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Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Ms. Takahashi and Man of Action. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Ranma 1/2 or Ben 10 Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.

Ranma One-Tenth

Ranma looked at what he had become and wondered what kind of chaos his life had turned into, as now he was some kind of stinky plant which seemed to be able to cause fires. This was obvious from the fireball which he had created after firing a blast of flame from his hands. So now he was wondering how he would be transforming back into his human form. It had been almost ten minutes since he had slammed down the face of the watch, which had caused the transformation into what he had become. Whatever it was he had become.

The the watch like item which had been green and shifted from his wrist to his chest, was flashing red and bleeting or beeping. Ranma was not sure which of the sounds would best explain the tone which was beeing emitted by the former watch. He was then bathed in a green flash which signaled a transformation into the creature, before looking down at himself and noticing human flesh and clothing.

'Okay, some kind of flying saucer pod crashes into the park where I am practicing. Pod opens and watch 'jumps' at me, shocking me enough not to dodge it like I could have done. I start poking it around with it, the face raises and an image of a monster appears. One of ten monsters, which I stop on the one with the plant body before pressing down the face... which changed me into the monster shown.

So I now have a stupid water triggered girl curse, a few insane arranged marriages thanks to my father, an amazon after me to be her husband due to out of date rules, and half a dozen rivals who are out for my blood most of the time. Now I have some kind of alien gizmo which turns me into monsters or aliens. What's next? Ghost? Werewolves? Frankenstein monsters after my blood?' thought Ranma as he tried to make sense of the problem which he had gotten himself into.

The first thing Ranma thought of was his martial arts, since this was the one subject which had been burnt into his mind with all of the unethical training Genma Saotome had provided his son. The obvious problem being, 'I'm going to have to get use to more then twenty different body types at most if my curse effects the form I take when using this alien... alien... alien whatever. I had to adjust to the change in size and reach of my female form, as well as changes in centre of gravity. It all effects the uses of any move which I can use, for any kind of martial arts I have learnt to expand my understanding of the Saotome school.

But now I have ten forms, which could include male and female versions of the same alien monster. Who knows how different the females might be from the males I saw on the watch... if it was males I saw on the watch. Okay, I am going to need to work on this. Just as long as I don't ask one of those questions, I should be safe. I don't want to tempt fate...'

With the single thought acting like some kind of trigger, a huge crash occured in a nearby section of the woods. Ranma groaned at the jinx he had placed on himself just by thinking about not jinxing himself. He repeated a mantra which had been told by him to his father, even if the old man never seemed to life up to it all of the time, "A martial artist duty is ta protect the weak from danger. Which includes what ever alien is after the thing on my wrist and is looking for me because of it. I'm just trying to figure out if I want them ta be friendly so they can take this off, or unfriendly so I can kick some of my anger off on it's ass."

Ranma ran off to the landing sight.

Meanwhile in the Nekohaten restaurant...

Shampoo was training, not in her martial arts but from her gifts from her mother's side of the family. Her mother had died less then a decade ago, saving life from a great evil. So Shampoo was more then willing to keep the memory of her mother alive by trying to perfect her powers. Which might explain why her hands were sparking with blue arcs of lightning as she tried to pull up the metal chui, her chinese melee hammers.

Energy radiated from the hands of the purple haired woman as she tried to raise the metal weapon with only her bloodline powers. As she electro-magnetically raised the metal item from the ground and into her hands, she smiled at the use of her alien powers from the maternal side of the amazon's family. As she held it, she charged the weapon using it's special conductivity so it was turned into a tazer like melee tool. One hit and her foe would get a nasty shock for their troubles.

'Too too bad the tournment for being champion does not allow any non-fighting powers, or I would have kicked my airen's butt. Then again, I would not have followed him or gotten married to him. Fate provides for too too good amazon girls.' thought Shampoo as she controlled the electrical fields around her, a gift from her maternal ancestors who evolved a form of biological electrical generation and control. Which included many developing the ability to use the electrical energy in a magnetic form like she had just done.

It was then a red flashing light and an alarm bell rung in the back of the shop. Shampoo knew what this alarm could mean, 'Something with Great-grandmother's alien detection gear is going off, which means someone is entering Earth's airspace without permission from Great-grandmother's friends. Wonder what this could mean?'

Cologne hopped to the back kitchen as she hit what looked like random spots in the food centre only to have it turned into some kind of science fiction situation room. A green tinted radar from beneath the sink showed two different red dots in the neighborhood of the Nerima district, as the elder was typing out on some kind of computer which had been hidden in the counter.

"Hmmm, seems to be some kind of attack droid has landed in our backyard. The question is what is it here for? There was a previous crash before this one landed, which means it could be looking at something which arrived with the former landing. In the end, it doesn't matter. An attack droid of that model can do grave destruction if not give a sentient protection protocol. We have to check it out and perhaps shut it down before any one notices the unusual machinery.

Shampoo, follow me. We're going to check out the trouble. It will give you a taste for diplomacy and might also give you a chance to test out your mother's gift in battle against a powerful foe. If you get into trouble, I will be able to help you out of any kind of danger. Still, battle training is always useful for a Joketsuzoku champion." said the elder as she pulled out some kind of metal bluish-grey suit.

"Hai, Great-grandmother! " was the purple haired woman's reply.

Meanwhile in orbit around the planet Earth...

A squid faced alien was floating in a chamber of fluid with his lower face covered by a kind of face mask. A closer look into the tube containing the alien was the fact it was missing an arm and both of it's legs. The tube stood in the middle of what looked like a control room or a bridge for a ship. Around him were what looked like robots who seemed a combination of humanoids and bugs. The alien spoke in a rasp as if it was having trouble catching it's breath.

"Has the droid discovered the location of the Omnitrix? What is taking so long? Why don't we have it now?" barked the beast in the tube as one of the robots moved to stand before him.

"We managed to distrub the pod navigation systems, but it had already targeted close to where it was going to land. We believe it was going to one of the Plumber agents in the area." said the droid as the being in the tube looked on.

"The Plumber would normally be no threat to me, but in this state I am weak against any of their attacks... for now. I need time to recover my strength before challenging them directly, but my droids and mercenaries would not likely draw attention to me unless they mention my name. Which they will not, if they know what's good for them.

Have the battle droid send out scout droids so it can cover more ground, cover as much of the area as they can. Hope for your sake the prize has not landed in the hands of a plumber, because you are replaceable. If it has landed into the hands of one of the backward aliens of this world... bring them back to me alive. I want to have the personal pleasure of watching the remove of the Omnitrix from their body, as painfully as possible, as slowly as possible." said the alien as it barked at the machines to move faster.