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Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the work of Man of Action and Marvel Comics. All characters (that I have not created or borrowed from other sources) belong to them. This is a fan fiction, and is not intended to violate the rights of those who hold control over the Iron Man and Ben 10 series. I have no money for legal problems and would very much appreciate it if no one tries to sue me. Thank you very much.

Iron Omnitrix

Part One

Tony had been trailing a recent meteor strike with his Iron Man armour in the area he had been flying in after a battle with A.I.M. scientist and their hired muscle. He had detected an extradimensional reading from the object as it landed in a crater around the rural location in the Amazon rain forest.

"Another day, another weird event before lunch. Remind me to get Pepper to reschedule my lunch date, armour. Now can you detect anything else coming from the crash site." Tony asked his on board A.I., which was advance without being sentiant.

"Detecting a sphere of unearthly metal alloys containing an object of massive power. Power levels are nearly equal to a cosmic cube or one of the infinity gem, likely capable of galactic or even universal destruction. Object purpose is unknown." reported the computer as it read the countdown until they landed at the site.

Tony was now getting nervious at the power readings since either one of the objects mentioned could rewrite the universe or important aspects of it. It was just a short time before his rockets took him to the place of the alien contact. Once there he had noticed there was some kind of metal sphere as expected.

It looked like something innocent like a life pod for some small life form or some kind of trash bag from an advance race. Then Tony thought, "Of course with all of the aliens we annoyed or thwarted all of these years, it's also likely to be some kind of super bomb or doomsday device. Best get a look it and see which of the two options it is."

Iron Man moved to the sphere before he stopped as the device opened like an armadillo, revealing some kind of watch like device inside it. From the readings the armour gave him, it seemed to have massive energy stores and a database of thousands or even millions of alien genetic materials. As he tried to get a better look at the watch, the watch seemed to jump up at him and landed on his arm.

The device seemed to spark and glow for a short period of time before its started to expand in a globe of green light centred on Tony's wrist. The armour's AI was flashing warning lights and signals at the 'infection' by alien programming, while the system moved to lockdown as Tony was paralyzed within the power armour. So he was unable to move as his body was absorbed the the green energy before he finally passed out from all of the chaos around him.

A few minutes later...

Tony woke up in his armour and yet noticed there was something different with regard to the sensor array. Instead of the red and gold of it's natural colour, it was in shades of green as well as black and white. Their was also a symbol which had been on the watch face in four corners of the screen, a green hourglass within a cirle with black around it.

'Okay, I'm guessing that thing altered by armour in some manner. For good or ill, I have to know what it is I am currently in. Time to see if I can still fly or even just move in this.' thought Tony as he gave the command to fly within the suit's systems. Jets roared to life on his feet as he was lifted up into the air before he moved to the closest body of water. It was a short trip as he was soon over a section of river clear enough for him to see the suit he was in.

Instead of the normal gold and scarlet of his normal suits or even the grey and silver of other suits, this one was a mix of green, white and black. The torso, gauntlets, boots and the head area of the suit were black in colouring, with white areas on the arms and legs between the torso and the gauntlets or boots. The face place of his head was a bright green in colour as was the hourglass shaped port on the centre of his chest. The watch seemed to have merged with the right gauntlet of the suit.

'Time to check the AI and see what is happening.' thought Tony as he prepared to speak to his new form of armour.

"Armour report what has happened and what has changed in regard to the suit." commanded the billionaire as he waited for the answer.

"Armour has merges with the Omnitrix, upgrades are proceeding with measured results. AI one hundred percent combined and upgraded. Suit is twenty percent combined and upgraded. DNA datbase is one hundred percent functional, as is the transformation matrix. Power source has been seventy-five percent upgraded. Any further upgrades or recombinations you need informed about?" asked a programmed voice from the machine. Tony went into landing position as he prepared for something important.

On solid ground he spoke, "Armour, release me."

Tony had been expecting to be released from the exo-suit so he could look at the suit from the outside to see the difference. The words in reaction were frightening to the superhero, "Unable to comply. Armour is bonded with Tony Stark at the molecular level as part of the Omnitrix. Armour can be condensed into the conventional Omnitrix format, but armour can not be removed."

Which was a new ball game as he realized this thing was connected to him on an intimate level. He thought things over and decided to test out this new information, "Armor, retract."

A green flash later and Tony found himself dressed only in his bio-conductive suit which helped to link his body to armour. On his wrist was some kind of watch like object. It then continued to speak to him by saying, "Armour in stand by mode."

"Armour, define the Omnitrix. What is the Omnitrix, how does it work and why was it created?" asked Tony as he tried to decide whether to put the new 'personal' suit he had gained.

"The Omnitrix is a device built to alter the DNA or it's equalivant of one sentiant species into another. It's function is to allow for greater understanding between other life forms by allow them to share experience of being each other. Another purpose is to be a repository of DNA samples to allow for the Omnitrix to replicate species which have gone extinct for whatever situation arises.

The Omnitrix is activated by the button which raises the face to reveal the aliens unlocked by the device, organized in groups of ten. More aliens can be unlocked by using the controls as well as other functions. The Omnitrix usually lasts ten minutes depending on the situation or the requirements, but the Omnitrix can increase or decrease the time limit. Unlocking the Master Code would allow for unlimited time periods of transformation.

One can only make one transformation before recharging is required transforming into a second alien requries transfomation into base form fist unless unlock. The Master Code also allows for instant transfomation into any alien form.

The Master Code is broken into different security levels. Only the creator Azmuth knows all of the codes.

Iron Man armour has merged with Omnitrix to create OmniArmour. Please Stand by." replied the armour as more information was revealed with this little mystery.

"Okay, Armour up and return home." said Tony as he made the choice to get this suit back to a place where he might be able to study it and find out more, as well as if he could get it unbonded with him. In case it turned out to be like Spider-man's black costume, which had some negative aspects to it which were amped up when bonded with Eddie Brock to form Venom. A scary lesson to reflect on.

The green flash returned as did the armour as the man rose into the air and flew off into the distance.


A far off computer was recording the new situation with the Omnitrix as a glitch in the programming allowed it to merge with the alien technology. It was more advance then what had been expected with the destination it was supposed to have landed on, which meant to the computer it had been blown off course. Except there was a second signal from the same Omnitrix in the original destination location.

The only reason for the second signal from a single Omnitrix was the unusual quantum readings which the Omnitrix had passed through which seemed to have duplicate the device as it passed through. Which explained the secondary quantum siginature of the second Omnitrix which had malfunctioned. The computer was able to record and get a signal from the new Omnitrix do to the level of technology of their creator.

Data was logged and a note was created summaries all details for the creator when he got around to the study of his creation, whenever that would be.