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Phantom Of Time
Chapter Eleven: Albel's Discovery
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
Albel and Cliff crept along the outer wall around the city of Airyglyph. It was the middle of the night but the moon lit up the night with its faint glow. He and Cliff had made it there within two days. It wasn't easy sneaking throughout the cities making sure neither one of them had been caught. But somehow they managed to get there unnoticed. Albel glanced at the gates leading into the city and grumbled. Guards were stationed at every corner, which meant getting into the city would be hard, especially if they didn't want to be noticed.
“So what now?” Cliff whispered.
“Well.” Albel glanced around but he knew they would have to go in the front gate. Albel looked at the gate and tried to think about what to do.
“I came through the gate.” Albel spun around. Suddenly it was daylight and Cliff was gone.
“What the hell?” Albel turned around. He could see a young woman with strawberry blonde hair standing just outside the gate. She wore a beautiful red dress with a black sash. She turned and looked back at the gate and smiled.
“I realize that. But don't you know that's dangerous?” Albel glanced at the gate to see a tall man with shoulder length black hair leaning against the wall.
“They didn't even see me not that they could anyways. Besides it's worth it to be able to see you.” The woman smirked. The man smiled a smile that Albel was familiar with. It was that same cocky smile he gave everyone. The man walked over to the woman, which looked more like he glided over to her. He wore a black outfit similar to Albel's. The difference was it was a one piece. A gray cloak with feathers on the shoulders was draped around him like a blanket. He had the same slit up the skirt like Albel had and for some reason his demeanor seem vaguely familiar.
“You would do anything for me wouldn't you?” He smiled and played with a lock of the woman's strawberry blonde hair.
“Glou!” The man turned quickly and then glanced back at the woman.
“I have to go. You better get out of here.” Glou looked back at the woman.
“Why don't you just let him fret?” The woman sighed.
“Because he's Woltar.” Glou replied. “Besides I'll be back for you later.”
“That's if you can catch me.” The woman teased as she suddenly grew fire wings.
“Oh watch me. You know how fast I move.” Glou smirks.
“We'll see.” She jumped in the air and flew off. He watched her for a moment before turning and walking back through the gates.
“Dad!” Albel yelled. Suddenly it became night again and Albel found himself staring at the gate surrounded by guards.
“Hey.” Cliff put his hand on his shoulder. “You okay?”
“I'm fine why?” Albel looked at him.
“You didn't answer me so I got worried.” Cliff said calmly. “So how are we going to get in?”
“I'm not…” Albel smirked. “Wait. I have an idea.”
Mirage shivered as she stood in the torture chamber chained to the wall. She was cold, in pain, and was covered in blood. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were tattered and ripped. She didn't know how much more she could take. Her hair had come out of its braid and fell messily around her face. She thought about Cliff and the others and wondered if they had got away. She closed her eyes half way and felt her mind slip. She was so tired but if she went to sleep she knew they would be back. She heard the door creak and she knew that she had been right she lifted her head slightly to see to guards walk into the room.
“Don't even think about it. You know I will only kick your ass if you touch me.” She snapped lightly.
“Seems to me that you need some sleep.” One of the guards said. Mirage's eyes went wide and she almost smiled as a realization hit her.
Vox sat in the throne room staring out one of the windows. His mind had been elsewhere since he got back to Airyglyph. He was mad about Albel's death and more importantly he was mad that Cliff and Nel had escaped.
“Damn that Albel.” He muttered before hearing a noise behind him. He turned to see two of his guards holding Mirage. “What is this?”
“She requested an audience with you.” The guard to the left of Mirage replied.
“I thought I told you to keep her in the dungeon.” Vox glared.
“She insisted sir.” The guard to the right said.
“Fine. What do you want?” Vox looked at Mirage.
“I want to know what happened to my friends.” Mirage said calmly.
“Your friends?” Vox raised a brow. “What kind of inquiry is that?”
“Please just tell me. I need to know why I am still here.” Mirage said without a hint of fear.
“They escaped and are hiding in Aquios. They have abandoned you.” Vox said.
“I see.” Mirage looked at the floor.
“Now if we are through take her back to the dungeon.” Vox sneered and turned his back to them. A few minutes later he found the crimson scourge at his throat.
“Never turn your back to me.” Albel snapped.
“Albel… I should have known.” Vox almost smiled.
“Alright Vox time to spill the beans.” Cliff pulled off the helmet he was wearing. Albel turned Vox around and pushed him into the throne, keeping the sword at his throat. Mirage walked over to them with Cliff and looked down at Vox.
“Clever sneaking into the castle like that but you wont get out of here unnoticed.” Vox commented.
“We will if I kill you.” Albel snapped. He was still wearing his helmet with the full plate guard armor.
“Why are the Vendeen here? Why are they helping you?” Cliff glared at him.
“The Vendeen are helping me because I can provide them with something nobody else could. That was you and Nel.” Vox said calmly.
“What for?” Albel snapped.
“They are looking for Fayt and I don't know why nor do I care.” Vox glared at them.
“Why is everyone looking for Fayt?” Mirage stared at him.
“I should put you back in your grave and end this damn war.” Albel snapped.
“Seraphina will just continue it.” Vox said.
“Who is that?” Albel asked.
“The woman I thought killed you. But seeing as you are alive I guess that doesn't really apply.” Vox looked at him.
“You don't have any idea what you are dealing with do you?” Albel asked. “These people will probably kill you.”
“You mean you won't kill me first?” Vox smirked.
“The thought did cross my mind.” Albel snapped.
“Well that's just too bad.” Vox kicked Albel and threw a round object onto the ground.
“Close your eyes!” Mirage yelled as the flash grenade went off. When they were able to open their eyes again they quickly found that Vox had escaped. Albel muttered and pushed himself up off the ground.
“Damn it.” Albel grumbled and pulled the helmet off his head.
“Well the snake got away.” Cliff looked annoyed.
“We better get out of here before the guards come.” Mirage looked at the two boys.
“There's nothing left of the guards.” Cliff turned to see Nel, Elvy, Valkin, and Roger standing just at the top of the stairs.
“I guess we're too late.” Elvy said calmly.
“I swear I will kill him.” Albel muttered under his breath.
“You really should do something about that muttering problem Nox.” Elvy said while folding her arms.
“Listen wench I don't need a lecture…” Albel glanced around. He was in a completely different room; in fact it almost looked like a room built into a cave. “Not again.” Albel said as he glanced around the grey walls. A gold hearth in the center of the room lighted the room. A round red carpet lay on the floor under it. It had a strange star design on it, which almost looked ritualistic. As he glanced around he could see red silk covering the doorways, which had the same gold star patterns on them.
“Glou. I'm telling you not to take Albel up there.” The woman with strawberry blonde hair walked into the room. She still looked as beautiful as she did before. Accept this time she wore a white corset with a long flowing red dress underneath. He hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she held a red sash in her arms. She wore some jewelry, which consisted of a small golden heart shape pendent with a small red ruby in the center and long golden earrings with ruby gems. She walked into the room following the man he recognized as his father. He was ready for the Accession of the Flame ritual. Wearing his full plate armor and long gray cape. His hair was cut short and he had the crimson scourge at his side. He looked the same the day he died twelve years ago. He looked considerably older than the woman at this point, which shocked Albel slightly because they seemed to be the same age before.
“I'm certain he can do it.” Glou argued with her.
“You don't know the dragons. Listen to me Glou. Don't take him up there. If he fails he will die.” The woman pleaded.
“Ariel…” Glou looked at her with a sad expression. “I need him to do this.”
“You are going to be the end of him.” Ariel yelled.
“Listen I know what I am doing.” Glou argued with her. “I will take Albel up to the Urssa Caves and he will pass his ceremony. Don't worry.”
“I will worry. He's my son too.” Ariel yelled. Albel looked confused for a moment.
“My son too?” Albel said out loud. Suddenly Ariel looked at him and squinted her eyes.
“What is it?” Glou looked in Albel's direction and then back at her.
“I thought I heard something…” Ariel shook her head and looked back at him.
“Your powers acting up again?” Glou asked.
“Never mind that. You can't take him up there.” Ariel went back to the subject on hand.
“He doesn't have a choice.” Glou argued. “I'm telling you not to worry. Listen I have to go. I'll come back after the ceremony.” Glou said as he left the room.
“Glou.” Ariel pleaded but he ignored her. “There's is misfortune on that mountain today. Vox is betraying you… I'm going to loose them both.”
“You were saying?” Elvy raised a brow as she looked at Albel.
“Nothing.” Albel looked confused for a second before he brushed her off and walked down the stairs.
“Man is he acting weird.” Cliff rubbed the back of his head. Elvy sighed deeply and went to follow Albel down the stairs.
“Where are you going?” Nel looked at her.
“I'm following the idiot. You guys wait here. I want to have a word with him.” Elvy wondered down the stairs.
“Is it just me or does she like him?” Cliff looked at Nel.
“She'd be crazy if she did.” Nel glared. Valkin glanced over at Nel but said nothing.
“Hey Nox!” Elvy yelled as she came down the stairs. Albel was standing in the middle of the grand hall staring at the door leading out into the city.
“What?” He said calmly as he glanced over his shoulder at her.
“What's the matter?” Elvy asked calmly as she stopped next to him.
“Its just…” Albel trailed off.
“Come on. You can tell me. I won't bite.” Elvy folded her arms.
“I'm starting to think I'm going insane. I'm seeing things I shouldn't and I just saw a couple of things I don't think are true.” Albel looked at the floor.
“Like what?” Elvy looked at him.
“Things with my father.” Albel said calmly.
“Is there anyway you can find out if it's true or not?” Elvy asked.
“Yes. But I'm not sure she exists.” Albel looked at her.
“Well you wont know unless you try. Huh hot stuff.” Elvy smirked.
“I'm sure.” Albel raised a brow and almost smirked.
“Trust me. You're sane for the most part.” Elvy turned and walked back to the stairs.
“And what is that supposed to mean?” Albel snapped.
“That you're cute.” Elvy walked back up the stairs while Albel stared dumbfounded.
Albel lay in his bed later that night staring at the stone ceiling. They hadn't bothered leaving Airyglyph seeing as the guards and Vox had been taken care of. He had been thinking for hours about his discovery. Was that woman real? Did those events happen? Albel sighed and rolled onto his side. He stared at the snow-covered mountains outside the window and thought back to the day of his father's funeral.
Albel stared down at his father's grave and felt deeply despaired. He was holding what he thought to be his mother's hand. Nobody could understand how he was feeling, not even his mother. He glanced over his shoulder looking to the back of the group. He found himself attracted to a strawberry blonde woman who was staring at him with gentle ruby eyes.
~End Flashback~
“That's right!” Albel jumped up in his bed. “I saw her at the wake. She was the only person that told me it wasn't my fault.” Albel looked out the window. “But where did she go after that? So she does exist.” Albel stood up grabbing his sword off the table. He tied it to his belt and walked out of his bedroom. He stalked down the halls until he reached the stairs. As he started to head down he heard a noise behind him.
“Where are you going now?” Albel turned to see Cliff standing just a few feet away.
“Cliff.” Albel turned around.
“What's the matter?” Cliff looked worried.
“There's something I have to do.” Albel whispered.
“What do you have to do?” Cliff looked at him curiously.
“I have a few questions I need answered.” Albel looked him in the eyes.
“What did you see this time?” Cliff asked him.
“My mother.” Albel said.
“But isn't she dead?” Cliff looked confused.
“That's what I thought.” Albel said calmly. “But apparently the woman I thought was my mother wasn't.” Silence passed between the two for a moment before Albel spoke again. “Cliff…”
“Yeah.” Cliff looked at him.
“I want you all to go save Fayt without me. He doesn't have much time. I don't want him to die because of me.” Albel looked at him.
“But Albel…” Cliff went to argue.
“Just do it fool!” Albel snapped. “Take Maria's ship and go.” Albel turned quickly and ran down the stairs. Cliff watched after him with a frown on his face. The last thing he wanted to do was leave Albel behind.
End Chapter Eleven