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Chapter 2: Shattered Peace
Finally he had reached his destination and was standing outside the stone walls of the private all-girls school. The white trench coat that he wore kept away most of the sun's heat, but he would not be waiting long. She should be out in less than ten minutes. He could wait, easily. Kanone smiled and looked into the clear sky. `Are you ready, Blachi?'
“I've told you already.” A girl's dangerously low voice reached Kanone's ears as she leveled icy blue eyes at the group of girls surrounding her. “Neither my father nor myself have the time to be bothered by your pettiness.” Laurel turned on her heel, flipping long lavender hair over one shoulder, and marched out the school gates with as much gusto as her cultured upbringing would allow her. She glanced at the older man standing outside the gates before hurrying off. `Creep.'
Kanone smiled an `oh-I'm-not-up-to-anything' smile and waited for a swarm of girls to exit through the gates before following the lavender-haired girl.
Laurel hurried down the street, her thoughts focused on getting home. `Dang it… Stupid girls. Now I'll be late getting home… And for my piano lesson with father.'
Kanone smiled to himself. He knew where she was heading, and it was his final destination in England as well. He felt like a cat with a mouse as he studied her every move: her walk, what caught her eye- summing in how much like her father she really was.
Laurel stiffened, skidding to a halt and whirled around to look behind herself.
Without missing a beat Kanone turned to the right, pretending to talk on his cell. He found a bench and sat down. It wasn't yet time to approach her…but soon…
The girl frowned. `I could have sworn he was following me…wait… Isn't that the guy who was at the gates after school? But he looks familiar from somewhere else too…' She glanced down at her watch and took off at a run, thoughts of the mysterious man forgotten. `Now I'm going to be really late!'
Kanone put the phone away, flipped his coat inside out so that it was now tan, put a matching hat on, and used another path to continue following the daughter of Eyes.
Laurel stopped outside her house and let herself in the gates, locking them behind herself. She straightened out her rumpled uniform and caught her breath before walking the path that led to the front door and letting herself into the small mansion.
Kanone smirked. He sat on a nearby bench and waited an hour before standing and approaching the gates to the Rutherford estate.
Meanwhile… Laurel scrambled up a tree that was planted in the front left corner of the estate. She swung herself up to kneel at the top of the stone wall and spotted the man she'd seen earlier standing at the gate. She frowned again over a forgotten detail. `Doesn't father have a picture of him somewhere… he looks a little older, but…' Her eyes widened as she dropped to the ground outside the mansion's gardens and ran toward the stranger. `What could he want here?'
Kanone's gold eyes widened slightly as he caught sight of the approaching girl. “Huh?”
“You.” Laurel stopped at a safe distance from the intruder, glaring at him with her cold eyes. “Why were you following me? What do you want here?!”
“What do I want?” Kanone asked lazily. “You. Or rather, your father.” He could tell she had the blood in her, the blood of the Blade Children.
“It's Kanone, right? There's nothing here for you. I'm sure my father would not want to be troubled by your presence,” she lied. She knew that he father would probably not mind seeing his childhood friends, but the unknown circumstances under which Kanone was here made Laurel uneasy.
“Well, my dear,” he stepped forward, thin pupils staring back into her cold gaze, “I'm afraid that my leaving without speaking to him isn't much of an option.”
Laurel's glare grew colder as she took in the older man. “Go away. You're unwanted here.” `I don't want any more suffering for us.'
“Aww.” Kanone shrugged. “Ya don't mean that, do ya? Ya haven't even gotten to know me.”
“I've heard about you. That's more than enough for me. I won't allow you to ruin the peace here.”
Kanone realized that his “logic” wasn't reaching her and began to walk toward her, his hands buried in his pockets, eyes gleaming.
Laurel slipped a hand into one of her own pockets. “Stay back!”
He continued advancing, his eyes focused on her as if he were seeing through her very flesh and bones.
She drew a small throwing knife from her pocket, casting its sheath aside with a flick of her wrist, and assumed a fighting stance. `I will not lose… not to you.' Her icy blue eyes contained a barely-hidden fire.
Kanone didn't step back. Like lightening, his hand was around the girl's wrist, forcing her hand up and back. He pressed her wrist's tendon. The knife clattered to the ground and Kanone's golden eyes all but burned into the icy gaze of his opponent.
Her blue eyes widened for a fraction of a second before she grabbed Kanone's wrist with the hand that had held the knife and twisted his arm behind his back.
“A'right! A'right!” His free hand hit the air. “Ya got me!”
Laurel didn't move. Kanone was easily a foot taller than her, and she didn't trust him at all. “How can I be sure?”
“Well,” Kanone's shoulders sagged in an illusion of defeat. “We can just stand here all day…”
“Why are you here?”
“There is something I would like to run by you father.” He winced as Laurel twisted his arm a little further.
“You're going to ruin the peace around here, aren't you?!” Her tone demanded an answer.
“Your beloved peace would be shattered even without my being here,” Kanone stated calmly. “They're after you—you and your father.”
“Who is?”
“Old enemies..” Kanone dropped to his knees and bucked the smaller girl over his shoulder, caught her before she slammed into the stone wall, and stared into her frightened eyes for less than a second before he tapped her shoulder-trap, rendering her unconscious. He opened the gates and started up the path.
Eyes sat at his piano, looking over some music when he heard someone enter the room and kick the door closed behind themselves.
“Eyes.” Kanone's voice echoed behind Eyes like a broken piano key. Laurel was still in his arms.
Eyes stood from his piano quickly enough to knock over the bench he'd been sitting on. He turned on his heel. “Kanone. Laurel!” His delicate hands bunched themselves into fists.
“Howdy,” Kanone's happy-go-lucky demeanor ran dark and serious, “old friend.”
“What do you want, Kanone?” Eyes spoke the words slowly, as if speaking to someone who had trouble understanding English, keeping his eyes on his daughter.
“I'm here for you…and her.” He looked down at Laurel, before raising his head to look at Eyes again. “Eyes, it's starting again, but worse. This time…I fear we will die…” He slowly walked over to the other man and passed his daughter to him.
Eyes carried Laurel to a couch in the room, set her down, and collapsed into the chair next to it, composure momentarily lost. “No…I fought once. My battle is over and those ghosts are gone. I will not allow them to plague my daughter.”
“I wish that I too saw them as ghosts.” Kanone shoved his hands into his pockets. “Brilliant daughter you have there, Eyes.”
Eyes raised his head slightly. “What?”
“Well…she and I, err, just..nevermind.” Kanone's eyes drifted of to the left. “Anyway…” sweat rolled down from his temple.
“What did you do to her, Kanone?”
“She sought to protect you from these ghosts you speak of, but I wanted to speak with you, Eyes. So she defended you. She's just unconscious.”
“Well.” Eyes sighed. “It looks like you have me now.”
Kanone smiled, eyes closed, “Yippee.” His voice was flat.
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