Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Lost Brother Found ❯ Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
In the end they decided to leave the IV attached, the bag had only been started just before Sam woke up and the more antibiotics and fluids he got the better. Sam had been left to try and eat the mush they called cereal while Dean was stealing crutches and borrowing a wheelchair. So when his room door opened he looked up to greet his brother with a smile only to freeze in fear at the sight of his Dad.
“I've been looking everywhere for you Sam!” John exclaimed angrily, swiftly approaching the bed and giving Sam a quick look over. Usually Sam would just take the rant and then follow his Dad but not this time.
“So where were you when I was screaming for help while being attacked, huh Dad? Want to know how close I came to ending up some werewolf's dinner?” Sam shot back at him and John's eyes widened in shock.
“You said you'd stay in hearing distance, that you wouldn't let anything happen well guess what? It did! Thanks to you they had to pin the bone back together and I had to have a transfusion since I'd lost so much blood.” Sam was trying not to yell, not wanting to alert the staff to his father's presence. Where was Dean? Hopefully he'd realise John was around and stay out of sight. That was when Sam realised he'd stopped calling him Dad in his thoughts. After what he'd done to Dean and what Sam had suffered over the years John was no longer his Dad.
“Don't you dare take that tone with me Samuel.” John growled dangerously and Sam actually sneered at him.
“Or you'll what? Break the other leg? I'm through John. As far as I'm concerned I'm an orphan, my Dad died the day he shot his own son.” John paled and actually backed off a step.
“What? Did you think it'd stay a secret forever? Dean loved you and you shot him. I hate you so what will you do to me?” Sam asked, sarcasm dripping from his words.
“Nothing. Back away from him John.” Sam relaxed as Dean's voice washed over him. Looking over to the door he saw his brother standing tall and strong, ready to defend him if necessary. Beside him sat a wheelchair and a pair of adjustable crutches.
“No.” John gasped, backing away so that he could face both of them.
“You can't be him.” John stated and Dean snorted.
“Why not? Because you killed me? Need to work on your aim `Dad', you missed my heart. Ready to go kiddo?” Dean turned his attention to Sam and John took advantage of his distraction to slam into him, shoving him against the wall.
“You won't take my son anywhere you monster.” John snarled in Rage but Dean's was far more impressive as he shoved John off him.
“Shut up! He's not a monster, you are!” Sam yelled and both older men froze.
“He saved me last night, stayed despite the fact that I had a silver knife on me and could have tried to kill him as soon as he got close enough. He stayed with me for hours, keeping me warm and waiting for you to show up but you never did. If it wasn't for Dean I'd be dead! He carried me back to town on his back and then brought me in despite the fact that it could put him in danger. And he stayed with me all day and all night till I woke up this morning. He told me what you did.” Sam was breathing heavily by the time he'd finished and Dean moved to hover over him, worried he'd make himself sick. Sam reached out and clung to Dean who hugged him back.
“I'm no monster John. I'd never hurt Sammy or anyone else but you didn't even wait to give me the chance. Do you know what it's like to see your Dad, your hero save your life and then turn the gun on you? There have been days I wished your aim had been true. I loved you, would have done anything you asked and you repaid that loyalty by trying to kill me.” Dean glared at John but didn't release his grip on Sam.
“You're not Dean! Dean died the moment that wolf's teeth pierced his flesh.” John argued and Sam clung tighter to Dean, burying his head in Dean's jacket to block out the hateful words.
“I'm taking Sam and we're leaving, you'll never see us again.” Dean told him, shifting so he could lift Sam from the bed only to freeze as he heard a gun being cocked.
“You're not taking my boy anywhere wolf.” John stated coldly and Dean tensed but then relaxed and smiled sadly down at Sam, knowing that if he tried to dodge it would hit Sam.
“M'sorry Sammy.” Dean whispered and braced himself. Hazel eyes widened in horror as he realised why his brother wasn't going to try and dodge.
“NO!!” He screamed as John pulled the trigger. Dean waited for the pain but nothing happened. Turning he stared in shock at the bullet hanging suspended in mid air, the silver bullet. He looked down at Sam to see his brow scrunched up in concentration, sweat pouring over his face. The only sound in the room was their heavy breathing and then the soft ping of the bullet hitting the ground. Sam opened his eyes and smiled up at Dean before looking at John and fighting to stay awake.
“Silver John? Did you come here to kill me too, assuming the only way for me to be alive was if I'd been bitten too?” Sam asked and then his eyes rolled up and he went limp in Dean's arms. Dean held him tightly as he walked past the shocked Hunter and then lowered him gently into the wheelchair. Hospital security had to have been alerted to the yelling and now a gunshot so he had to get Sam out quickly.
Sam groaned as consciousness tried to impose itself on him. His head was pounding and the light seeping through his eyelids was far too bright. The movement of whatever he was on didn't help matters much, in fact it was making them decidedly worse. He groaned and tried to roll to his side only to hit something hard.
“Sammy? You awake kiddo?” A concerned voice called and Sam forced his eyes opened as the memories flooded back. Dean was looking over at him from the driver's seat of a car and he was in the passenger side.
“Sick.” He croaked and Dean pulled over, racing to his side to open the door. Sam pretty much fell out to vomit on the dirt but Dean held him up. He sipped at the water Dean helped him drink once he was done, grateful for the cool liquid.
“You with me Sam?” Dean called and Sam managed a lazy nod.
“Where?” Sam asked as Dean helped him back into his seat.
“North Dakota. I got you to the car and started driving, haven't stopped since.” Dean admitted, getting back in himself. He dug around for a bit and then handed Sam some painkillers which he swallowed gratefully.
“You've been out for nearly a day, I was getting worried.”
“Happens. John?”
“Left him staring in shock back in your room and with hospital security on the way.” Dean told him, restarting the car.
“Good.” With that Sam passed out again, leaving Dean to worry but there was nothing he could do until he found them somewhere to stay.
By the time Sam roused again night was falling and he was feeling a lot better though his leg was throbbing fiercely.
“Still driving?” He asked and Dean actually jumped slightly before looking over and smiling at the sight of Sam awake and alert.
“Trying to decide where to go.” Dean admitted and Sam nodded, trying to stretch as much as he could in the cramped conditions.
“Bobby's in South Dakota and Pastor Jim's in Minnesota.” Sam offered and then frowned as Dean seemed to wilt.
“Which would you prefer staying with?”
“I don't mind, John's on the outs with both so it's not like he'll call them to see if we're there.” That got him a bewildered look from his brother.
“We?” Dean asked in confusion.
“Well yeah, we need to hole up somewhere till my leg heals a bit. No way can I get around even on crutches at the moment.” Sam shrugged and Dean continued to stare.
“Dude, eyes on the road.” Sam urged him, seeing the bend coming up and Dean looked away.
“Dean what's wrong?”
“You really want me to stay?” Dean asked quietly and Sam smiled, shifting in his seat so he was closer to Dean.
“Don't plan to let you out of my sight. So got a preference?”
“Who's less likely to greet me with a gun?” Dean asked tightly and Sam nodded.
“Pastor Jim it is.”
Dean looked over at where Sam was dozing, his casted leg propped up as well as it could be. A part of him still couldn't believe Sam was sitting not even half a foot away from him after nine years of being separated. Seeing Sammy stand up to John for him like that, how could he have ever thought his Sammy would hate him for what he had become? Would Sam have taken it so well if he'd sought him out years ago and told him the truth? He didn't know and there was no way to find out. He was just glad he had gotten the kid away from John, the man had always been obsessive and a bit neglectful of them but apparently Dean's `death' had pushed him over the edge. If he hadn't found Sam...his baby brother could still be lying in the woods, dead.
He couldn't believe how well Sam had taken the revelation that Dean was a werewolf. Then again how had Sam stoped that bullet? Whatever he had done had taken a large toll on him on top of his injuries so it was no surprise the kid was sleeping so much. And the fact that John had been using silver, had he gone to the hospital ready to kill Sam just because he'd made it out of the woods alive? He needed to know more about what had been happening since he'd been forced to leave his family. Hopefully Pastor Jim would know something and would be willing to give him a chance.
Jim had just finished straightening the Bibles when the doors to the church opened. He straightened up and put on a welcoming smile only to freeze in shock as a young man entered carrying another.
“Hey Pastor Jim.” Sam waved at him from his spot in the man's arms and Jim took a step forward.
“Sam? What happened? You can put him down in the pew sir...” Jim trailed off as he caught sight of a familiar necklace around the man's neck, a necklace Sam had given his brother for Christmas one year not too long before the older boys death. He slowly looked up and found himself staring into familiar green eyes. Though the innocence they had once held was long gone and in its place was pain and wariness
“Dean?” Jim ventured and the man nodded.
“Hello Pastor Jim.” Dean greeted him softly, looking ready to bolt at any second if it wasn't for Sam having a death grip on his jacket. Jim stepped back automatically and began listing things in his mind that could have taken on Dean's appearance. The fact that he had made it inside the church made him rule out a demon and Sam knew how to check for those.
“It's okay Pastor Jim, it's really Dean, promise.” Sam stared up at him, hazel eyes earnest.
“Sam, you're brother is dead.” Jim tried gently and Sam shook his head.
“Sammy it's okay. I'll go.” The thing that looked like Dean said but Sam just tightened his grip.
“You promised Jerk.” Sam begged, clinging to Dean with all his strength. Jim watched the tenderness with which Sam was treated and found his surety wavering. Could it really be?
“Sam just relax son. Dean can help me finish up here and then we'll move over to the house.” Jim offered and Dean nodded.
“I'm not leaving you Sam, okay?” Sam reluctantly nodded and let go. Dean pulled out the blanket he'd been carrying and wrapped it around Sam before he followed Jim out of the main room. Jim closed the door to his office and pulled out a container, throwing its contents over `Dean'. He spluttered a bit as it got in his eyes but there was no smoke.
“Do I smell that bad?” He tried to joke but Jim shot him a look and he shut up. He stayed still for the exorcism and the other tests but then backed away from the silver blade.
Jim looked from the blade in his hand over to the suddenly nervous man. That at least narrowed down the possibilities and none of them were all that good.
“How bout I save you needing to clean that thing and just tell you what happened?” Dean offered, never taking his eyes off the blade. Jim kept it in his hand but backed off a little and Dean let out a relieved breath.
“What do you know about my `death'?” Dean asked and Jim wondered at the sarcasm dripping from the word death.
“John took you with him to hunt a werewolf, it killed you and he killed it.” Jim said curtly and Dean nodded.
“Yeah that's what he told Sammy too. Thing is while the wolf got in some good hits it didn't kill me, it bit me. Dad shot it and then saw the bite so he shot me. Just stared down at me and pulled the trigger. Luckily he missed my heart though not by much. I passed out and when I woke I dragged myself deeper into the woods before I managed to dig the bullet out. Passed out again for a few days and when I woke up my wounds were healed. Headed into town but John and Sam were already gone. Last full moon I was chasing down a rabid werewolf but he got too far ahead of me. When I caught up there was a kid on the ground, didn't realise till I started fighting the other that it was Sam who was hurt. I killed the other wolf and then spent the rest of the night trying to keep Sam safe and warm till John showed up. Thing is he never did so I carried Sam back to town and took him to the hospital.” Dean explained in a rush. Jim stared at him in shock. Dean was a werewolf? A few years ago he wouldn't have believed John could be so cold but then after that fight when he'd told John not to come back...
“You remember your time transformed? Why didn't you attack Sam?” Jim asked and Dean stared at him in horror.
“How could you think I'd ever hurt Sammy! He's my brother!” Dean yelled and then turned away, taking deep breaths to get his temper under control.
“I'm different, I don't know why. But when I change I'm still me. I've never killed or attacked anyone when in wolf form. Please Pastor Jim, give me a chance. Sam needs somewhere to heal, being stuck in the car isn't doing his leg any good.” Dean begged and Jim put the knife down.
“I must be crazy to do this, one wrong move and there's a silver bullet with your name on it.” Jim warned and Dean smiled, in that instant he was the little boy Jim had last seen.
“How bad is Sam's leg?”
“They had to put some pins in but the doc said they should be able to remove those once it's healed. The bone was, um, sticking out through the skin when I found him and they had to give him a blood transfusion at the hospital.” Dean explained and Jim nodded.
“Why isn't he still in hospital?” Jim asked and Dean's expression darkened.
“John showed up with silver bullets. And he didn't know I was there.” Jim went white and Dean grabbed him, concern clear on his face.
“Are you saying...Sam? he was going to kill Sam?”
“Don't know but I couldn't take the chance.” Jim's expression turned to alarm at that and Dean shook his head.
“I didn't hurt him. Despite...he's still my Dad even if he hates me. Hospital security hopefully turned him in to the cops.”
“Good.” They re-entered the church hall and Sam relaxed at seeing them both alive and unharmed.
“Let's get you settled into a bed Samuel.” Dean leant down and easily lifted his taller brother up. Jim was surprised that he felt no unease at the show of strength because of the incredible care Dean was taking to make sure Sam didn't feel any more pain.