Static Shock Fan Fiction ❯ Senses ❯ Taste ( Chapter 2 )

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2. Taste
Virgil was not an inexperienced kisser. He had kissed Frieda, Daisy, Monica, and a few girls who's names he couldn't really recall off the top of his head. (he was pretty sure he had been moderately drunk on two of those occasions.) So, he knew what kissing tasted like. It did not taste like cinnamon, or strawberries, or any other food-like taste, unless the person had just eaten, and even then the taste wasn't strong enough to override the mouth taste. No, kissing, especially French kissing, with lots of tongue involved, usually tasted wet, hot, and more than a little slimy, if he was bored enough to think about it.
No, the cheap romance books he stole from Frieda and would never admit to reading, and stories he found on the internet (also, that he would never admit to reading) had lied to him. Kissing tasted like wet mouth and tongue. It was the only way to describe it.
So, as his tongue slipped into Richie's mouth, he was not surprised by the whole wet mouth taste, like he had been when he had first done the Make-out thing. What did surprise him was the underlying but still rather prominent taste of mint he detected...
Not that it was a bad thing….