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Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of DC Comics, Time Warner and Man of Action. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Smallville or Ben 10 Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.

Smallville 10

'Okay Chloe, what the heck did you get into? You were following a shooting star in Smallville, weirdness centre of the universe, and found some kind of alien sphere. A sphere which hatched and opened up to show off some kind of watch. You just went forward to check it out and the thing jumped at me and stuck itself upon my wrist.' thought the blond Chloe Sullivan, a girl who had grown up in Smallville and it's recent explosion of superhuman meteor freaks.

'Okay, I'm dealing with something which is alien. Which means that an alien might know what is going on with it. So before I go messing around with something I know nothing about, I might as well start by asking clark if he knows anything about this device. It's not like he's too far away, just over at the Kent Farm. Unless he super-speeded some where else... then I'm going to have to wait for him.' She put the whole thing out of her mind as she moved back to her car and drove out of the crash site, the night air seeming more crisp in her nerviousness of an alien device which wouldn't come off.

It was not too long before she managed to get to the Kent farm and began to look for a hint of Clark being home. The light was on in the barn which Clark used as a sanctuary and a place to look at the stars, so this was the place that the young female blond headed into the building. She moved quietly as not to distrub anyone if Clark had company over with the thought, 'The less people who know about this thing on my wrist the better.'

She was in luck as she discovered Clark doing a little bit of stargazing with his telescope, before the young alien turned to look at his friend and secret keeper. He asked her, "Chloe, what are you doing out this late? "

"I was chasing after a shooting star when I discovered this..." she told him as she revealed the watch. She then continued, "It came out of some kind of artifical orb of metal and jumped out at me before bonding to my wrist. I figured it wasn't of this world, so I thought to step in and ask you if you might know something about it?"

Clark took her hand which cause some of the hidden feelings of attraction to bubble up in her, but she knew he was looking at the device with his more developed senses. X-ray vision and heightened hearing did allow one to better look at things then a human can. An intense stare crossed the black haired man as he looked at the device, befire being replaced by one of confusion.

"I can see something with my X-ray vision, but I'm not sure how to explain it. No luck with the hearing as well. This thing does seem to be like the crystals used in Krytonian technology, but different at the same time. It is more advance then Earth technology. How you tried anything with it yet?" asked Clark as he looked at his best friend with a reassuring smile, likely hiding his fears to make her feel better.

"Not yet, I was thinking of asking you first. Since you're here, it might be a good idea to test this thing out here. With you keeping an eye on what is happening, I might be able to figure out what is going on. So are you ready to make sure nothing bad happens? " asked Chloe as she moved her arm so the watch was in front of her.

"I'll be here to catch you if you need it. So when ever you are ready, let's test this out." said Clark as he got ready for anything.

Chloe began to manipulate the watch, before long the watch face rose and a holographic image of some kind of creature or... alien appeared above the watch face. She twisted the raised face, and the image changed into another alien life form. She cycled through the forms before she discovered the limit of ten creatures, which were either the limit or the current limit of a much larger collection of beings.

She began to slip between the different creatures till she saw one which she liked best. Then she made the choice of pushing the face back into position, hoping to see what would happen.

There was a brilliant flash of green as the device seemed to activate, but once the glow was gone all that was left was the same Chloe Sullivan. Or this is what it appeared to her and Clark, which caused her to speak out, "All of this flash for nothing? You think something like this is going to do something... big. Not a wimpering flash bang."

"Something had to have happened, you don't feel anything different?" asked Clark as he tried to take a closer look at his friend.

"I don't know. Maybe I need to think this through. I could use a good glass of Ma Kent's homemade lemonade." with this the blond woman suddenly disappeared from the barn with a slight zooming noise. Less then a second later she returned to a different spot as she looked at Clark, both reflecting confused stares.

"You don't think?" asked Chloe as she took note of everything around her. Picking up a metal crowbar mainly used to do repairs for the farm, she began to bend it into a bowtie. Once she finished this her eyes glowed as beams of heat warmed the black iron to bright red. Her eyes turned to her dark haired male friend and a smirk came across her face.

"I have super speed, super strength, heat vision and definately X-ray vision. I haven't tested out invulnerability and superhearing, but I am getting a feeling I should have those as well. I think this watch turned me into a Kryptonian. The only other test I can think to confirm this is to see if I get weak in the knees near Kryptonite." said the blond as she got a million watt grin.

"Trust me, you do not want to be anywhere near the green stuff if you are one of us. Chloe, there were more then one being on the watch right. What if they are other aliens? If the watch can turn you into a person like me, it could turn you into something else. There's also the question of if this thing could change you back. We have to figure out how this thing works?"

So the two of them attempted to manipulate the watch face, but it didn't move or change. It was like it was made of steel. Not even alien super strength could move the object, which was more sturdy then it looked. Clark was looking at the problem with great interest before giving his imput, "I think we might have to go to the Fortress and see if it can..."

The male alien stopped as the watch started to bleep and flash red. After a fe chirps and flashing like a police light, there was a huge green flash again. Chloe... had not changed a bit. Chloe reading Clark's mind, picked up an new metal nail and tried to bend it. Nothing happened as it remained straight as an arrow. She shrugged her shoulders and answered, "I guess this thing has a time limit to it. I saw ten aliens when I used it before, do you think it's limited to those ten or does it have more in it? It's luck one of them was a Kryptonian, you can teach me to all about being one. This is amazing. Super even."

"It would be nice to have another Kryptonian around, I'm still not sure about it until I get all of the information about it. I still would like to check out the Fortress to see if it's in any of the records. I want you to avoid using it too much, until we know it's safe or you've trained to use it better. I hate to see you turn into a Kryptonian and hit the green Kryptonite, even red Kryptonite might do something scary to use while in that state. It's a good thing it come with a timer, about ten minutes and you're human and immune to the rocks." continued the Kent boy as he tried to warn his friend.

"Clark, do you really believe I would abuse this? Wait, don't answer that and don't give me the look." answered Ms. Sullivan as she saw the look appear on the young man. The same looked she saw when Clark was going to tell her she was about to do something stupid or dangerous. A look which was an alert to her that her best friend was going to be annoyed if she was going to continue with this path.

"I'll head up north and you stay here, and please don't touch it. We don't need more trouble to follow us, I have enough following me for the both of us. Unless a super powered killer, unstoppable murder bot or alien assassin shows up on this farm, please don't touch it." said the man as he grabbed a flannel shirt to cover his blue t-shirt and vanished in a flash.

Chloe waited a full twenty minutes before the spectre of curiousity descended down one her, causing her to activate the watch again. A number of aliens appeared, some looking human like the Kryptonian. Selecting a new alien she had never seen before, she pressed down on the cap of the watch.