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Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Sci-fi and Man of Action. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Stargate or Ben 10 Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.

Atlantis 10

Rodney McKay was looking at a collection of scientific artifacts from one of the store houses of the Ancients, the people who had build Atlantis. He was entering all of the pieces into a database for future research, when he picked up a metallic sphere of many curved panels. One his hand made contact with the sphere and he lifted it up, the ball opened up with a quick action. Revealed within the sphere was some kind of watch or wristband of some kind which proceed to jump at Rodney.

"What the hell?" shouted Rodney as he placed his arms over his face to shield him from the jumping object. He had his eyes closed for a moment before he dared to take a look at everything. He noticed the ball on the ground and the watch missing. Beginning to search for the object which attacked him he noticed something on his right wrist, the same something which had jumped at him.

'Okay Rodney, some alien object just jumped at you and attacked to your wrist. Now it is stuck on your wrist, so what do you do? I'll just try to take it off.' The scientist thought to himself as he began to pull and tug at the watch. Only to find that it was more solidly attached to his skin then he thought. He tugged and tugged at the thing, only to feel himself pulling at his skin.

As he tugged at the object, he looked at it closer and noticed a few things like a face with some kind of hourglass design and a button off to the side. He began to think, 'Okay, pulling this thing off is a no go. What if I tried something else, like this button.'

He pushed the button and the watch face popped up and changed, so instead of hourglass design there was a diamond design. From the diamond popped up a holographic image of what looked to be some kind of creature. It was something that looked like it came out of a cartoon or a science fiction movie.

'That didn't seem to be the right button, but what the hell did I do now? I have some kind of creature floating above it. Let's see, if I turn the watch face... okay, this seems to change the creature to another creature. I can turn it back to get the previous one. Let's see how many of them there are. Two, four, six, eight, ten. Seems that ten is the limit of the monsters on this thing. Is it some kind of Ancient creature encyclopedia? The face pops up to show you the alien species, so what happens when you push the face down?' thought Dr. McKay as he made the move to push the face back into position.

There was a brilliant flash of green light as Rodney could feel himself changing, could feel himself remaining the same and yet becoming different at the same time. All of this was happening within the few seconds of the green light's burst. Once it was finished, the doctor of sciences could feel something was completely different then his normal self. He took a look at himself in a nearby reflective surface, and screamed in a way similar to a girl. He had become a creature which looked like a scale model of an Asgard at first look.

He looked at the walls which had seemed to grown while he realized he had shrunk. He began to think out loud, "This device seems to have altered my DNA structure into another life form, what ever this lifeform is. It would require more power and energy then it would appear to have, possible something as strong or stronger then a ZPM. Could be useful if I get the right components, I might be able to reconstruct something like it. It would require some crystals for energy focus and..."

Rodney stopped for a moment as he realized what it was he said. It made him realize what this alien was doing, "It seems this alien life form is hold a skilled intellect, which when added to my own would make for a powerful combination. I might be able to get more of the ancient's technology up and running, or at least write down my discoveries for use when I return to human form. If I return to human form."

As he was wonder what it was he was going to do for a few minutes, his colleague Radek Zelenka walked into the room which he had been using for the research of the materials. He looked around for Rodney before turning his eyes downwards and seeing the tiny form of Rodney. Rodeny just replied, "Hello, Zelenka. It's me, Rodney. I think I can explain this, I just might not understand it later. I seem to have come into contact with genetic transformation device which has bonded with my own DNA. I am just trying to figure out if there is a way to reverse the process when you came in. Could you do me a favour and pick me up gentely. I need to get closer to a computer to run some tests."

The Czech scientist began to speak rapidly in his own language as he moved to look at the alien before him. He was about to do something when the device on the alien's back began to flash and beep red, causing the human to jump back to a safe distants. It was a few seconds before a green hue flash occured. Standing where the alien had been was the human body of Rodney McKay.

This was followed by more of the Czech language spokening is shocked tones. Rodney didn't know what was being said, but was getting the idea it wouldn't be good. The Canadian said, "I think I better bring it up with Weir and the rest of them as soon as possible. Keep on recording all of the stuff here, just make sure it doesn't jump on you."

Later in the meeting room...

Dr. Weir, leader of the Atlantis expedition was sitting with the attendance of her primary exploration team. The one who had gather them was Dr. Rodney McKay, who was sporting a new watch on his wrist, one no one had seen before. He just started to explain what had happened to him when researching the stuff in storage. It was quite the story, and seemed to unreal to be true.

"So to put into basic terms, an inanimate objects jumped you and bonded to your DNA. You then activated it turning into some kind of alien mini-me version of an Asgard. Ten minutes later, you turn back into you." said Sheppard as he tried to get the basics of the story out in the open.

"About ten minutes, give or take. Not sure the reason, could be so that the alien couldn't take over your personality. When I turned into him, it was like I was me and not me at the same time. I'm guessing the not me aspect of it was the alien's original mind, some how recorded in the watch. I seemed to have knowledge of... the few things beyond me. I think this alien life form could be helpful with bring the Ancient's tech online as well as building new technologies like more effective ZPMs. The watch itself seems to hint at a more powerful, stable energy source." answered Rodney as he continued with his report on what he had experienced.

"I'm not sure I want an alien lifeform handling anything which could be dangerous. At least until we have more information here. You said there were ten of these aliens, with the little one included. Have you attempted any other transformations from the device?" asked Weir keeping an eye on the device in question.

"Not yet, but I could give an example now by pulling up a different alien from the watch. I just have to push this button to bring up the face and the holographic display. And here are the ten aliens I seem to be able to transform into. Most seem to have aspects of the humaniod form, with some major differences from regular humans." continued Dr. McKay as he showed off the green holograms.

"Okay, there are some freaky guys on that thing. At least one of them looks like it's made out of some kind of rock, so I am guessing silicon life form instead of traditional carbon. That other one looks like it's head is on fire or fire shaped. Is that Frankenstein I see, how the heck is Frankenstein an alien? What's next space werewolves, cosmic Dracula?" continued Sheppard as he looked at the creatures going through the cycling system.

"How the heck do I know? I found this with all of the ancient's stuff, for all I can know these are genetic experiments they did on their lunch break. They just seem more like aliens then anything else. These are just the ones I can pull up. It's possible there are more of these beings in this thing. Or these could be it, I'm not sure. So do you want a demonstration or not? I just wanted you guys to see what it was and maybe suggestion who I should become next?" Rodney is becoming more and more annoyed with the comments of the military man.

"I think it might be best to begin the experiment before anything interrupts us. Continue Rodney." Weir took command as Rodney selected an alien and slammed it down.