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Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Nintendo and Man of Action. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Pokemon or Ben 10 Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.


Chapter One

Ash had tracked the falling star he had seen at night, had followed it to the strange pod which had landed... only to get the strange pod to open up and reveal the object on his wrist. An object which was not coming off of his wrist no matter what it was that he did. He tried to shake it off, yank it off and even bite it off. None of that seemed to have been working with regard to the removal of the strange watch like device. Pikachu even tried to help him to get it off, but this only seemed to cause it's green face to turn yellow for a few minutes. Deciding to try and figure out if there was a latch or something, he began to poke at the buttons on it and at the watch face. It was surprising when the watch face popped up and some kind of holographic image in green appeared showing off some kind of strange pokemon.

He twisted the watch face and the image changed. He moved through all of them till the first image repeated, but the last image was that of a pikachu. Which made Ash asked himself, 'What is happening to me?"

Then two voices called out his name from where they had made camp, which had caused Ash to slip his hand on the watch. A slip which caused his hand to push the face of the watch down, which caused his world to flash in a brilliant emerald. Then his entire view of the world changed as he seemed to have shrunk down from where he had been standing before, which reminded him of the time a pokemon witch had changed him into pikachu. He looked over to his yellow electric buddy and was level with him so he was looking into the eye of the lightning rodent. He turned to the continuing voices which were calling out to him.

It was a girl in white sleeveless shirt as well as a black sleeveless vest which covered the shirt and the pink skirt underneath. Black socks with pink boots and a white cap over her blue hair. A dark pink scarf around her neck finished the look. With this girl was an older boy, a dark shirt with an orange collar and green shirt underneath it. Dark pants and shoes were also part of his look as he came to the spot where Ash and his pikachu were at.

"Well, here's Pikachu with another pikachu with some kind of object on it's belly. But where's Ash?" asked the girl who's name was Dawn, a beginner Pokemon Coordinator.

"What do you mean pikachu with a strange object..." started Ash as he looked down to see himself covered with yellow fur and his belly holding a version of the watch face. He blinked a few times and then said, "I'm a pikachu again? What did that watch do to me?"

The two humans looked shock at the talking pikachu before Brock asked, "Ash, is that you? What happened? Is Lilly nearby or is this some kind of side effect from her old spell?"

"Spell? What are you talking about? Why are you treating this pikachu like Ash?" asked Dawn who was getting confused.

"Lilly was a pokemon sorceress we met before when Ash and I were traveling with our friend Misty in Johto. She was trying to complete a spell which was suppose to allow one to be able understand pokemon, which Ash tried out when she finished with the potion. Only it caused him to transform into a talking pikachu for about a day. So it's not unexpected to think something like this could have happened again. My question is how has this happened?" asked the man who was known as Brock, a former gym leader and future pokemon breeder.

"It was some kind of watch from the meteor which turned out to be an alien pod. It had all of these were creatures I thought were pokemon, but must be aliens. Ten of them and then one of Pikachu, but I think that's because I used some kind of capture device or something to add him into the watch. I hit a button which caused the face to pop up which showed me all of the aliens, then you guys startled me and I pushed the face down and transformed. So do you think this is permant or does it have some kind of time limit like the pokemon magic spell?" asked Ash as he was getting use to the new body he was given. He was starting to get nervious as his red cheeks began to spark with electricity.

"Well, you seem to have electrical powers like a pikachu. I wonder if you could also do some pokemon attacks or have some of their abilities. As to the time limit, I'm not sure that we can do more then wait it out and try to figure out what this thing is." continued Brock as he prepared to see what would happen next. So they waited and while they waited, Ash tried to use some Pokemon attacks like Thunderbolt or Iron Tail on the nearby trees. It took about ten minutes before anything happened, but when it did it took the form of bleeping and the object on Ash's tummy turning red as it flashed. After a few minutes of this a green light flooded the area as they eyes took a second or two to adjust, when their sight returned Ash was standing in his human form.

"It seems to have a ten minute limit on the shape you turn into, then it automatically returns you to your original form. Still not to sure about what it is or what it is suppose to do... Ash you can take it off now." continued Brock as he wanted to know what he was dealing with from his tone of voice.

"That was what I was trying to do when the thing transformed me. No matter what it is that I try to do, they thing will not come off. When Pikachu tried to help, the thing turned yellow and flashed for a minute or so. I'm guessing it's a capture mode since the pikachu option was added to the watch." said Ash, as he pointed out his condition.

"Maybe we should also Nurse Joy or someone like that about this?" asked Dawn as she tried to help.

Meanwhile in the bushes...

Two humans in white uniforms and a cat-like pokemon were watching through binoculars at the scene with the young people, with shocked looks on their faces. The blue haired male was the first to speak, "Looks like the twerps have bitten off more then they can chew with that alien device. The problem is it makes them much more dangerous with if they had the power of the pokemon, I just happen to be allergic to danger. I'm also allergic to pain as well."

"But just imagine if we were able to gain the weird device for the boss. Imagine us bring this present to the boss and the Team Rocket research department, so they can reverse engineer the technology of the device. The boss can then make duplicates for all of his employees, giving them the power of pokemon... perhaps even rare pokemon which could be used to allow Team Rocket to take over the world. Of course as they people to give the boss such a powerful weapon and tool, we would be promoted to Elite Rocket status. Money, food and all of the perks we can dream of being given to us. The boss might even give us total control of a region like Sinnoh or Kanto. All we have to do is find a way to seperate the watch from the twerp." said the Meowth, a rare pokemon who could speak the human language.

"So the watch is our ticket to Easy Street. But how are you going to get the thing off of the hatted twerp's wrist? He keeps telling the others it's stuck on his wrist and won't come off no matter what he tries. Do you have any ideas of how to prize without damaging it for the boss?" asked the long, red haired female by the name of Jesse.

"It might not be easy, but we're Team Rocket. We have come up with so many devices and mecha for any kind of job, there must be something we can invent which would allow us to get what we want. Besides if we can't think of anything, we can also try to cut the arm off the kid. A little blood thirsty, but it just might work if we need to do it." continued the Pokemon as he looked on at the group before them.

"It's a challenge, but I think that we might be able to remove it without the need for bloodshed. We might want to seperate the little male twerp from the others when we try to take it off. We'll also need to improve our cash reserve if we're going to make anything advance enough to remove this thing. For all we know, it could be bonded to his DNA or something. Something like that would require a massive amount of power and energy..." spoke the blue maned James as he tried to explain the problems involved.

"Okay, we're need more money and more tech if we're going to get what we want. So the main plan is to get the watch, the secondary mission is to get the resources we need for plan A by way of other money making schemes. So what should we do next, guys?" said Meowth as the trio tried to make up their minds what to do next.