Star Wars - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Escape ❯ Chapter 1

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Chapter One

After that, Leia had to get away. From her father. From the palace. From the only place, she had ever known.

Her father was the most powerful man in the galaxy. Everyone, young and old, knew the name, Emperor Darth Vader. Most knew his daughter's name, too. Imperial Princess Leia Amidala Vader. Most feared both names. Of course, the emperor could kill you at any time. But why people feared her name, Leia did not understand. Out of the two, Leia was less fearful. She was only fourteen. What could she do? Leia hadn't understood why her father's name was feared. Until then, at least. That was why Leia had to run away.

At exactly midnight, Leia got up from her bed and grabbed her backpack full of supplies. She ran over to her window. There was a TIE fighter waiting for her. Leia grinned. As quietly as she could, Leia unlocked her window. It opened. Leia waited for a window of the fighter to be opened before climbing inside.

As promised, her two best friends were inside. Marck Hems was a doctor-in-training. He had his medical kit in hand. His wife, Karibee was a piolet. Even though she was young, Leia knew she was the best piolet in the galaxy. She was in the front, gun in hand. After closing the window, Karibee gave her gun to Marck. Karibee put her hands on the wheel. She started flying away. Leia took a seat and put her seat belt on.

"Thanks for helping me out with this, guys," said Leia.

Karibee groaned. "Do you have to say that a million times, Leia? Just shut up and let Marck do his magic."

"Are you sure you want to do this, Leia? You know you don't have to," Marck warned.

Leia nodded. "I don't want him to ever find me. Ever."

Marck took a deep breath. He took out a flaming device. Leia held out her finger. She held her breath as Marck lighted the flamer. Slowly, he brought it to her fingers.

It burned as it should. A hot pain trickled through her. Leia didn't want her friends to see she was crying, but she couldn't help it. Marck looked up at one point, seeing her tears.

"Do you want me to stop?" he wondered.

"Keep going," Leia answered.

In a few minutes, Marck had burned off all her fingerprints. Next, he moved to her face. He turned off the fire and released a knife from the flamer. Leia turned her face up. She closed her eyes. Marck cut her face in three different places. Leia winced at the pain. She wished it could be over. But Leia couldn't go back. How could she even face her father again? He placed large ban-aids over the wounds. They would scare, once they healed, so no one could recognize her face. Marck was done in almost no time at all.

"I'm so sorry, Leia," whispered Marck.

"Thank you, Marck," Leia said, louder.

"Oh, no," Karibee muttered, looking at the rearview mirror, "We've got trouble."

"What?" Leia was already starting to panic.

"Daddy found out you're gone," Karibee answered, "I can see Tatooine. We'll crash there."

Marck was busy putting his supplies away but stopped when he heard the word crash. "Um, Karibee, id you say, crash?"

"Yup. We won't actually crash. Just, you know, trick them into thinking that," explained Karibee.

"Just don't kill us, Karibee."

"Challenge accepted, doc."

There was a loud popping sound. Leia screamed as she jerked to the side. Everything did. Karibee looked out the window and cursed.

"What's wrong?" Leia asked, fear filling her eyes.

"They shot our fighter! The wing broke. We've got to get out of here. I think that we are close enough to Tatooine that we'll make it," Karibee told them. Then she said underneath her breath, "D*mn piolet. If Vader knew that we have the princess on board…"

The ship fell faster to the ground. Leia could barely breathe. The ship was shaking like flowers in the wind. Leia's ears started to pop. She wanted to throw up.

"Can we use the parachutes?" Marck yelled over the noise.

"I don't think so! We're too far down! Hang on!" his wife shouted back. "I-I love you, Marck!"

"I love you, Kari."

The ship hit the ground. Pain burned in Leia's right arm. She gasped. Leia knew there was no time to lose. The plane would explode soon. Leia sprinted away from the ship. She called out to Karibee and Marck.

Karibee came dragging Marck's limp body from the plane.

"Run, kid! The ship's gonna explode!" Karibee ordered.

Adrenaline rushed through Leia's blood. She raced away from the scene. Karibee followed her.

Once they were about 500 feet away from the plane, they stopped. Karibee set her husband down. Now that they were safe, Leia's arm started to hurt. A lot. The left over pain from her face and hands didn't help her at all. She ignored the pain. Marck was in a worse condition. His left leg was definitely broken, his head was pouring blood, and his eyes told Leia he was in deep pain. Worse than her.

"Leia," Marck chocked out, "Your arm… It's broken, isn't it?"

"I'll be fine," Leia assured him.

"If Vader ever finds out…"

"He won't, Marck."

Leia? Leia? Where are you, Leia? Why did you run away? Leia? Leia! LEIA!

Leia ignored the voice. She blocked her father from her head. He sounded worried and hurt. Maybe a bit angry.

"Karibee, I love you," Marck told his wife.

"You're so wonderful you made me forget my reply to 'I love you,'" Karibee said, taking a hold of his hand.

Whenever Marck told her he loved her, that was how Karibee responded.

Marck let out a small groan. "Karibee, please, protect her."

And he was gone. Dead. However, you said it.

They spent hours crying over his body. The savior. The man who had once saved Leia's life. He was the only man Karibee had ever loved. But he was dead.

Marck was buried at one o'clock the next day. The two girls stood at his sad grave as the suns came down.

Leia was wondering what would they do now?

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