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Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of 4Kids, Bardel, Chaotic USA and Man of Action. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Chaotic or Ben 10 Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.

Chaotic Omnitrixes
Chapter One

Tom Majors was a black haired young teen hanging out with his friends again. Hanging out in another dimension connected with a card battle game and yet another dimension. He and his friends Kaz, Peyton and Sarah were exploring a region of the Overworld which they hadn't been before. Looking for objects to scan for a special code which could be use in the game of Chaotic, in the real world as well as online and in the world of the same name. It was as they explored, they came across the change in the wooded area they were in.

Kaz was looking at the bent over trees and damaged wood to come to a conclusion, "Looks like there was a battle here or at least some damage. Not likely anything left at the battle site, but maybe we can scan the winner if we're careful. We better hurry if we want to catch up."

Kaz started to run ahead, but slow enough to keep an eye where he was stepping. Tom looked at his other friend, noticing the Peyton had already moved to keep up with Kaz. Sarah just shrugged and said, "I guess it's up to us to keep those two out of trouble. And if we get some scans out of it too, that wouldn't be a waste now, would it?"

Soon Tom and his female friend was following the two other boys to the centre of the environmental damage, to find no creatures nearby the centre of the destruction. Instead there was a crater like what would happen if a metorite had crashed into the Earth. Tom was getting to the edge as he asked, "Sarah, do you know anything about the outer space in Perim? Do you think this could be a metor... or even a spaceship of some kind? Could there be other worlds then Perim in here?"

"I don't know Tom, but..." as she tried to finish her thought, Sarah came to rest with their other male friends at the edge of the crater. In it was four silver-blue metal sphere with black scorched marks on them. This caused Sarah to continue, "...But you alien theory is starting to look better and better."

"So what do you think guys? Do you think we can scan these things? We could be the first Chaotic players with 'alien' gear. They wouldn't expect it when we pulls these... whatever... on them." said Peyton as he headed to one of the orbs.

"Looks like there's one for each of us, we might as well try them out to see if they can be scanned. What's the worse that can happen?" asked Kaz as the redhead headed to another orb.

"Wait up! " said Tom, as he decided to give it a try as he took the third orb. Sarah took position around the fourth orb as she pulled out her scanner, a rectanglar PDA looking device with what looked like a camera on the back. Tom, Kaz and Peyton had already pulled out their scanners and started the scanning process. As the devices began to gather the code of the orbs, the orbs reacted quicker then the teens could move.

Pods burst open as watch like objects burst out of them at the scanners, all the while sparking green electricity. The watches seemed to merge with the scanners and change colours to match the scanner's colours. Blue for Tom, red for Kaz, yellow for Peyton and brown for Sarah. Once the scanners were absorbed, they were retransformed into a watch like device before these watches locked on to each one of the teen's wrists. Instantly the young people started to tug and pull at the objects, trying to get them off.

"Okay, I didn't expect that and I'm use to expecting the unexpected. So anyone have any ideas what to do now?" asked Peyton as he looked his brown watch. It seemed like a mix of their scanners and the previous watch It had the directional pad of the scanners with the central button in the middle on the left side. On the right side was a button with two smaller button above and below it.

"Okay, let's see... Eeny Meany Miney Moe... I choose this one!" said Peyton as he hit the right centre button, which caused the watch face to rise and an image of a monster to appear. Everyone had their eyes on him as me moved the face around and saw the monsters change. The first ten he couldn't recoginze, but the ones after that were easier to identify. They were the Chaotic creatures he had scanned.

"Okay, this is new. Holographic display, plus more creatures. I should scope out the new ones. So what next, press it in for a bigger display?" he asked both himself and others as he stopped on a new creature. He then slammed the face down back into position.

Peyton's boy warped and shifted, much less then the digital transformation of becoming a Chaotic creature in the battledrome. Instead it was more like the transformation of a werewolf in a movie, then the normal beaming effect. His skin had turned into a lighter brown with yellow underbelly, with a form resembling a combination of a great ape version of a dinosaur. A lizard like head was replacing the human's normal face, with hands ending in human like digits made supersized. It had a short tail and feet looking like a cross between a saurapod and a therapod, with great muscles all over it's body but especially on it's arms. A deep voice from the creature called out, "Humungosaur!"

Two boys and a single girl were staring at the newly changed, former human being. Shock washing over them like waves against a sandcastle, bring everything down into a muddy mess. They didn't know how to react to this bit of news when the dinosaur creatured called out, "Cool, man. I've become some kind of creature, I guess called Humungosaur or something? You know what I can really go for, chilli cheese fries... a whole lot of them. I'm a growing boy! "

"Now no one can make that bad a joke, other then Peyton. So does anyone have a clue why Peyton turned into a better looking mini Godzilla? Given the fact it seems to have been performed by the watch scanner, who's face is now on his chest, does this mean the same thing could happen to us?" asked Kaz as he turned to looked at his red watch and raised an eyebrow in questioning. Everyone turned to look at Kaz and then Tom and Sarah looked at their watches.

"I don't know, it does seem likely given their similarity. It does bring up the question about what will happen when we return to Chaotic. Would Peyton return into a human form or would he still be like this? Can he turn back at will, after a few minutes or can he turn back? What happens if 'Humongosaur' tries to go back to Earth?" Tom reasoned out with all of the possible aspects of the situation the were in.

"This could be serious since he might not be able to transform into a human again. We have better figure out what is going on before we figure out what's next." answered Sarah as they tried to figure out further actions. This was stopped by the noise of twigs snapping in the shatter woods, as a minotaur figure emerged from the broken treeline. His head was like a bull and had the hooves of one too, but his armour clad torso was that of a man. His arms and hands held great metal gauntlets and he wore green shorts. Armour of black was clear against his red skin, white horns and blue-black hair.

"Looks like you Chaotic players have the source of all of this damage, this new Mipedian. I bet that Chaor's creature makers can build something useful out of that hide. So you human stand out of the way, and I 'might' not hurt you... too much!" spoke Rothar, the Underworlder warrior.

"Mipedian, we didn't see any Mipedian and I would know. They only ones around here is us... Oh! , " said the giant lizard as he made the understanding which one of them looked like the race of lizard-like creatures. It laughed nerviously as it said, "Maybe we can just talk this..."

Rothar reacted by recklessly charging and making a swing with his axe. Humongosaur proved that even a large creature could be fast as it dodged out of the way. The lizardman growled, "Now you're making me mad, dude! "

Peyton began to fight back, like this was a drome match, slamming the earth with enough force to cause a localized tremor. The shockwave caused Rothar to fall over. It was looking like Peyton in his new form was gaining the advantage in the battle when a new series of noise fell into the clearing. It was a bug like figure with a black, blue-grey and red exoskeleton . He had four legs and two arms, red beadlike structure and hair. He was leading a band of identical looking bug warriors into battle.

"Great! Ekuud's here now. I'm not sure that Peyton can take on so many warriors, so I'm going to help him out." said Sarah as she tried to duplicate Peyton's action with the watch scanners.