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And now, for something completely different.
Takes place well before the first chapter, don't'cha know…
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“So, let me get this straight,” General Landry began patiently. SG-1 waited, assembled in the general's office. Daniel and Sam were both sitting in the general's guest chairs, while Teal'c and Mitchell leaned against the wall. All had an unusual tension about them.
“You've found conclusive connections between each of these worlds,” Landry looked over the reports. “PVA-444, PFF-124, and PZG-153.”
“Ivalice, Planet, and Gaia,” Daniel nodded. Landry looked over the reports.
“Planet is the only one of the worlds to be a living entity, with the Lifestream that allows for he calling upon of massive amounts of energy… And yet, all of them provide their inhabitants with the means to do… Magic?”
“Well, it's not magic as in calling upon unknown forces to do your bidding, sir,” Carter opened up. “On each world, the inhabitants require access to various, highly unusual minerals and crystals that have all been affected to induce various phenomena. In Planet's case, this occurred because the Lifestream is made up of trillions of single-celled lifeforms that form Planet's version of a nervous and other essential systems.” At Landry's blank look, Teal'c elaborated.
“Because the lifeforms are sensitive to the dimensional energies of a higher plane, they introduce several unusual particles and energy emissions-All of which have various, but predictable effects on the surrounding ores, minerals, and elements.” Landry nodded.
“So, this isn't much different from the ring that priest used to call down lightening on the medieval Christian world?” Daniel nodded, going over his own notes.
“Yes, precisely. Shinra's research into the remaining Ancient installations on Planet indicate that, though the Cetra were able to drive the Goa'uld off, the Goa'uld were able to steal some of their technology. Including the basics for materia.”
“The Goa'uld hand device apparently incorporates some of that technology sir,” Mitchell spoke up, not wanting to be left out. “Like the ring, it uses something like materia to induce powerful things.” Landry sighed, rubbing his forehead.
“So what about Ivalice and Gaia? They don't have Lifestreams.”
“No sir, but they were both originally enslaved by the same Goa'uld who tried to land on Planet,” Carter went on, passing the appropriate folder. “His name was Bahamutan.”
“Bahamut?” Landry asked in disbelief. “The dragon?”
“Well, not exactly sir,” Daniel corrected. “Bahamut was a giant omnipower in ancient Arabic mythology, appearing around… Hrm… 1,000 BC? At the earliest. According to legend, “Bahamut rides on a giant whale creature called Liwash that resides in a vast sea, the Adwad. He supports a huge bull named Kujuta who has four thousand eyes, and the same number of ears, noses, mouths, tongues and feet. The distance between each is a five hundred years' journey. Kujuta supports on him a rock of ruby, atop which stands an angel who supports the seven heavens.” Landry blinked, as did Mitchell. Daniel hurriedly went through his notes.
“Now, according to the Goa'uld, Bahamut was an upstart newcomer who tried to challenge the System Lords for supremacy around the first year AD. He was apparently a brilliant geneticist, turning his slaves into monsters, or simply enhancing them in some way, for use in battle and entertainment.”
“This is why so many of the sentient lifeforms on each planet are so close to humans but also very close to other animals, sir,” Carter put in. Daniel nodded.
“Exactly. Anyway, his many creations included the prototypes for the modern Goa'uld hand device… Admittedly a rip-off like all other Goa'uld technology… Which gave him a decisive edge against the other Goa'uld, despite having a smaller force at his disposal. He also introduced a new concept in combat for his Jaffa-Light cavalry.”
“Most Goa'uld would not use such a tactic for cost reasons, or the lack of a suitable animal,” Teal'c intoned. “However, Bahamut had a ready supply of such creatures on Ivalice.” Landry smirked.
“The Chocobos.”
“Indeed. Ivalice was his first world. He moved on and attempted to conquer Planet with his cavalry, but when he was driven off several Chocobo were left behind.” Landry sighed.
“Allright… We're putting the pieces together then… Ivalice and Gaia both gained the `magic' crystals because of Bahamut's experiments?” Carter nodded.
“Not unlike the experiments the Goa'uld on Kelowna did to create naquadriah. In Bahamut's case though, he was able to induce similar effects of the Lifestream on both Gaia and Ivalice without blowing himself up.” Landry frowned.
“So we've covered those basics… What about the summons? Radically different cultures?” Mitchell grinned, opening his report.
“Well, we managed to capture a summon when it was defeated. From what we can tell, they were otherwise normal creatures and people before Bahamut did something to them. Radical mutations, implanting magic stones, biting them with radioactive spiders… The works. Some were even partially ascended, probably by accident.” Landry grimaced.

”How pleasant. Exactly how many of these beings are there?” Carter sighed.
“On each world, at least nine familiar beings showed up. All were linked to certain objects that Bahamut must have used as a link between himself and the summon. Based on the exotic particle readings we've gotten off every one of them, they were shoved into a pocket of subspace that only that object alone could open.” She snorted. “Even then, only for a matter of minutes. The objects regained their power through their link to subspace, but needed to recharge for a while after each successful summon.” Landry shook his head.
“Any way to free them?”
“Uh, General, considering that the inhabitants of those worlds regard the summons as, er… Divine,” Daniel interjected,”it would probably not be a good idea to release them.”
“Even if we knew how to, we might not want to,” Carter added with a sigh. “We're thinking that Bahamut took his secrets with him, when his followers had enough and used his own technology to shove him into a subspace pocket of his own. He'd modified his own physiology, originally that of an Unas, to take the form of a dragon, which, well…”
“Became the strongest summon,” Landry finished. At the nods in return, he pinched the bridge of his nose. Mitchell shrugged.
“Still, I don't think we need to worry too much about the Summons. Ivalice, Gaia, and Planet are all at peace.” He smirked. “All thanks to the involvement of a small, determined group of heroes trying to save their world.” Landry smirked.
“It sounds very familiar, Colonel Mitchell,” Teal'c observed. Daniel and Carter both grinned at that, and Mitchell smirked at the slightly-smiling Jaffa. Landry stood up.
“Well people, I wanted a comprehensive briefing on the three worlds sending ambassadors today,” the general said, brushing imaginary lint from his uniform. “I'm sure it will come in handy.” He walked out the side entrance. SG-1 looked at eachother and collectively shrugged.
“He could have just read the reports,” Daniel noted. Mitchell smirked.
“C'mon Jackson… A chance for both you and Carter to talk the general's ears off? Seriously, you wanted to have this meeting.”
“Maybe…” Daniel shrugged. Carter said nothing, just grinned. And Teal'c, well…
“Do you think that we could arrange a trade for chocobos Colonel Carter?”
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Fear the randomness! Fear the image of Teal'c on a Chobobo! FEAR IT! MWAHAHAHAHAAA!
… C'mon, fear it already. (sigh) Oh well. This lovely waste of a chapter will be followed by something decent. Trust me.