Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Lost Brother Found ❯ Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Jim tensed but then forced himself to relax as Dean joined him in the kitchen. The sad smile Dean gave him let him know his reaction had been noticed.
“Sam?” Jim asked, putting two mugs of coffee and a plate of sandwiches on the table.
“Asleep again, the meds seem to knock him out. But at least the pain isn't so bad when he's asleep.” Dean answered, downing a sandwich.
“When was the last time you ate?” Jim asked in shock and Dean blushed slightly.
“Fast metabolism, I need to eat a lot since...” Dean trailed off, not quite willing to say it out loud to anyone other than Sam and Jim nodded.
“What have you been doing for the last nine years?” Jim asked and Dean shrugged.
“Hunting on and off. Got my GED before you ask. Mainly drifting I guess.”
“I've heard rumours of a mysterious hunter no one's ever gotten a look at.” Jim pushed and Dean shrugged again since his mouth was full.
“Could be me or anyone really. I've been staying away from hunters for a reason. Not many would give me a chance to explain.” Jim nodded at that.
“What are you going to do now? John won't let you go easily and you can bet he'll let others know.”
“I know...Sam deserves a life Pastor Jim, he hates hunting everyone knows that. I'm going to give him the best life I can. Even if I have to find some way of homeschooling him while on the road to stay ahead of hunters. He wants to go to college and we both know he's plenty smart enough.”
“That he is. He doesn't know it but a few months ago I sent in scholarship applications for him, hopefully one will answer.” Dean stared at Jim in shock and then smiled.
“Thanks, geek will love that.'s he been since?” Dean asked and Jim sighed, not really wanting to tell Dean but knowing he needed to know.
“John brought him here after that hunt. Sam was a ghost Dean, didn't talk, and barely ate unless forced. John actually left him here for six months and I tried my best, got him into school and everything but his grades slipped badly. Never seen him bring home D's before. Haven't seen much of them since then but I've talked to Bobby a few times and he was worried too. Sam just slipped into this shell and no one could get through it. Though his grades picked back up after about a year.” Jim explained and Dean could only stare at the table top. He should have tried to find Sam years ago, told his brother what he was, he could have made Sam see that he was still the same brother that had always loved him. Instead he'd been afraid, scared to see hate or fear in his baby brother's eyes.
“I should have tracked them down; I could have taken Sammy from him.”
“John would never have let him go.” Jim told him quietly and Dean nodded.
“Can I take some of these up for him?” Dean suddenly changed the subject and Jim allowed it.
“Let me know if you need anything else.”
“Hey sleepyhead.” The quiet but happy greeting made Sam turn and then smile at his brother. He still couldn't believe that Dean was alive and that he'd taken him away from John. It was like a dream come true, despite the fact that he knew there were still a lot of practicalities to work out.
“Feeling better?” Dean asked, reaching out to check for fever and Sam nodded lazily.
Dean smiled as Sam pushed himself upright in the bed and handed over the sandwiches Pastor Jim had made.
“Figured you must be hungry.”
“Thanks.” Sam tore into the sandwich and Dean had to suppress a chuckle at the speed with which the teen ate.
“Try not to choke.” Sam slowed and gave a sheepish grin before going back to eating.
“Sorry, I just get really tired and hungry after....” Sam trailed off, eyes wide and his whole body tense.
“Sammy?” Dean called in fear at his brother's reaction.
“Come on kid talk to me.” He coaxed, reaching out but Sam shied away.
“Sammy please don't do this.” Dean actually let himself beg. He didn't know what was wrong and it scared him to see Sam flinch away from his touch. Dean moved closer and then pulled Sam into his arms, hugging his brother tightly. Sam seemed to stiffen even further for a few seconds before gradually relaxing.
“It's okay Sam, I've got you, I won't let anyone hurt you.” Dean soothed and smiled as slowly Sam focused on him.
“I stopped the bullet.” Sam whispered and Dean nodded.
“You saved my life kiddo.”
“I've never done something that big before and it hurt but I had to stop it, I can't lose you.” Sam mumbled and Dean held him tightly.
“What did you do Sam?” He asked gently and Sam looked away.
“Sometimes when I get mad or scared things move a little. And I always feel really tired and hungry afterwards.” Sam explained and Dean nodded, not letting Sam see his shock because he knew the kid would take it the wrong way.
“Does John know?” Sam shook his head.
“But he will now unless werewolves are telekinetic.” Sam said and Dean snorted.
“Not likely. So you sleeping nearly non-stop since we left the hospital is normal?” Dean asked, concerned for Sam's health and safety since passing out like that wasn't a safe thing to do. Sam shrugged.
“Don't know, usually I'm just tired for a couple of hours. Stopping a bullet is a big thing Dean; as long as I don't do something like that again I'll be fine.” Sam smiled at him and Dean nodded.
“Have you tried learning how to control it?” Dean asked and Sam flinched but shook his head.
“Why not?”
“I don't want to be a freak...and I was scared he'd see.” Dean sighed and ruffled Sam's hair.
“You're not a freak Sammy. Werewolf here, if either of us is a freak it's me.” Dean told him and Sam glared at him.
“No you're not.” Sam insisted and Dean grinned.
“So neither are you. Now eat your lunch.”
Jim moved away from the door, confused over what he'd heard but more sure that he'd made the right choice in giving Dean a chance. You couldn't fake the emotions he'd heard in Dean's voice towards his brother. But Sam having powers was worrying. He knew some of John's fears over what the demon had wanted seventeen years ago and it seemed some may be right. But with Dean protecting him Jim had the feeling even a demon would have problems getting to Sam.