stay as close to original personalities as possible. This fiction is not a yaoi, slash, or shonen-ai. I hope it is enjoyable nevertheless. Also, spoilers will be present depending on how much of the anime you've seen. And with all that out of the way: on to the story!
A young woman dressed in black kneeled in a shadowy underground tunnel, her golden eyes shining in the dim light as she studied the train tracks that ran a little beneath where she was perched. The knife was in place, but she couldn't help checking it over again for the third time. It was perfect. Her red lips curved up in a smile. This would satisfy and delight him even more than it did her. She wiped her black-leather gloved hands together and leaned back on her heels. He would be waiting for her back home.
The girl paused and looked around before rising to her feet, hopping down to the train tracks, and skipping along them until she reached the subway train that was supposed to run along the set of tracks she'd chosen. She flung the door to the main car open, hopped inside, and slid into the operator's room. The operating screen was still glowing. “Here we go!” Tomorrow at noon was when the subway would need to be running again. Her fingertips worked their magic, and with a “BLEEP!” the OS was back up and running. She swung herself back out of the car and ran for the exit, trying to keep her excitement contained.
* * * * *
“Ayumu.” Hiyono peered into the kitchen, where her husband was preparing dinner. “Madoka just called. She said… that there's something on the news that you should see…”
Ayumu raised his eyebrows slightly, wiped his hands on a towel, and followed Hiyono into the den. The twins, Ayame and Hikari, and Ayumu's nephew, Daisuke, stared at the television, fixated, as the newscaster explained the source of the chaos ensuing behind him. “There's been a subway accident here in New York City. 15 dead, 43 in the hospital in various conditions. Police are investigating the cause of this disaster. It is believed that the train derailed due to the presence of a large throwing knife, similar to this one, which was found on the tracks near the scene of the tragedy.” A knife was displayed on the screen for a moment. It was dinged up, but its unique, single, serrated edge could still be made out. The television screen returned to the scene of the accident, the newscaster now gone, and panned over the crowd of onlookers.
“No…Not again…” Ayumu whispered to himself as the camera caught a man with dark auburn hair and gold cat eyes. In the brief moment that the camera was on him the man smirked before turning and blending into the crowd, his white trench coat billowing out behind him.
“Ayumu,” Hiyono looked at him questioningly. “Is it…?”
_________________________________________________________________ _______
End notes: Well, there you have it. I'll be getting the first chapter up shortly, since all I have to do is edit. And, as always, please let us know what you think.