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Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of J.K. Rowling and Man of Action. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Harry Potter or Ben 10 Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.

Harry Potter and the Omnitrix

Part One

The meteor fell from the sky and landed near the village of Hogsmeade, yet it was not an ordinary meteor. Which made sense as Hogsmeade was not an ordinary village, as it was an all wizard town near the famous school of wizardry known as Hogwarts. It was allowed for students of three years and up to enter the town during weekends, and this Saturday many of those students were in and around the town.

Which included a trio of students known as Ron Weasely, Hermione Granger and a lad by the name of Harry Potter. They just happened to be the trio which were closest to the impact site of the meteor, which turned out not to be a natural one but one made of metal by some sentient lifeform. Segmented like an armordillo, it was a perfect sphere and not something one would see often in nature.

As the trio approached the weird little sphere, the object began to open to reveal the contains within the sphere... or at least one of them. It looked like some kind of fancy watch, with a huge watch face without any sort of clock face or digital read out. As they moved even closer, something happened as the watch leapt from the orb to hit Harry himself. The material which seemed to be a living composite of metal and plastic seemed to lock on to his arm tightly. There was not a single airspace beween the watch and the young Mr. Potter's flesh.

"What in the world is that thing? Can't you get it off, Harry?" asked Ron as he tried to figure out what in the hell was happening to his best friend and how it would effect their lives. Harry already had You-know-who after him which made Hermione and Ron into the dark wizard's crosshairs, then there was this little new dimension to the whole mess.

"No, I can. Every time I try to pull it off, I just end up pulling my skin. It's stuck on there good and hard. Maybe there's a button or something which gets this thing off." said Harry as he fiddle with the watch device as he hit something which changed things. The watch face rose and there was an image which appeared above it. A image of light made up of green, black and white. The same colours as the face of the watch. The creature who's image was shown was something which was not human in any degree.

"Okay, this is not what I expected. Anyone have any idea what this means?" asked the boy in glasses as he played with his new bonded watch. He managed to change the creature above the watch face by turning the watch face to one side or the other. Going over each of the creatures which ended up numbering ten, not many of them looked human even with a humanoid shapes common to them.

"I don't recognize them from 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' or the 'Monster Book of Monsters'. It could mean they are unknown creatures... or it could be they are something else completely." said Hermione as she seemed to be thinking outloud about the creatures.

"What do you mean, Hermione? Wait a minute, you don't think it's...." asked Harry as he seemed to become more sceptical at the idea his female friend hinted at just now.

"Well, it did fall from the sky. So it means that it did come from out there, so it is very likely the beings on the watch could be..." continued the single female member of the trio.

"If one of you don't explain what it is you're talking about, I'm leaving for school this moment." said Ron, as his face reddened with angry.

"Aliens, Ron, the watch could deal with something involving aliens. Now I doubt the wizarding world has had much imagination about beings or creatures from another planet, but those of us who have lived in the muggle world can't escape exposure to them. The simple fact we have no knowledge of these creatures and the fact the item from from space at one point, would hint at the possibility of this line of thought. The question is if it has to deal with aliens, what was it made for?" continued the brown haired girl as she started to get cross at the red haired boy.

Harry knew if he didn't act fast,he would have to deal with the world famous Hermione/Ron arguements. So he acted on instinct and slammd down on the watch face with a selected alien. There was a flash of green light which caught everyone's attention as Harry could feel his body changing as this occured. It was like Transfiguration, but it was slightly different at the same time. Soon his body stablized as he looked at the look of lightning strike shock on his two best friends.

"Harry? Is that you? Bloody hell, what happened to you? " asked Ron as he moved back a bit, while their female friend moved closer to get a better look.

"It's me and it's not me at the same time. I feel like someone completely different, but my mind seems to be my own. Why? What do I look like? My voice seems to be different too." asked Harry as he turned down to his hands and torso, to notice a green like plant body which would not look out of place in their Herbology classes. He remembered the being he had selected had been one which looked like a plant with a flame like flower for a head. He began to think about what it was this being was like.

"Seems the device was made to allow one to be transfigured into a new form, which either means magic or some kind of advance technology. Both possible with alien lifeforms and outer space. Although you could have chosen an alien who smelled better." answered the young woman as she analyzed the situation.

"Yeah, smells like one of the twin's little jokes. Like one of their magical farting cushions, those things can really stink if you let them ferment over time." said Ron as he made the connection to his prankster twin brothers, but his words seemed to light up Hermione's eyes.

"Methane, the smell of chemical breakdown. Like human digestion or the rotting of plant matter in a fen. For some reason, this new form of Harry seems to be making a lot of methane. The flowers on it's head does look flame like and the gas he is making is flammable, I wonder if it has some connection to fire? Like certain pine cones which needs a forest fire to release it's seeds?" even as a witch, Hermione's bright mind was making some scientific conclusions.

"Not sure, " said Harry as he lifted one of his plant hands and began to focus hard on them. Something seemed to trigger in the back of his mind as he focused and he began to let it guide him. The natural knowledge of this form he was getting allowed him to summon a small ball of fire above his hand, floating in the sky above his vine like palms.

"It can also make fire too. That might come in handy for any kind of fight you find yourself in. Is it this guy's only skill, or can he do something else?" asked Ron as he tried to wrap his mind around the facts as they were being revealed. He had managed to step back closer to this new Harry, yet still seemed skitish with the blunt truth before them.

"I wonder if this creature's form would effect the spells used by Harry in that form? The creature is one of fire and plant, so would it effect spells focusing on those areas, perhaps? Anyway Harry, how are you going to turn back? There must be a way to reverse the transfiguration from your new form back to your human form." said the brunette as they tried to figure out the in and outs of the watch.

"Not sure, " said Harry as he looked down at the watch face, which was now on his chest. He began to try to manipulate the face, with no results at turning him back human. Time went one and there was not results from the watch face, however after many minutes there was something happening. Harry had stopped trying to use the watch face to turn back, when watch face started to beep and glow red. The beeping kept repeating with a repeated pattern, and flashing the red colour when it all stopped with another green flash.

Harry could feel the transfiguration again and he could feel himself becoming human once again. It ended with himself in human form and the watch face having turned a shade of crimson. He looked at it and piece together a line of thinking.

"It must have a time limit, about ten minutes or so before you return to human form. After that, I'm guessing it has to recharge from the red colour it is now. When it's done, I'm guessing it will change colour from red to green again. Once this happens it will be able to be used again and you can transfigure yourself into an alien form." said black haired boy in glasses as he looked at the device on his arm.

"So what do we do now? Nothing we can do can get the watch off of your arm, which means we might need a more powerful wizard or witch to get it off. If they can do this if it is some kind of alien muggle device. Who know what kind of magic would be required to get it to leave your arm, or if it would just leap onto someone else's arm instead. It could need a living host or something, which is why it went for you Harry when the pod open." Ron's mind was moving quickly with the possibility of removing the device if they could.