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Betrayal Saga I

Author’s Note: So, how are you handling the whole “Yoshi: Transformed” thing right now? I’m having fun with it :). Hope you are, too!

P.S. King Koopa and Bowser are one in the same. Just a reminder ;)...


  Easy Flow, Easy Go By Queen Breeza      

When Yoshi came to there was a lot of commotion some ways away from him. The town seemed to be in an uproar about the monster infestation from last night, and Peach only made it worse when she mentioned the Toad stranger whom she still didn’t know was Yoshi. However, Yoshi’s main concern right now was getting back to the Keep and wondered if he’d have to work as soon as he got there. His body was still a little hurt, but it seemed that the rest he got helped a little ‘cause he could stand up now. Not looking back, Yoshi continued unnoticed through the woods.




Kammy walked sleepily from her bedroom to the kitchen. Yoshi’s victory was the last thing on her mind right now. The first thing she was thinking about was waffles with apple jelly and maple syrup. Sounds good, right?

“Morning, Kammy,” Ludwig walked into the kitchen with his pajamas still on and flopped into a chair at the grand table. He put his head down and hoped to get a little sleep there. Ludwig had been up all night waiting for Yoshi to return so that he could find out how well his invention had worked.

“Morning,” Kammy yawned. Saying “morning” wasn’t really her thing. “So, I take it Yoshi never showed up, huh?”

“Yep,” Ludwig answered. He was half-asleep by the time she spoke to him.

“I guess he’ll get back sooner or later.” Kammy’s waffles popped up from the toaster. She quickly got a plate and butter.

Ludwig didn’t reply. He had fallen asleep again.




Man, I wish I were back in my real form! Yoshi was halfway to the Keep, which was pretty good timing considering he hadn’t had anything to eat in a very long time. Yoshi started daydreaming of eggs, sausage, bacon, watermelon juice, grits and any fatty foods he could think of. He was so hungry he felt he could eat the grease from the pan that came from the sausage and bacon!

Yoshi looked at the greenery around him. He might even start there and nibble on something. At least he’d have a little more strength to go on. Yoshi could just imagine himself in his current state eating vegetation off the ground. It’d be a sight to see, that’s for sure!

Sighing, Yoshi continued his steady pace through the woods. He would be at the Keep soon. Food!!



Any news of Yoshi yet?” King Koopa sat at the table with a newspaper from the company Dark Times, a company that many villains depended on for world news and events.

“Nope.” Kammy had finished her waffles five minutes before King Koopa had came into the kitchen. He really didn’t know why Kammy didn’t “act her age” sometimes.

King Koopa looked away from his paper and saw Ludwig sleeping and drooling on the table. He rolled up his paper and whacked his son across the head.

“I-I-I-I-I’m up! I’m up!” Ludwig said when he shot up from the abuse. His eyes were still closed.

“Yeah, right,” King Koopa said unraveling his newspaper. “Go to your room and get dressed. When Yoshi gets here, I want you to be able to actually take notes from his report.”

“Uh huh.” Ludwig got up and headed off to his room walking like he was a zombie. He accidentally crossed one leg over the other and tripped over his own feet. A thud followed, but Ludwig was asleep so it didn’t matter to him.

“No more all-nighters for you,” his father groaned.





“What, Peach, what?”

“You could let me speak to them, you know. The way you’re headed everyone’ll be in a panic!”

“Princess Peach, the townspeople have the right to know the situation--whether we are under attack or not!”

“I know that! But, couldn’t we try to handle this problem a little more efficiently? Most importantly, can we keep this situation from being in lockdown?”

“I don’t know; we’ve never dealt with Koopa so early before! Who knows what could happen!”

“I know, sir, I know. But Luigi and I can handle this, okay? You just get someone to inform Mario.”

“Very well, Peach. I’m leaving this in yours, Luigi’s, and Mario’s hands. I just hope you succeed in...whatever you’re trying to do.”

“Thanks, Chancellor.” Peach watched the old man leave the podium and then motioned for Luigi to join her. He was standing next to his brother, but he wasn’t enjoying it one little bit. Mario was currently stuffing his face with another pizza slice.

When he finally made it up there, Peach looked like she was about ready to leave.

“So what’s the plan?” Luigi asked her, looking out into the crowd of anxious Toads, reformed Koopas, and others.

“I was hoping you could put on a good show and allow me some time to get to King Koopa’s Keep,” Peach replied in a hushed whisper.

“Me?!” Luigi yelped, attracting unneeded attention from the crowd. Peach reminded him to keep his voice down. “Why me??” he asked in a hoarse whisper.

“I couldn’t ask you this with the Chancellor around. Luigi, you’re the only one I can count on right now. Yoshi isn’t around, so I need you to spokesperson.”

“Why are you going to Koopa’s Keep in the first place??”

“I need to find out something. Don’t worry, I won’t go without a Cape and extra Cape Feather, okay?”

“Someone needs to go with you!!”

“Keep your voice down. And I can take care of myself.”

“Peach--” Luigi’s voice was cut off by Peach putting up her hand. He sighed and wished Mario could’ve helped him out at that moment. To him, Peach was looking to start a war, and Mario was in no condition to fight at the moment. Peach stepped down off the podium and the crowd wondered what was going on. She planned to get to the Secret Area, as they called it, and get two Cape Feathers. As for the crowd, she’d just have to lie.

“Attention, everyone!!” Peach immediately had the crowd’s attention. “I have discussed with Luigi about what’s going to happen next. Please be patient and he will brief you on the matter in just a moment. Thank you.”

Luigi looked absolutely nervous when Peach left the area. All eyes were on him now.




Almost there...almost there...”

In a little while Yoshi would be at the Keep. He couldn’t wait.

Then suddenly, it happened: he tripped on a rock.

“Ahhh!” Falling face down, Yoshi couldn’t believe his luck. Now, not only was he tired and hungry, but he also had a hurt foot. Could things get any worse?

“Hey! You there! There’s no trespassing allowed here!”

Yoshi looked up from the ground to see who was speaking in such a tone to him. A scouter, no doubt one of King Koopa’s, was smirking evilly at him. Yoshi felt nothing.

“Get up!” the Koopa shouted. He knew that it was only Yoshi, but he decided to have some fun with him first.

“Make me,” Yoshi simply stated and propped his head up with his arm.

“Fine.” The Koopa advanced toward Yoshi, but it was all over in two seconds. Yoshi was even more exhausted now from tripping the Koopa onto his back. Still, he was enjoying the agony of his “victim”.

“Hey, wait! I’m sorry, dude, sheesh. I was only having a little fun!”

“As was I.” Yoshi got up, leaving the Koopa on his back. “Darnit, I wish I had something to eat! Yellow-meat watermelon would be nice right about now...”

“Hey, what about me??” the Koopa called from behind.

“Good luck!” Yoshi hollered back.

Yoshi got to the Keep’s front doors and waited for them to open. That didn’t happen right away since the guards in front of the door seemed to be in a deep sleep. However, it only took one hit to wake them up.

“Ow! Who’s there???” the Koopatrol soldier on the left gasped as he woke up. He saw Yoshi immediately, and then he understood. The soldier on the right stood up.

“Did you succeed?” he asked dumbly.

“Yeah, but I’d like to eat something as soon as possible. If you don’t mind, please open the door...” Yoshi responded tiredly.

“Of course! One moment.” The soldier talked into his walkie and the door opened soon after. Yoshi walked in the castle sluggishly.

A goomba named Goovo walked past him and Yoshi turned to look at him. Yoshi’s mind wasn’t clear, however, and instead of seeing a Goomba he saw a walking hamburger. His mouth drooled automatically, and the strength passed down from his ancestors must have kicked in as he ran viciously towards his unsuspecting prey.

“Aaaaahhhh!!!” Goovo cried out when he finally saw Yoshi. He dodged just in time, and Yoshi slammed into the wall.

“Ow...” Yoshi passed out from exhaustion.




King Koopa, sir!” A Red Koopa saluted as he walked into the kitchen. Kammy looked up and then resumed drinking orange juice she had just gotten. King Koopa looked up from his paper. Ludwig remained sleeping and drooling on the floor.

“Speak,” King Koopa commanded.

“Yoshi has returned. By his condition, however, it is not sure as to whether or not he has succeeded...” the Koopa reported.

Kammy looked up again. Condition? She wished she had kept watch on her crystal ball past 10:35 for she might have seen the cause of Yoshi’s “condition”. It couldn’t be helped now.

“Where is he now?”

“In the main hall, sir.”

King Koopa got up and walked over to Ludwig. He reached down and grabbed the blue mess of hair on Ludwig’s head and then jerked him up, Ludwig screaming in surprise.

“Ow ow ow ow ow! Abuse!! Abuse!!” Ludwig kicked and screamed while Koopa just shook his head. He finally dropped his son and walked out the kitchen.

“Sheesh...” Ludwig rubbed his head, got back up off the floor, and headed out to his room.




There! Time for me to head out.” Peach was all set now. She had successfully made it to the Secret Area and taken two feathers. She didn’t know why she had bothered to hit the block where the Yoshi Egg was supposed to be. Maybe she expected Yoshi to pop out and say “Psyche! I got you!”, but that was far from reality.

“Guess I’ll find out for myself,” Peach said. She headed out of the Secret Area and onward to her main destination.


Maybe he’s dead now.”

“Maybe he’s just exhausted.”

“Now, where’s the fun in that?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Maybe he’s dead.”
“Let’s go ask Dad if we can eat him.”


“Hey!” Iggy was disappointed that Yoshi was still alive.

“Go back to sleep! Uh, pretend like you’re dead! Pretty please?” Larry pleaded.

“I gotta get outta here!” Yoshi got up quickly, stumbling as he did though, and began to head to King Koopa’s throne until the massive reptile appeared on his own.

“Welcome back, Yoshi” Koopa greeted. “How did the mission go?”

“Well...I...” Yoshi wanted the moment to be suspenseful, so he let his words sink in while Koopa’s mind kept wondering.


“I succeeded. The mission was a success.”

“That’s good to hear,” Koopa let out a sigh. If he hadn’t fallen asleep while watching Kammy’s crystal ball he would have known that already. “So, after you have briefed yourself with my son about the device’s success, I have the next mission ready for you.”

“Uh...” Yoshi was distraught, and Koopa could see it on his face.

“Is there a problem?”

“Uh...” A loud rumble erupted from Yoshi gut, finishing his sentence for him.

“OH! I forgot that you actually eat!” Koopa felt stupid for the first time in his life...well, maybe not the first time but close to it. “Follow me to the kitchen. I’ll have one of my chefs cook for you.”

Thank you!!” Yoshi drooled as he followed King Koopa. The thought of food just made him even hungrier.




What the--?? What is she doing here??!” A Koopa exclaimed. He was part of a patrol in the middle of the forest that stood near the foot of the Keep. Peach had been spotted, but she showed no signs of fear as she continued to march confidently through the forest. Currently, she already had one of her Cape Feathers in use. Like in the previous battle with Yoshi, her dress was no longer pink but instead red with a violet brooch. She had known it would not be easy to get to King Koopa’s Keep.

“I’ll have to alert the castle!”

“Oh, no you don’t!”


Peach sped towards the intruder and spun around with her cape, knocking him on his back. Then she proceeded to stomp on his back, and out the unarmed soldier came.

Unbeknownst to Peach, a Para Goomba hidden in the trees was watching the entire scene from his perch.

“I’d better alert the Keep about this...”




Good Lord!!”

“It’s horrible!!”

“All that food--!!!”

“The sacrifice!!”

“Hundreds of gold coins gone down the drain...”

“The pain of seeing it all!!”

“And I thought WENDY ate a lot!”

Shut up, Roy!!” Wendy spat.

“Hey, I was only telling the truth,” Roy explained. “Looks like you’d never win an eating contest against Yoshi, eh?”

“DIE!!” Wendy lunged at her brother, and the two began to strangle one another.

“That was DE-li-CIOUS!!” Yoshi gasped after he had finished the last of his yellow-meat watermelon. 60 watermelons, 48 sausages, 36 eggs, 24 pieces of bacon, and 12 chicken biscuits plus one pot of grits had been consumed in just ten minutes. Once the cook had finished preparing all the food, Yoshi’s tongue had went to work on the watermelons first once he was changed back to normal, and then quickly to the rest of his gigantic breakfast. “Give my compliments to the chef!”

“I’ll be sure that...Yoshi...haha...” Kammy was still a bit disgruntled after seeing Yoshi eat like that.

“Thanks!” Yoshi wiped his mouth with a napkin.

“Sire!” Goovo appeared in the kitchen and was about to tell the King important news until he saw Yoshi. He moved a safe distant from him and then continued. “Princess Peach has been spotted in the forest! No one seems to be able to bring her down!”

“Is she alone?”

“Yes, sire, but she’s pretty well armed.”

“I know why she’s here...” King Koopa trailed off as he thought the situation over. “Yoshi!”


“Now are you ready for your next assignment?” asked an impatient King Koopa.

“I’m ready.”





As Peach got closer to the Keep, more and more Goombas and Koopas began appearing. This only frustrated her even more. She didn’t have the time or the patience to deal with them all, so as soon as they got close enough, Peach jumped and landed on their heads one by one. They served as a bridge for her to the Keep’s front door.

“That wasn’t too bad,” she commented as she landed on the ground and kicked behind her, toppling the small battalion into a big pile when they all crashed into one another. Domino Effect was useful after all.

Peach brushed off her dress and continued up the steps to the door. Since there were no guards at the front door anymore, she knocked.

“Uh oh...” Yoshi felt a little peeved that Peach would come all the way over to Koopa’s Keep just because of him.

“Go out the back door,” Koopa instructed. “I’ll stall her. It isn’t time for a war just yet.”

“Right.” Yoshi quickly ran out of the kitchen and down the hall.

“Open the door,” Koopa told his minions.

Peach’s knocks were loud and continuous until the door was finally opened. She walked into the Keep without a word and looked around. “Alright, where is he?”

“You mean the dinosaur?” Koopa said curtly.


“He isn’t here. You’ve come to the wrong place--”

“You know what? Forget it! I asked the wrong question. Here’s what I really want to know: why did Yoshi join your force?”

“Ha! You really are serious, aren’t you?” Koopa asked.

“Of course I am! Just answer the question!” Peach yelled. She hated it when people, particularly Koopa, didn’t take her seriously.

“Calm down, Peach! Just take a seat and I’ll tell you all you need to know...”

Peach warily sat down in a chair by the right side of the wall and Koopa joined her. She felt like she was in one of those peace talks that she had with the reptilian king before that never actually did anything.

Where the heck was Yoshi?...




Yoshi was a safe distance from the Princess and Keep now. He was on his way to the Midas River. King Koopa only had a short time to tell him what he was supposed to do, and Yoshi had to keep thinking about it just so he wouldn’t forget. His orders: plant the anchor bombs into the river every 50 feet. The bombs would anchor themselves into the ground once a small button on them was pressed (hence their name). The anchors would push through the soil below to 12 feet. And if anyone saw them, they would just think they were rocks because of the gray slate upon them in different variations.

“I need a boat,” Yoshi told himself. He got to the Midas river and looked around for the old geezer who stayed there. The man was spotted trying to balance on top of a barrel. “Hey!” Yoshi called out.

The man looked up and jumped immediately off the barrel. It floated away to the other side of the lake.

“Would you like to try the Midas River game?” he asked quickly.

“No. I wanted to know if you knew where I could get a boat,” Yoshi replied.

“You can use mine over there.” The man pointed to a barely noticeable part of a boat sticking out behind some trees. “But,” he continued, “it’ll cost ya.”

“Really?” Yoshi glared menacingly at the old man.

“Nevermind! Use it for free!!” the man cowered away.

“Great!” Yoshi gave one of his big, fake smiles and trotted off to the boat.





“You heard me. He’s on his way to Dry-Dry Desert now.”

“And why should I believe you?”

“You don’t really have a choice now, do you?”

“You better not be lying to me...”

“Believe me, I’m not.”

Peach got up from the chair to go. She took a few steps to the door and turned around to face King Koopa once more. “So, what are you going to do if he ends up failing? He can’t be a part of your army anymore.”

“You’ll just never see ‘im again.”

Peach walked briskly to the door again and waited for it to open. Once it did, she dashed and flew off into the air.

“Holy crap! I didn’t know she could fly!” Ludwig said in awe and amazement.

“I did,” Koopa and Kammy said in unison.

“It’ll be a few hours before Yoshi comes back,” Wendy said quietly.

“Wendy loves Yoshi!” Roy chanted.

“I do NOT!!” Wendy chased Roy around the hall.




That wasn’t so bad,” Yoshi said out loud. It was like this was his freebie mission or something. It seemed so...easy! Yoshi had just two more anchor bombs to go. Maybe he’s testing me, he thought. For all I know, he’s watching me right now!! Yoshi continued to act “normal” as he paddled down to the next 50 feet of river. He had had to drag the boat he used all the way back up the starting point of the river just to get a better estimate of what 50 feet was. How did he even know he was doing it right??!

“Oh, man, I knew there was a catch to this...”




Um, Dad?”

Koopa sighed. “Yes, Ludwig?”

“You never debriefed Yoshi. And I still don’t know how well my invention works!!” Ludwig waited for his father to react, but he only looked at his son.


“That means I brought this notebook out for nothing! And shouldn’t you be watching Yoshi??”

“Don’t worry about it. Nothing will go wrong...” The king chuckled a little, and Ludwig walked away in dismay.

Kammy walked up to Koopa once Ludwig was completely out of earshot. “I take it you didn’t tell him or Yoshi the complete truth about this mission, did you?”

“Nope!” Koopa laughed heartily. “He probably thinks I’m watching him right now!! Sometimes Yoshi takes things way too seriously!”




That was just too easy,” Yoshi said while dragging the boat to shore. The Cheep-Cheeps tried nibbling at his legs while he was in the water, but one got too close and jumped at Yoshi. Yoshi took the defensive and shot out his long, red tongue. It ensnared the fish and Yoshi swallowed it mercilessly.

“I wasn’t even out here that long!” Yoshi looked up into the sky as if to get some comment, but only the wind blew.

The mission was a success, but it only took two hours to complete...




Hey! Up in the sky!”

“It’s a bird!”

“It’s a Para Troopa!!”

“It’s a Caped Koopa!!”

“NO!! IT’S...Princess Peach??!”

“Hey, I didn’t know she could fly! Cool!”

Luigi watched among the Toads as Peach landed on the ground near the castle. He immediately rushed over to her. “Princess Peach!!”

Peach looked at Luigi and saw immediately that he was distressed. “What’s wrong?”

“How bad was it??” Luigi was shaking all over.

“Oh, not as bad as I had hoped,” she winked.

“That’s not funny. You could have been--”

“No way! Then whom would Koopa kidnap? You?”

“You got a point there...but what did you need to find out?”

“I’ll have to tell you later. Right now, I need to make arrangements for a trip...”

“A trip!? To where?”

“Dry-Dry Desert. Don’t worry, Luigi. I’ll be fine.”

Luigi sighed. “Why me??”

“Because you’re the only one I can depend on right now. Don’t tell anyone. Alright?”


“LUIGI!! Please??!”

Luigi stopped shaking and looked Peach straight in the eye. It worried her that he was actually going to mean what he would say next. “Okay. But you have to make me a promise as well: you have to tell me exactly what’s going on with you from now on. Alright?”

Peach looked away. She thought maybe she could keep silence with Luigi to the point where he would just forget about it and go home, but he stayed right on the spot and didn’t move. Darn!

“Alright, but I can’t promise you you’ll like what you hear.” Peach strode past Luigi to the castle. Luigi hadn’t moved. What Peach said troubled him.

Why would Peach say something like that?




Three knocks were heard on the large Keep door. The door was opened and in walked a green dinosaur with worry in his eyes. King Koopa was still sitting in the same chair from when Peach had arrived.

“What’s wrong, Yoshi?” King Koopa tried his best to keep from laughing and maintain a straight face. Kammy was standing beside him, but was about to give their little secret away with her half-smile.

“Um, I think I did the mission wrong...” he replied uncertainly. Oh no! I’ve done so bad that they think it’s funny!!

“Did you estimate 50 feet?”


“Did you plant an anchor bomb each time you got to the measurement?”


“Were you able to use all the bombs?”

“...Yes...” It seemed to Yoshi that King Koopa hadn’t even watched the mission.

“Then why are you worried?”

“Because a tool would’ve been more useful than using my arm as ruler, and besides that--”

Kammy couldn’t hold it any longer and burst out laughing. Koopa just gave the widest grin ever.

“--Kammy’s laughing at me, and you’re smiling!! Something’s up!!” Yoshi blurted out.

Koopa cleared his throat. “Ahem...AHEM!!” He was trying to keep from laughing as well. “I have a confession to make.”

“Let me guess,” Yoshi droned. “The mission didn’t even count, did it?”

“No, no, the mission counted. It’s just that it was something I never got around to doing in my spare time, that’s all.” Koopa let his words sink in before he continued. “Tell me, Yoshi, didn’t the mission seem a little different from the other two I gave you?”

“Yeah, it was--”



“Ju st think of that one as a break, okay? It’s just a little freebie I gave you for the success of your last mission. After all, I can’t imagine how bad my butt would’ve hurt from all that Ground Pounding!!”

Yoshi stared at Koopa with his mouth open. He had been worried for nothing. But he just couldn’t figure out why it was so funny...

“I didn’t actually watch the mission, you know,” Koopa continued, “but I knew that you’d succeed so I didn’t have to. Anyways, you still have to be debriefed for that last mission, so go see Ludwig in his lab. Based on what I did see of your last mission, your scoring came out to 80.”


“I had to take away some points because I didn’t see the rest. My bad.”

Yoshi’s left eye twitched. Kammy had finally stopped laughing with tears in her eyes.

What the heck was so funny??



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