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Chapter 1: The Summons
Ayumu perched, tense, on the couch, one foot tapping impatiently on the carpeted floor as he glanced at the clock again. It was the day after the disturbance in New York, and a letter had arrived in the mail. `Why…?' Ayumu wondered. `Why now'
“Dad.” The voice of the young girl peering into the room shook Ayumu from his thoughts. He looked up as his daughter, Hikari, walked into the room, shadowed by her cousin, Daisuke.
“What's this all about? You've been acting strangely ever since yesterday…and now this.” She pointed to the unopened envelope that lay on the coffee table. “What is that? Why won't you open it?”
Ayumu glanced over at Daisuke, then returned his gaze to the girl addressing him. “It's a letter from…an old acquaintance…”
“Oh…?” Hikari reached for the envelope. `I wonder who it's from…' Then the front door clicked open.
“I'm home!” Hiyono announced as she closed the door behind herself and traded her outside shoes for slippers.
“Ah.” Ayumu stood, slid the envelope from beneath his daughter's curious fingertips, and headed for the entryway. “Hiyono.” He held the letter out for her to see.
“Ayumu! Is that any way to greet me after I spend a long, hard day at work?! How about a `Welcome home!', or a kiss or-or--!” She paused and blinked at the envelope. “Who..?”
“Kanone.” Ayumu's voice was flat as he said the name. “By the way, dinner's ready.”
“Kanone! But isn't he one of the- Ayumu…again…?”
Hikari looked between her parents. “Mother? Father?” She frowned slightly. `I'm gonna get to the bottom of this…'
Ayumu looked at her, remembering her presence. “It's- How about we have dinner first.” He frowned at the letter in his hand. `So we don't lose our appetites.'
“Yes. Let's.” Hiyono herded Hikari and Daisuke into the kitchen. “Ayumu, do you know where Ayame is?”
Ayumu blinked at the sudden question. “Actually, no. Hikari, would you go fetch your brother for us?”
“Hai, Papa.” Hikari removed herself from her mother's grasp and ran up the stairs to the bedrooms. “Ayame!” She knocked on her brother's door, and then swung it open to the sound of his outraged shouting. “Brother, please try to contain yourself. Seriously.”
The green-haired boy turned to look at his twin. “The boss on level seven just beat me like all my training was nothing!” The PS2 controller in Ayame's grip looked ready to break as he continued to rant.
Hikari rolled her eyes at him. “Dinner's ready. Hurry up, or I'll tell them that you're not hungry.” She turned and headed back down the stairs.
Ayame jumped to his feet, waving his arms as he hurried after Hikari. “I'm coming! I'm coming!”
Hikari walked into the kitchen, Ayame following close behind. “That game hasn't completely consumed him yet.” She pulled out a chair and sat at the table.
Ayumu smiled and served everyone a plate of yakisoba.
Hikari smiled softly as she wound some noodles around her chopsticks. `It can't be all that bad if dad's still smiling.'
Daisuke poked at his food and began forming the noodles into a design on his plate; Ayumu ate quietly, a frown on his face once again and Ayame basically inhaled his food.
Hikari frowned. The smile was gone from her dad's face and he looked thoughtful once again. She quickly finished off her food. `I want to get this resolved as quickly as possible.'
“So. How was work?” Ayumu finally asked Hiyono.
“Um… It was alright. The media's still in an uproar over yesterday's incident…” She mumbled between mouthfuls of food.
“Oh. Right.” Ayumu paused. “That was a mess.” `Too dangerous. In fact… What was he thinking?'
“There are no leads… Ayumu, do you think he was responsible?” Hiyono pushed away her now empty plate and Hikari quickly rose to clear the table, noting that her father had barely touched his food.
Ayumu's frown deepened as he mulled everything over in his head. The last time he'd been involved with the Blade Children had been bad enough, and now he had more than Hiyono to protect. He had the twins and Daisuke to look after.
“Ayumu?” Hiyono moved to stand behind him, resting a hand on his shoulder. “Are you ready?”
He nodded.
Ayame blinked. “Ready for what?”
“In front of the children?' Hiyono questioned.
“Hey!” Hikari interjected. “Not fair! We're not little kids anymore!”
“Ewww…” Ayame looked disgusted. “Hikari… You wanna watch?”
“I wanna see what's in the letter, idiot!”
Ayame bounced in place. “Oooh! Letter?!? What letter?”
“Ayumu.” Hiyono gently squeezed his shoulder.
He sighed, weighing his options. If Hikari, Ayame, and Daisuke were left in the dark they'd feel just as he had years ago. And then they too could get caught up in something dangerous. He pulled the letter out of his back pocket, nodded slightly, and opened the letter.
Hikari leaned across the table, planting her elbows in the middle. “Who's Kanone? What's it say?”
Ayame looked at his sister. “Kanone?”
Ayumu frowned at the open letter, then looked up at his children. “He tried to destroy me… a long time ago. I'll explain more later, but now…”
Hiyono frowned as she looked over the letter as well, her grip on Ayumu's shoulder tightening.
“What's it say?” Hikari leaned even further into the table.
“We've been invited to take a trip to America,” Ayumu said. “We should take Daisuke to Madoka's.”
Hiyono looked over at Daisuke. “I suppose that would be for the best…”
Ayame frowned in confusion. “Huh? Wait. America?” His face lit up.
Hikari straightened quickly, nearly knocking her chair over. “Does that mean we're going?!?”
Daisuke stood up and walked out of the room, unshed tears glistening in his dark gray eyes. `They're all fine without me…Everybody is. I'm always left out of everything…thanks to him. It's his fault this is happening…'
Ayumu silently watched Daisuke go. He knew it was for the best, but he couldn't imagine how he would feel if he was in the same predicament as Daisuke. He turned back to Hiyono and the twins. “The private flight leaves at noon tomorrow.”
“Are we going?” Hikari pressed.
Ayumu nodded. “I think we should. Hiyono? What do you think?”
She gave a slight nod. “I agree. We'll probably be dragged in one way or another anyway. Ayame, Hikari? Get ready to leave. And we'll call Madoka to let her know that Daisuke will be spending some time with her.”
“Mother, Father?” Hikari smiled at them. “I'll call Madoka. I don't want you to have any more unnecessary stress.”
Ayumu smiled softly at his daughter. “Thank you.”
Ayame frowned. “Why can't he come?”
“It's not our place to go putting your cousin into situations where he could be in danger.” Ayumu replied.
Hikari nodded in agreement as she grabbed the phone and headed to her room, stopping only to nab Daisuke from his room and drag him with her. “I'll start packing.” She called down the stairs to her parents.
“Okay.” Ayumu called back.
“Me too!” Ayame hollered as he bounced up the stairs.
Hikari pulled Daisuke into her room and closed the door. “Ready to pack?”
“What?” Daisuke blinked at his cousin, confused. “But, your dad said he was going to call my mom and drop me off over there.”
The older girl grinned at him and held up the phone. “Where would I be without my partner in crime and logic? Ready to tell your mom that you're gonna be away on a family vacation with us for a while?”
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