Sukisho Fan Fiction ❯ Afraid of a Flame ❯ Afraid of a Flame ( Chapter 1 )

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Summary: Sora's thoughts upon seeing a pyromaniac.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sukisho. I only bought the box set and plan on painting Nao-kun and Sora-chan on my bedroom walls. Can't forget Yoru and Ran! -Smiles-

Warning: The pyromaniac in this is based somewhat off of me, because I happen to be obsessed with fire. I was playing with it previously to writing this. Mind you, i'm female.

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He hated fire. Was equally afraid of it as Fujimori was of water. Because they'd been hurt by their fear. Because of Aizawa. But he didn't know what to think when he met this person. Sitting here, lighter in hand, pinching the flame with his fingers until it diminished.

Or what to think when he licked the flame, seeming to enjoy the taste it produced. Each action with this flame causing Sora to flinch even more so than each previous change in what this guy was doing. And Sora sincerely wondered how someone could do this. Not be afraid of the flaming power he posessed just within his hands. But he also knew, that he could do this, because he was not tortured by Aizawa. Was never burnt by flame, or drowned by water.

This guy, Sora felt, was lucky. Because maybe if Sora'd never been tortured by the very thing this person was playing with, maybe he'd be like this guy. Being an idiot, and playing with the small flame produced by the lighter. Not really caring if he caught anything on fire or not. Just as long as he wasn't scarredly burnt, he was fine with it.

But Hashiba Sora was not fine with it. He cared if something caught on fire. Because of his frightening experience against a flame. Just like Fujimori's equal frightism with water. And it was as if Aizawa were trying to make them afraid of the other in the way. One afraid of water and the other flame.

Sora knew, that this person was a pyromaniac. Because of the crazy things he did with this lighter. Because he knew, people like him caught things on fire - on purpose. Because they liked watching things burn. Destroying whatever it was that was burning. Normally going after those buildings that were being demolished or just never used anymore.

This was how they got away with it. The authorities let them burn, only hosing them down with fire trucks once it hit the ground - so it didn't spread further.

Hashiba Sora never understood why people could be so careless with fire. Because it was dangerous and killed people more than once. Somtimes possibly able to escape without a mark, other than being scarredly burnt. But those who didn't, he didn't want to think about.

Sora knew how deadly fire could be, and he'd readily admit it. Hashiba Sora was afraid of fire.

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It's short, sweet, and to the point. Instead of beating around the bush. This was a small one-shot I got the idea for, and I actually plan on writing a sequeled one-shot to this. And then... I've got another idea. Lol. Thanks for reading my first Sukisho!! fic.