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“Damn! We still can't pick out his implant!” Teyla raised an eyebrow at McKay's curse, sitting outside the landed `Jumper on the soft, green grass. The valley they'd camped in had been the only one without large numbers of wild beasts roaming it, and after a long two days of searching with the sensors for any trace of the Colonel had provided the perfect rest spot.
Next to her, Aeris calmly drank tea from a thermos, smiling slightly at Rodney's continued outbursts.
“You'd think that we'd catch a break right about now, but nooooo,” the Canadian snarled. The sound of a toolbox crashing to the deck was followed by more cursing, and Teyla could not help but smile as Aeris giggled.
Her sharp ears picked up the sounds of grass being crushed by footfalls, and she turned her head. She rose and smiled as Daniel and Ronan trudged towards the Puddlejumper. Daniel was carrying one of his many notebooks and still furiously writing in it, while Ronan appeared to have done some hunting, judging by the furry objects he was carrying over his shoulder.
“Dr. Jackson, Ronan,” she greeted. Daniel waved, as he finally reached them and rubbed the back of his head. Ronan nodded to Teyla and Aeris as he walked on by, to in front of the Puddlejumper and out of their sight.

”Did you find anything out about the Colonel?” The Ancient girl asked. Daniel nodded thoughtfully, looking through his notes.
“Takes a while for news to pass, but there have been reports on a Lady Yuna, a Summoner from the southern islands. Her bodyguards, or Guardians, mentioned someone who definitely resembles Colonel Sheppard.” Teyla smiled, while Aeris looked confused.
“Summoner? You mean… She can call upon creatures to do battle?” Daniel nodded.
“According to the locals, about a thousand years ago Sin showed up and wiped out the machina cities, starting with one called Zanarkand. Apparently sent as a punishment for the people of Spira's arrogance with technology, by a deity known as Yevon. The religion of Yevon cropped up about that time. It serves as the de-facto religion actually, and state-based policy. Kind of like Europe during the Crusades, or Islamic nations on Earth right now. Or the Ori, lots of examples to choose from.” The women frowned and looked at eachother as Daniel went on.
“Basically, the state is controlled by the Maesters of Yevon, high priests essentially. Most of the inhabitants of this continent have converted to it. The summoners embark on a quest to obtain Summons, which they call Aeons here, with which to fight and defeat Sin.” Aeris shivered.
“But if this is so, why does Sin still remain?” Teyla asked, confused. The archaeologist scratched the back of his head.
“Because they can only defeat Sin for a decade at a time, periods called Calms. The Summoners pay for this with their lives. Then Sin returns, presumably in a new form, and the cycle starts all over again.” He shook his head. “And it's been going on for a thousand years now.” Aeris sighed heavily.
“They will never defeat Sin permanently then,” the Ancient said dully. Daniel shook his head.
“No, they won't.” Teyla sighed.
“Even against the Wraith, we were given hundreds of years between harvests to recover. Some, like the Genii, were even able to begin developing means to fight the Wraith. But only ten years…” She trailed off.
“It's not enough time to build up a civilization capable of fighting it,” Daniel concluded. He smiled grimly. “In fact, one of Yevon's commandments is the rejection of most forms of advanced technology. Apparently because that is why Yevon sent Sin in the first place.” Teyla frowned.
“Then why does Sin continue to attack?”
“Control,” Aeris murmured. She shook her head. “It will never be appeased, because it is following its programming. It cannot do anything else.” Ronan reappeared from around the Puddlejumper, stooped down and began to restart their campfire.
“Then we kill it,” the Satedan stated simply. McKay stepped out of the Jumper, shaking his head.
“Looks like the field of the planet is screwing with our subspace sensors, which, by the way, are the only things that would let us lock onto Sheppard specifically.” McKay looked to Daniel and Ronan. “Ah, you're back. Bring food?”
“We will have it done soon, Rodney,” Teyla said with a small smile. The physicist pulled out an energy bar and bit into it, looking rather nervous.
“Right. So. What'd you find out?”
After Daniel repeated what he'd gleaned, Rodney groaned.
“Oh that's just great. More religious psychos with incredible power! I love it!” Rodney frowned. “Wait… I thought there were only Summoners on worlds ruled by Bahamut in the Milky Way?” Daniel shrugged.
“Well, their historical records don't go back much past two thousand years. It's not inconceivable that some Cetra could have made it out here, right?” Aeris was suddenly the center of attention. She coughed.
“I… I honestly don't know. This world doesn't feel like Planet… But it does seem very similar. Not alive, like Planet was, but it does have a Lifestream.”
“Could the Ancestors have, perhaps, tried to recreate their home?” Teyla suggested. Rodney rubbed the top of his head.
“I'm guessing that after spending maybe a million years on Planet they'd have a fairly good understanding of how it worked. It's a good deal after all. You eat the food, breath the air long enough, and the single-celled organisms that make up the Lifestream are part of you. You become psychically connected to the planet itself on an unconscious level, so when you kick, er, part of you stays. Easier than building giant statues of remembrance, anyway,” the Canadian finished, looking a bit nervously at Aeris. The Ancient girl shrugged serenely.
“So, what's our first move?” Ronan asked, coming back from behind the Jumper again with freshly skinned and cleaned carcasses. He set them over the fire. Rodney made a face, and cleared his throat.
“We know where they'll be headed - Each of the major temples of Yevon - to get access to each Aeon. We just have to find them. Easy.” Ronan nodded in approval, as Teyla and Daniel winced. Rodney frowned.
“What? What was that for?”
“We are sorry Rodney, but… You saying something will be easy,” Teyla began.
“Usually means it's anything but,” Daniel finished. Aeris held a hand over her mouth to contain her giggles, as McKay sighed.
“Sure, fine. Doubt the genius! Story of my life…”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Deep in the Macalania temple of Yevon…
“You are sure? It bears the markings of the Old Times?”
“Yes Maester. There is no mistaking it.” The old, slightly pudgy man walked easily alongside the younger, dark-skinned Crusader, down the dark stone hallway.
“I see. Have you determined it's purpose?”
“We believe it is some sort of device. It resembles ancient portals used throughout Spira long ago,” the Crusader went on. They reached a pair of heavy stone doors, which the Crusader easily pushed open. The approached a stone platform, surrounded by the Temple's priests, looking over computer terminals. The Maester allowed himself a smirk at the irony, as he gazed upon the artifact.
“Can you make it work again?” The Crusader nodded.
“Yes, Maester. With time, we will make it function.” Maester Wen Kinoc's smirk widened.
“Then continue your work, lad. We will yet unlock the secrets of the Ancestors. And when we do… The unbelievers will be no more.”
- - - - - - - - - - -
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