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Phantom Of Time
Chapter Thirteen: Trial's Of Fate
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
Ariel led Albel down the mountain and into a cavern. Ariel pushed aside the long red silk hanging in front of the entrance and slowly walked in. Albel gasped as followed her in and saw the gold hearth in the center of the room. It was on top of the red carpet with the star shaped pattern. He glanced at the gray walls and looked at the various red silk door coverings. He recognized this room; it was the same room he saw in his vision. He glanced to his left to see the room he had walked out of when he watched Ariel and his father talk.
“Is something wrong?” Ariel stopped just in front of one of the silk covered doorways.
“No.” Albel looked over at her.
“Follow me.” Ariel said quietly as she walked into the other room. Albel followed her slowly while taking in his surroundings. This room also had a think red carpet with four matching large round red puffs scattered on the floor. “Did you want something to drink?” Ariel looked over at him.
“No.” Albel stared at her.
“Alright then sit down and lets talk.” Ariel sat down on one of the red puffs. Albel also sat down on one of the large puffs. It was soft to the touch and Albel thought it was something that should be used for blankets.
“You didn't answer my question.” Albel looked at her calmly.
“Frankly I'm surprised at how calm your being about this.” Ariel looked at him.
“I learned a lot from my calm friend.” Albel commented.
“You have friends now?” Ariel looked at him in shock.
“What are you surprised.” Albel sneered and looked away.
“No… I'm glad.” Ariel smiled. Albel sideways glanced at her. He spent all this time trying to find her and now he didn't know what to say. Part of him was angry with her but part of him still respected her for what she said to him years ago. “You want an explanation don't you?”
“What do you think I want?” Albel snapped.
“Will you listen?” Ariel looked at him seriously.
“I didn't come here to bite your head off… Yet.” Albel remarked.
“The answer to your question is. Yes you are my son.” Ariel said calmly. “Have you heard about the strict rules my father imposes?”
“I know your kind aren't supposed to associate with humans.” Albel said.
“Yes. My father is very paranoid of humans. He thinks they are the filthiest things in existence. I however disagree.” Ariel stood up and walked over to a small fireplace. Throwing a piece of wood in it she extended her hand out to it and lit it on fire. “There was a group of people along time ago that were born with strong spiritual energy. They could see things and hear things that most normal people wouldn't dream about. These people called themselves the ancients of time. They were an enlightened group of individuals that got along with all the spirits of the universe. Or at least up until four hundred years ago when a man decided that the universe needed to be under his control. So he created a very powerful demi-god to destroy the entire universe. This demi-god wandered around the universe destroying planets, killing any ancients that it came a crossed, and eventually took down some of the spirits in the process. By the time it was stopped most of the ancients had been destroyed and those that were left tried to consult the normal humans. Which inevitably led to there near extinction. But there are a few descendents of those ancients alive. The Nox family is one of them.” Ariel stood back up and walked back over to her chair. She sat down and looked Albel in the eye. “Because of that man who tried to wipe us off the universe my father fears all humans and considers it a dishonor to associate with any.” Ariel smiled. “Which made it rather amusing when he had to accept Glou as a friend. I met your father when he was on this very mountain trying to train himself to understand dragons. I knew that it was forbidden to talk to humans but something about him stuck out to me.”
“So you spoke to him against your fathers wishes.” Albel said.
“Yes. And from that day on I continued to hang around Airyglyph spying on him as he trained the new recruits. Soon after I found out that he could see me every time I was around. Even in my spirit form. That's when I knew he was a descendent. It made me happy because someone other than my kind acknowledged my existence and I soon fell in love with your father. He returned my affection but it was a forbidden love.”
“It obviously didn't last long.” Albel said calmly.
“Me and your father decided to take a chance. We couldn't marry each other because my father wouldn't have allowed it. But we also couldn't run away, we were royalty and royalty can't disappear or a war would break out. So one day we decided to have a night all to ourselves. Of course that night of fun turned into something that only married individuals dared to do. A few weeks later I told Glou I was pregnant… At first we didn't know what to do. I couldn't tell my father he surely would have killed you. And I couldn't stay with the humans because I found out one of Glou underlings was also a descendent of the ancients.”
“Another descendent? Who was it?” Albel looked curiously.
“And cruel man who was after your father's legacy. He would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. His name was Edwin… Edwin Vox. Or better known as Duke Vox.” Ariel glared slightly. Albel leaned back and said nothing. “He would have surely had Glou convicted of heresy then let us live in peace. In order to keep the secret from my father I told him I was going on a journey, and that I would be back in a year's time. For a year Glou hid me in Kirlsa and when the time came he hired a private doctor to help with my labor. After that Glou and I had a decision to make. We needed to do something for your future. I insisted that you have a normal life and Glou agreed with me. We both decided to raise you but it had to be done in secret. I stayed in hiding another year and tended to you while your father was coming up with a back up plan. When my father got restless over my two-year absence I returned to the mountain and Glou took you back to Airyglyph. Soon after he married Marietta and started telling everyone you were her child. Marietta went with it only because she had been swooning over your father for a year and finally married him. But she certainly didn't treat you like her son.” Ariel glared at the floor.
“But why did she go with it if she knew that I wasn't her son.” Albel asked.
“Because Glou told her your real mother was dead. So he told her it was best if she pretended for your sake. Not that she was much help anyway. It still burns me up that I had to sit back and go with this charade because my father had his stupid rules. But I stayed at a distance and watched over you. I don't think you remember but I used to sing you to sleep at night.”
“You did?” Albel looked confused.
“Yes. I would sit just above your window and sing.” Ariel smiled.
“You know now that you mention it. You were there all the time. I remember you used to play with me at Woltar's mansion.” Albel stared at the floor.
“Yes. But like every plan it had its flaws. Like when Vox was promoted he started throwing his weight around. I suppose the power went to his head. Vox would kiss up to your father and continued to do so until he had your fathers trust. I was the only one who knew his true intentions but every time I tried to tell your father he said I was being paranoid. Soon Vox started making moves on me. When I rejected him he made a threat to me. He said `I will make your little secret family suffer. Glou, you, and you half-breed son.' I thought he was just drunk that day. But then the day came for your Accession of the Flame ritual. And I had a terrible vision. I tried to convince your father to change his mind about taking you up there that very morning but…”
“You said Vox was going to betray him. I saw it in a vision of my own.” Albel looked sad for a moment.
“So that was you. I thought maybe it was.” Ariel smiled sadly. “I see you have some of my abilities too.”
“What?” Albel looked at her.
“Let's talk about that after I finish the story. After the calamity with Crosell I went to your father's funeral. That was the day I told you it wasn't your fault. Two days later Vox took you father's position and Marietta killed herself. I knew what I had to do. I had to tell the truth. I came to Airyglyph that night to steal you away from the nightmare. But I ran into Vox on my way up to your room. He made one last threat to me that would shatter my world. He said if I didn't leave without you and never came back he would make sure that you would suffer dearly. He said he would tell his nephew about what you were and who I was. He said he would have us both burned as heretics.” Tears fell from Ariel's eyes. “I just lost your father and your world was falling apart. I didn't know what to do. So I begged him... I made him swear no harm would come to you and that in return I would leave and never come back. That was the deal we made. I left that night and regretted it even since. I thought for sure the secret had died with your father. But now your here standing in front of me, listening to me, and I finally told you the truth. I know saying I'm sorry won't make up for what I did. But I am really sorry Albel. You're my son and I love you.” Ariel buried her head in her hands.
“He's taken everything from me.” Albel whispered as he stood slowly. “He never kept his end of the bargain.”
“What?” Ariel looked up suddenly.
“That man… He…” Albel trailed off. Ariel stood up slowly and placed her hand on the side of his face.
“Albel?” Ariel looked into his eyes. “He touched you…”
“He also almost got me hanged for treason.” Albel looked away from her. “And now he's back and taking over everything. Airyglyph… He's heading back to Airyglyph. I have to stop him before he kills one of my friends.”
“Albel.” Ariel hugged him suddenly. Albel's eyes went wide and he slowly hugged her back. “It's okay. We'll talk on the way. I'll go with you.”
“I can handle this on my own.” Albel pulled away and looked her in the eyes.
“You're not alone anymore. Vox didn't keep his word. He must be punished for breaking his oath. I want his head.” Ariel smirked. “Besides I want to be able to shove it in his face.”
“I guess telling you no wont work.” Albel raised a brow.
“No. Besides I want to know what powers you have. You'll need to learn how to control them. That and I know how we can get to Airyglyph really fast.” Ariel smirked.
“Good then I can tell that idiot Fittir off for not doing what I told him.” Albel said calmly.
“Come on.” Ariel nodded to the door and walked out while Albel followed behind.
“Man this is boring.” Cliff leaned back in his chair. He had been sitting in the guard tower over looking the entrance to Airyglyph ever since Albel left. And the whole time he, Elvy, and Valkin had been guarding the castle like hawks. “Albel you have to come back eventually.” Cliff frowned as he stared at the bridge.
“Someone's coming on horseback!” Elvy shouted from the walkway above the gate. Cliff jumped up and looked down the path.
“Who the hell is that?” Cliff said as they stopped a just a few feet from the gate.
“Cliff Fittir!” A blonde woman looked up at the guard tower. “I demand you surrender to me or you will be taken forcibly.”
“And who do you think you are!?” Cliff shouted back.
“My name is Seraphina. General Nighthawk sent me to retrieve you.” Seraphina glared.
“Tell Nighthawk to go to hell! I will never tell him where Fayt is. I'll die first.” Cliff said.
“That can be arranged.” Seraphina said almost to herself.
“We have reinforcements on the way. There is no need to waste your life.” Vox said calmly.
“Duke Vox. So you're back you warmonger.” Cliff smirked. “Its too bad Albel isn't here.”
“It doesn't matter. I will take back this castle.” Vox glared.
“Over my dead body.” Vox looked over his shoulder to see Albel standing behind him.
“Albel. I thought you weren't here.” Vox glared.
“I just got back.” Albel smirked.
“Albel!” Cliff perked up. Elvy smirked and crossed her arms. While Valkin jumped down off the guard tower and landed beside her.
“Vox! You have done unforgivable things to me.” Albel pulled his sword. “I think it's time you repent for your sins.”
“I have to agree.” Vox turned back to see Ariel standing in front of him.
“Ariel… I thought we had an agreement.” Vox glared.
“That was until I found out you broke your end of the bargain you bastard.” Ariel snapped. “You plot to keep Albel from finding out about me didn't work. He came to me and I told him everything.”
“I never have been a man of my word.” Vox smirked. “After all Glou found that out the hard way.”
“You son of a…” Ariel looked pissed and stepped forward but stopped when Seraphina pointed an arrow at her.
“Perhaps we can negotiate.” Vox grinned.
“Forget it.” Albel snapped.
“I'm surprised you still haven't killed me Albel. You keep threatening and you have the perfect opportunity so why wait?” Vox eyed him. Albel sheathed his sword.
“Death is too good for you.” Albel commented. Ariel cocked her head to the side and stared at her son for a moment. “Killing you would be pointless.”
“Interesting remark.” Vox glared slightly. “You have become weak.”
“No. I'm not weak. You're the one who is weak. I will get my revenge.” Albel stared at him. “And I will make sure you live to see it all.”
“You have changed. I didn't think it was possible.” Vox sneered.
“I want you to leave.” Albel said calmly. “Before I get angry.” Seraphina looked at Vox with wide eyes. Vox stared at Albel and in turn Albel stared back.
“Perhaps we should settle this later.” Vox said calmly. “Come Seraphina.”
“But what about Fittir?” Seraphina looked at him.
“I will deal with Nighthawk. Its time we left.” Vox turned his horse and rode past Albel.
“This is nuts.” Seraphina turned her horse and rode after him. Albel and Ariel stared after them.
“Are you nuts? You let that warmonger go.” Cliff ran up to Albel.
“And what is your excuse for not listening to my orders Fittir!” Albel snapped. “I gave you a direct order to go get Fayt and you deliberately ignored it.”
“No I didn't” Cliff smiled. “I told Maria, Mirage, Nel, and Roger to go on ahead of us. I told them we would catch up.”
“What.” Albel looked confused.
“Albel. I came here to get everyone so we could help Fayt. Besides I didn't want to leave you behind so I stayed so you wouldn't have to be.” Cliff smiled.
“You idiot now we both are stuck here. I told you to leave me behind.” Albel crossed his arms and looked away.
“I know you did. But friends don't leave each other behind. And were not stuck here. We still have the ship me and Mirage came here in.” Cliff pointed out.
“Yes but didn't the Vendeen capture that ship?” Elvy raised a brow as she walked up with Valkin.
“Yes but there's four of us that can take the ship back.” Cliff winked.
“It doesn't matter someone needs to be here to stop Vox from taking over everything.” Albel glared at him.
“Leave that to me.” Ariel said calmly. Albel, Cliff, Elvy, and Valkin looked over at her. “My people can easily protect Airyglyph. Besides Glou would want me to help.”
“Who is she? She's cute.” Cliff asked. Albel smacked him on the back of the head. “Ow.”
“That's my mother fool.” Albel glared.
“What! That's you mom? She doesn't look a day older than you.” Cliff looked at her wide-eyed.
“Shut up!” Albel snapped.
“He's right. I think your making that up.” Elvy said calmly.
“I didn't ask for your opinion wench.” Albel snapped at her.
“Well too bad I gave it to you skirt boy.” Elvy glared.
“Here we go again.” Valkin sighed.
“Don't make me hurt you.” Albel sneered.
“Like you could. I would have you on your ass quicker then you can say help.” Elvy put her hand on her hip.
“I dare you to try it.” Albel took a step forward.
“You just remember I'm smaller and faster than you. Which means I have the advantage.” Elvy smirked. Ariel suddenly burst into laughter.
“What are you laughing about?” Albel said almost flustered.
“You both remind me of myself and Glou when we were your age.” Ariel giggled.
“What!” Both Elvy and Albel said at the same time.
“There is no way in hell I am attracted to that skinny jack ass!” Elvy turned and walked back towards the castle.
“And what is that supposed to mean?” Albel snapped.
“I believe I said that a time or too.” Ariel smiled.
“Mom.” Albel eyed her.
“Sorry. But anyway… If you need to go save this friend of yours you should go. I'll protect the castle while you are gone.” Ariel said calmly.
“Now all we need is a plan to get the ship back.” Cliff said calmly.
“This is going to be a long night.” Albel sighed and walked back into the castle.
End Chapter Thirteen
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