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Phantom Of Time
Chapter Five: Nowhere To Hide
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
“Your friend failed now you both are going to die.” Vox smirked. “Get them.”
“That's what you think.” Nel heard Albel shout. Suddenly she felt someone grab her and pull her over the side of the cliff. As she looked up she could see Vox's cold unfeeling eyes staring down at her. She screamed and closed her eyes. Then she heard something. It was a strange scratching noise. She opened her eyes and realized who it was that had grabbed her. Albel was holding her with his right arm and using his clawed arm to try and grab onto the side of the cliff. As the continued to fall Nel felt as though they were slowing down. Then she felt it. Her knees sheared with pain and they buckled out from under her. She fell to the ground and rolled a little in the snow. When she came to a stop she found herself staring up at the sky. Her breathing was heavy and she felt slightly wracked. She lay there for a moment to recompose herself before she sat up. She quickly checked herself and was surprised to find she had little damage done to her. After checking the few scraps on her shaken body she sighed and looked around. A few feet away Albel was pushing himself off the ground. He glanced up the side of the cliff and gave Vox a nasty glare.
“Are you crazy!” Nel jumped up and ran over to him. “You could have gotten us both killed?”
“Well excuse me but if I hadn't done something we would've been dead.” Albel glared harshly at her. “And for your information I am crazy! So shut up and let's go.” Albel grabbed her arm and started running down the canyon.
“Shit.” Cliff said as he saw both Nel and Albel run down the canyon. “Come on Mirage.”
Cliff jumped on his horse and started to ride down the pathway heading to Kirlsa. Mirage followed after him and glanced in Vox's direction. He was still standing by the cliff looking in her direction and was seemingly making no attempt to follow them. As her and Cliff reached the bottom of the mountain road they could see both Nel and Albel running up out of the canyon.
“Nel!” Cliff shouted.
“Albel stop!” Nel stopped and pulled away from him. Cliff stopped his horse and jumped off. He ran over to her and looked her up and down.
“Are you okay?” Cliff looked at her.
“Yes I'm fine.”
“Good.” Cliff sighed with relief and looked over at Albel. “Don't you do that again.”
“I didn't have a choice fool. It was either go over the cliff or run down the path and get shot with arrows. At least going over the cliff we had a chance to live.” Albel sneered and looked away from him.
“Well you shouldn't be pulling that crap in your condition.” Cliff glared.
“I'm fine and don't tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing.” Albel's eyes went to cat slits as he looked back at the big oaf.
“Cliff stop it. It doesn't matter. Look we need to get to the inn in Kirlsa so we can rest.” Nel rested her hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down.
“We don't have time for that.” Albel said calmly. “He will have his soldiers swarming this place in no time. We need to keep moving. The only way we are going to be safe is if we head to Aquios now.”
“But you are in no condition to keep doing this.” Nel argued.
“Listen to me maggot! I don't have time to sit down and rest. So bitch at me when the danger has past. Cos then maybe I will consider resting but until then we keep moving.” Albel snapped.
“It wont do us any good if you die on us.” Nel was getting more than a little upset.
“I said shut up. I don't want to hear anymore complaining about my condition. I told you I am fine now lets keep moving.” Albel turned and stormed down the dirt road.
“He is such a…” Nel grumbled. “Maybe I'll kill him myself.”
“You don't mean that.” Cliff looked at her. “I think your just stressed hon.”
“Well duh that because that jackass is stressing me out… Hey!” Nel felt something rub against her butt. She spun around and glared as she saw the satisfied grin on Cliff's face. “You ass!” Nel decked him and then she stormed down the road in Albel's wake.
“I was just relieving some of that tension… Nel! Wait!” Cliff rubbed his bruised cheek and followed after her. Mirage smiled to herself and also followed Cliff.
Albel stormed in Kirlsa grumbling to himself. Who did that woman think she was anyway? His mother? Albel stalked past the large walls surrounding the gloomy graveyard. As he past the place he looked over at it. He stopped walking and stared intently at the entrance. Should he go in there? The last time he'd been there… Well he didn't want to remember the last time he had been there. As he looked back he stared at the large four way sign and looked at the large mansion just beyond it. It was the place where he had spent most of his life. The place he used to play when he was still a normal child. He frowned deeply at the thought and stared almost in longing. Could it be that Woltar was there?
“Albel…” Nel said calmly as she walked slowly up to him. “What's wrong?”
“Nothing.” Albel said calmly. “I'm just wondering if Woltar was here or not.”
“Woltar is at the training facility with Arzei.”
“What.” Albel looked sideways at her. “What are you talking about? Why would he take Arzei to that dangerous place? That old coot is going to get him killed.”
“Where are you going?” Nel asked as he turned and started walking in the opposite direction.
“I am going to get Arzei and take him to some place safe.” Albel looked at her from over his shoulder.
“Albel watch out.” Nel was too late. Albel had turned and tripped over someone in the road.
“What the hell.” Albel said as he placed his hand on the person's chest.
“Hey!” The person yelled and smacked him a crossed the face knocking him to the ground. Albel cringed and slowly pushed himself up. He blinked blankly for a moment as he stared at a very angry looking woman with long black hair. She had gotten to her feet and was glaring down at him. She was a very pretty woman with one purple eye and one strange looking red eye. Albel tilted his head to the side. Cliff and Mirage ran up a few minutes later and looked at the scene in front of them. “Why don't you keep your wondering hands to yourself.”
“Maybe you should have watched where you were going.” Albel snapped as he stood up rubbing his cheek a bit.
“Well excuse me but you were the one who ran into me first.” The woman glared and set her hand on her hip. She wore a white trench coat over her strange leather outfit, which was about as revealing as Nel's but different all the same. She stared at him curiously for a moment and looked him over just as he had done to her.
“Don't hand me that bitch I don't want to hear it.” Albel grumbled and stalked down the path toward the facility. The woman watched him as he walk and raised a brow. She gave a slight grin.
“Hey I know you. Your Valkin's sister.” Cliff said calmly. She looked back at him and smiled.
“Oh it's you again.” She smiled. “I didn't know you had such a cute man with you.”
“Huh?” Cliff looked confused.
“We just saved him from Airyglyph that ungrateful twit.” Nel glared and followed after him. The woman frowned and then looked back at Cliff.
“Is he okay?” She asked. “He looks sick.”
“That's cos he is and he wont sit down.” Cliff sighed.
“Is there anything I can do?” She looked at him with her two colored eyes.
“Nah. Were just going to have to brute force him again.” Cliff rubbed his head. “Oh I didn't catch your name.”
“Elvira but you can call me Elvy.” Elvy smiled.
“Well it was nice seeing you again Elvy but I have to catch up with them. Come on Mirage.” Cliff quickly ran off with Mirage while Elvy continued to stare.
“Not everyday you find a hot one like him.” Elvy smiled and then walked off.
“Albel wait…” Nel said as she ran up to him. “Look lets take a rest for a few so I can at least change clothes. I like the dress and all but it's impeding my fighting.”
“Hey guys wait up.” Cliff ran up with Mirage a few minutes later.
“Alright.” Albel sighed.
“Look we still have some time before he'll come here.” Nel put her hand on his shoulder.
“What's going on?” Cliff asked.
“Lets head over to the inn so I can change.” Nel said calmly.
“Yes that would be a good idea.” Mirage nodded. “I'll go get our things off the horses.”
“I need to eat something anyways.” Cliff shrugged. Nel smiled and glanced back at Albel. Albel looked extremely tired and was definitely sick of arguing. Albel and Nel walked over to the inn and checked in. They walked upstairs and into the room. Albel laid down on the bed with his back to Nel not bothering to take off the red cloak and waited. Mirage came in a few minutes later and handed Nel her clothes.
“Where's Cliff?” Mirage asked calmly.
“He went to get food. He said he would be back soon.” Nel said as she disappeared behind a little wall with a cover to change.
“So why were we heading to the facility?” Mirage asked.
“Because Albel was going to yell at Woltar and take Arzei somewhere safe because I told him that's where they were.” Nel said from behind the wall.
“How long do you think it will take Vox to come after us?” Mirage leaned back in her chair. Nel walked out a few minutes later and put the dress away.
“Not long. That was one thing Albel was right about.” Nel sighed. Mirage stood up and pulled her clothes out she walked behind the wall and started changing.
“Mirage do you think we could contact Maria to see how things are going?” Nel asked as she picked up the communicator.
“No not while were in the mountains. We wont be able to get a signal.” Mirage said calmly.
“I'm just worried about Fayt.” Nel looked out the window with a frown. Mirage came back around the wall and also put her dress away.
“We all are.” Mirage stared down at her bag just as the door opened.
“I'm back.” Cliff walked in and pulled off his velvet cloak. He handed it to Mirage who put it in the bag. He then handed her the hat and wig. “That's better.”
“Find anything interesting?” Nel asked as she walked over to him.
“Nah, just the usual. So what's the plan?” Cliff asked as he sat down and started munching on some bread.
“I don't know yet.” Nel said as she dug through the bag. “Why did you get so many apples?”
“Because they're Albel's favorite.” Cliff looked strangely at her.
“Oh yeah. I forgot about that.” Nel said as she pulled out a pear.
“Well first off we are going to head to the facility to get Arzei and then I guess we are heading to Aquios.” Mirage shrugged.
“And once we get out of the mountains I want to call Maria and find out the status.” Nel said calmly.
“Yeah me too. Well let's get moving.” Cliff stood up. Mirage and Nel nodded. Cliff turned and started walking down the stairs. Mirage looked over at Nel and they both glanced at Albel, who hadn't moved.
“Cliff wait.” Nel said calmly.
“Huh?” Cliff stopped and turned around. “What's up?”
“Something's up.” Nel said as she walked over to Albel. “Albel?” She looked down at him. Cliff came back up the stairs and walked over. Nel smiled and turned back to Mirage and Cliff.
“Is he okay?” Cliff looked worried.
“He's asleep.”
“Well let him sleep.” Mirage said calmly. “We have time.”
“Good he needs to rest.” Cliff sighed with relief. “Nel you want to come with me.”
“Where are you going?” Nel looked at him.
“I was going to head outside the gate heading to Arias. I want to see if we can contact Maria from there.” Cliff said as he started walking downstairs.
“You'll watch him Mirage?” Nel looked over at her.
“Yes I have no problem watching him.” Mirage smiled.
“Thanks.” Nel smiled back and ran after Cliff. Cliff walked out of the inn and looked down the streets. Nel came up behind him and looked at him intently. “What's up?”
“That's just it. Nothing.” Cliff looked over at her. “You wouldn't think there was a war by how quiet it is.”
“That's a little scary huh.” Nel walked past him and down the street. Cliff followed her to the end of the street and around the corner. They walked past Woltar's mansion and out the gate at the end of the street. As they both walked past the gate and into the Kirlsa hills Cliff pulled out the communicator. After walking a ways down the path Cliff lifted the communicator to his face.
“Maria. This is Cliff do you copy?” Cliff lowered the communicator and looked at it. Cliff continued walking and then tried again. “Maria. This is Cliff do you copy?”
“Were still to close to the mountains aren't we.” Nel asked.
“I'm not sure.” Cliff said with a sigh.
“Cliff… aria… You… ing up…” A broken voice came over the communicator.
“Was that her?” Nel looked at him.
“Hang on.” Cliff said as he continued walking down the road. “Maria?” Cliff tried again but received no answer. “Damn it.”
“Well at least we tried.” Nel said with a frown.
“Yeah. We better head back before it gets dark.” Cliff said and started heading back to Kirlsa.
Albel walked down a dark corridor. The smell of wet mildew and blood reached his sensitive nose. He stopped and looked around him trying to figure out where he could possibly be. He didn't recognize this place nor did he understand how he got there. He heard a scream at the end of the hall, which caused him to look back in the direction he was walking. The scream sounded vaguely familiar like a scream from some twisted dream. He gracefully walked down the hall and found himself standing in front of a very old door with faded paint. He slowly reached out for the doorknob.
“Who are you?” A whisper hit his ears. He turned fast and reached for his sword only to find it was gone.
“Who's there?” Albel shouted. When he received no answer he turned slowly and turned the doorknob. He walked in slowly his feet gliding on the stone floor as he walked. He was barely making a sound. In fact it almost seemed like he wasn't making a sound at all. He heard a slight clank and felt something under his feet. He looked down and moved his foot back. He kneeled down and reached his hand out. It felt as cold as metal on his bare hand and as he ran his finger up and down he felt a sharp quick pain. “Ouch.” Albel pulled his hand back and looked at his finger. Blood came out of a small cut on his finger. He stared at it with curiosity and then looked back down. Reaching his hand down again he found the sharp side again and moved his hand up and little. Moving his hand back he suddenly felt the flat piece of metal change to a different shape. Albel picked it up and looked at it more closely. “A sword?” He stood up slowly, holding the sword in his right hand. It was heavier than his sword, which immediately told him it wasn't a katana. “Must be a long sword.”
“What do you want?” He heard that strange voice again. He looked around and held the sword in front of him.
“Who are you?” Albel asked again. He heard something to his left he glanced over and noticed a little tiny light. He walked over and picked the object up. It was round and had two little lights with a button on the side. The noise was static. “This looks like Cliff's. Cliff?” Albel said calmly.
“Cliff…” Albel turned fast hearing another voice. This voice sounded different in fact it sounded weak.
“Hello?” Albel said and walked over in the direction it came from. As he walked over something came into view. Something was lying on the floor not moving. Albel squinted his eyes trying to see better but it was too dark to tell what it was. He slowly walked over and kneeled down beside it. On closer examination he could see it was a person with thick black chains around them.
“Get away from him.” The other voice said coldly from behind him. Albel turned and spotted what looked to be a woman. She had a slight glow to her and an angry expression on her delicate features.
“So you were the one asking me who I was.” Albel glared.
“I said stay away.” The woman said softly with a sight echo to her voice. She raised her hand and tossed her straight long white hair over her shoulder. She walked forward her long white gown flowing around her slowly. Her eyes were all white with no eye whatsoever. Albel sneered he knew exactly what he was dealing with.
“Perhaps I should vanquish you.” Albel snickered. “Your just a ghost after all.”
“I am more than a ghost you fool.” The woman snapped she raised her hand and a white light formed in her hand. The person next to Albel screamed in agony. When Albel turned he could see Fayt lying on the floor. His eyes went wide and he reached out for him.
“Be gone.” The woman said and Albel felt himself go flying a crossed the room.
“Fayt!” Albel jumped awake. Causing Cliff to fall out of his chair. Albel's breathing was hard and fast he glanced around the room and squinted just as Nel lit the lamp next to the bed.
“Ouch.” Cliff pushed himself up off the floor. Mirage sat up in her bed and looked over at Nel and Albel.
“What happened?” Nel said in a tired voice. Albel looked around the room and then over at Cliff who was standing there staring at him.
“What's happened Albel?” Mirage asked.
“Nothing.” Albel put his hand to his forehead. “I just thought I heard something.”
“Ouch.” Cliff rubbed his neck.
“Were you sleeping in the chair?” Nel looked at him.
“Yeah.” Cliff said groggily.
“How long was I asleep?” Albel suddenly realized he had fallen asleep. Cliff looked at his watch.
“About seven hours ago.” Cliff said calmly.
“Why didn't you guys wake me up?” Albel snapped.
“Because we were tired too.” Nel grumbled and got out of bed. “And besides you needed to sleep.”
“It does no good to argue with a woman.” Cliff smiled.
“Yeah I noticed.” Albel said and climbed out of bed. And he stood up he feet his legs give out slightly. “Damn.”
“I told you.” Nel shook her head.
“I'm fine.” Albel forced himself to stand. “We have to get going before trouble comes.”
“Well I think we should have Arzei and Woltar talk with him.” Mirage got up.
“I agree.” Nel said calmly and shook her head. A few minutes later they walked down the stairs and out the door of the inn.
“It's dark out here.” Albel commented.
“Well duh it is the middle of the night.” Cliff rolled his eyes.
“It was about midday when we got here and then you fell asleep.” Nel said calmly.
“Well we have all night to get to the facility.” Mirage said as she started walking to the gate on east side of town. As the four reached the gate they started walking on the long road to the training facility.
End Chapter Five
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