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Those Warm Fuzzy Moments
Disclaimer: I do not own Sukisho!
Notes: So I've fallen madly in love with this anime and decided to write a cute, fluffy fanfic featuring my favorite couple Shinichirou and Nanami! This is a one-shot and may be a little on the short side.

The setting suns' rays cast a glowing golden light into the windows of the apartment. On the sofa by the windows, two figures could be seen lying together. The smaller of the two was cuddled up against the other, his eyes closed and a content smile on his face. The other was watching the smaller doze, running fingers through light-chestnut colored strands of hair that were out of their usual ponytail. The fading rays of sunlight were warming them.
The smaller let out a small sigh, moving closer to the source of warmth that he was snuggled against. The other chuckled, slipping an arm around the young mans' waist.
Blue eyes opened and looked up at the other.
“Did I fall asleep?” he asked, receiving a small smile from his boyfriend.
“I'm sorry; did I wake you, Nanami?”
Nanami shook his head, light-chestnut strands framing his face. He shifted so that he lay more on top of the other. He tucked his head under his lovers' chin. He twined the fingers of one hand with the fingers of one of his lovers'. He smiled as Shinichirou began to run the fingers of his free hand through his hair again.
“Can we stay like this for a while?” Nanami asked, the setting sunlight's warmth making him feel sleepy. He closed his blue eyes.
Shinichirous' eyes softened as he felt Nanami relax against him.
“We can stay like this for the rest of the night if you want,” he replied softly. Nanami sleepily nuzzled against him.
“I'd like that,” he murmured, starting to doze off again.
“I'd like that too,” Shinichirou answered. It was rare that he wanted to do something romantic like this with Nanami. He just wasn't a romantic person by nature. But there was just something about this moment that he wanted to continue. He didn't want it to be interrupted.
“Love you,” Nanami mumbled as he drifted off again.
Shinichirou smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to the top of Nanamis' head.
“I love you too.”

I'm usually not one to write fluffy, happy things, but this was just screaming at me to write it! I hope you enjoyed and please review! No flames please!