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The Puddlejumper burst from the Stargate, it's twin pods extending as it deftly maneuvered through the huge rock formations that shielded it's method of entry from the outside world. The ship rose, cruising above the massive, partially-submerged city.
“Wow,” Daniel murmured, his eyes never leaving the computer screen view from the ship's cameras. In the pilot's seat next to him, Dr. McKay stared with grudging admiration at the findings.
“Hm. Large usage of naquadah in every aspect of construction,” he noted. “They learned how to manipulate it.” Teyla was standing behind him, looking out over the ruins with a smile.
“Do you think they were the work of the Ancestors?” She inquired. “They look very similar…”
“Similar, yes, but not exact,” Daniel murmured. “There's a lot of what looks like Post-Modern design going through here. Some of the lines resemble current Japanese architectural trends.”
“Pegasus Disneyworld,” McKay commented. Daniel paused, and smirked.
“Looks like the Epcot, doesn't it?”
”Huh.” Teyla blinked, and decided not to ask.
“We need to go.” Everyone turned back to Aeris, sitting in the chair behind Daniel's. The small girl seemed to disappear in her grey and yellow Atlantis uniform, curled up and shivering, green eyes dark in fear. Ronan stood nearby, hovering over the Ancient girl with a stony face. Well, he always had a stony face, but still.
“Sin?” Asked Daniel, calmly in quiet alarm. Aeris nodded.
“It's coming… It was… Attracted to the Stargate…” She shut her eyes tightly. “We need to go now.” An alert went off on the control console, and McKay checked it. He groaned.
“Great. Here comes Lobster Man.” A burst of concentration from the physicist's mind cloaked the `Jumper, as a massive shape emerged from the water near the city. Glistening in the sun like a small, organic mountain, Sin sat, a few rumbling noises from it startling the birds that had taken up roost in parts of the city.
”… It's looking for us,” Aeris murmured.
“Can it find us?” McKay asked, worry in his voice. “Is it picking you up?”
”Rodney,” Teyla quietly but firmly admonished, and the Canadian quieted. The passive sensors showed Sin as it stayed motionless, steam rising off its disgustingly patterned skin. Finally, it turned away, trumpeting something resembling the call of an Earth whale, before slowly submerging and vanishing back into the sea. Everyone on the `Jumper held their breath.
“… It didn't find us,” Aeris sighed. “I think that it was merely attracted to the energy of the Stargate activating.” McKay groaned.
“How far away was it?”
“Not very far,” Aeris surmised. She thought hard. “Can you track it from far away?”
“Yes, very far,” McKay stated.
“Still, if the Stargate's going to get it's attention, we're probably better off waiting for Daedalus and communicating with Atlantis through them,” Daniel suggested. Teyla nodded, as McKay looked at his watch and grimaced.
“Right. Well then… That leaves us eight hours.”
“Let's look for Sheppard,” Ronan stated. McKay nodded.
“Good plan. Might as well start our mission.” With that, the `Jumper maneuvered around and acclerated away from the lost city… Never noticing the small vessel surfacing from it's hiding place among the ruins. It drove through the water at a sedate pace, until stopping in front of the rock formations where the `Jumper had emerged from. It opened up its upper decks. A pair of flying vehicles launched from this compartment, both operated by one man, which easily flew through the jagged rocks and vanished into a huge cave. For a few moments, nothing happened… Before more one-man vehicles emerged from the ship, following the others.
Half an hour after the Puddlejumper had departed, the salvage crew flew out of the huge cave, their ten hover vehicles straining to hold the Stargate aloft. An eleventh, carrying the DHD pedestal, followed. Another compartment in the aft section of the ship opened, as the crews lowered the ancient ring into it. The DHD soon followed. Their task complete, the hovercraft flew down back to the forward compartment, it's large doors shutting.
Fully contained, and it's prize in it's hold, the Yevon ship Redeemer submerged once more, driving at full speed for home.
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