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Finally! Nearly to getting a truly new chapter, instead of a replacement. Enjoy!
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May 1st, 2006
Okay… Forgive me if I sound like a bigot, but the Guado are freaking creepy. Not so much the appearance… Okay, fine, the appearance doesn't help… But the mannerisms.
Maybe it's not Guados in general. Maybe it's just one. Maester Seymour, who has got to be in his thirties, proposed marriage to Yuna. Who, per my last check, was about 17 years old. Considering the fact that Spira's day is about the same length as Earth's (timed it), she's still a minor according to the laws back home. Granted not every culture has the same standards, and I respect that… Usually… But the guy is proposing marriage based entirely on political reasons, and that's never been something I was comfortable with. Period.
Okay, sure, give the people of Spira hope. How about giving them hope by trying to figure out a way to destroy Sin?
… Looks like I said that out loud in the waiting room Seymour proposed to Yuna in. Which we're all still in. Including Seymour.
That explains why everyone is looking at me. Well, hooray for my deductive reasoning skills.
“Sin cannot be destroyed,” Seymour stated patiently, as though I were an ignorant child and he was the dad from Father Knows Best. “Opertain Mii'hen should have revealed as much to you.”
“No enemy is undefeatable,” I replied, just as calmly, but less of a condescending tone. “And no offense, but Mii'hen was a disaster from the beginning. Whoever planned it clearly had no idea of how to run a military operation.” Seymour raised an eyebrow, looking amused.
“Really? What would you have done differently, Colonel?”
“For one, not let you stand behind the front lines drinking tea,” I stated. “You're a very, very powerful mage. You have a powerful Aeon. And you didn't. Do. Squat.” Auron is staring at me with this unreadable expression of his, Wakka looks furious, Lulu is rolling her eyes, Khimari's impassive as always, Tidus looks confused and anxious, and Yuna and Rikku are watching from the corner they'd retreated to after Seymour proposed. Both look incredibly shocked.
“Are you suggesting that I am… A coward?” Seymour asked, seemingly amused. I raised my eyebrows.
“I didn't say that. But sure, you want to take it that way, fine by me.” The Guado laughed quietly.
“I did not fight, because the Crusaders did not want me to,” he explained. “So I was content to let them fight, as an inspiration to Spira for their courage, even in the face of insurmountable odds.” I snorted. The Maester went on.
“Well… I see we have very different ideas about what's inspiring, Colonel. I wonder… Would you like a commission in the Crusaders? I could arrange it. Give you the shattered army to rebuild, remold to your liking.” I blink.
Okay… Didn't see that coming. Actually, no. Should've seen it. He's a politician for God's sake…
“I still need the Colonel… As my Guardian,” Yuna spoke up quietly. Everyone's eyes were on her. She shrugged nervously, and offered a smile.
“He has done… Many things to keep me safe. All my Guardians have. And I would prefer… To keep them, until I reach a decision regarding your… Proposal, Maester Seymour.” She did the Yevon prayer, and smiled politely. Seymour nodded slowly.
“As you wish, Lady Yuna. There is no rush. Think on it! I would appreciate your answer by the time you reach Macalania, however.” With that (and an ambiguous statement to Auron, which made the man flinch), Seymour departed the room. Wakka shot me a glare.
“'Ey! That kind of behavior could get you locked up, ya? It won't do to go pissing off a Maester!”
“He was just expressing his opinion, Wakka! Grow up!” Rikku retorted. Wakka crossed his arms.
“I'll grow up when he does! Calling a Maester who fought alongside Yuna when the Sinspawn attacked a coward?”
“He kind of had a point,” Tidus said, his usual bluster gone. I stared at him in disbelief, and noticed how his eyes kept going to Yuna. Oh…
“I would like to visit the Farplane, if you don't mind,” Yuna stated, in a soft but firm voice. She looked at all of us in turn, her eyebrows raised, before she walked out the door. The rest of us followed, Tidus being the last, looking like something had just ate his puppy.
That could have gone better, overall, I thought.
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