Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Lost Brother Found ❯ Interlude ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4 - Interlude
John stared down at the photo in his hands, wondering how things had gone so wrong. It had been taken three weeks before Dean...before his son had been replaced by a monster. And now he'd lost Sammy too, it hadn't been the wolf that had stopped his bullet. He wondered absently how long ago he'd lost his youngest son, how long it had been since his baby boy had been consumed by the demon inside him. He'd honestly seen no signs of it, sure they fought but he'd always assumed it was simple teenage rebellion.
He studied the photo sadly, trying not to think of happier times. Dean had his arms around a squirming, smiling Sam and John himself was standing behind them. The photo had been snapped at a park they'd stopped at to stretch their legs and the photographer had given him a copy. Those had been happier times. Sam had worshipped Dean and Dean had been his obedient soldier.
When he'd seen Dean go down under that wolf he'd acted instantly but it hadn't been quick enough. Pushing the corpse off of Dean he'd been so scared seeing the blood but had relaxed slightly when Dean had focused on him, obviously in pain but conscious. He'd been about to help the boy up when he'd seen it...the deep wound that had stolen his son from him. He'd forced himself to shut down, to ignore the soul deep pain, and had then aimed his gun at the new wolf. He'd almost hesitated seeing the pain and betrayal in its eyes but had forced himself to fire, to free what was left of Dean. He'd been so sure he'd killed the monster but obviously his aim had been off. There'd been so much blood over its chest already and as much as he hated to admit it, the fact that it had been his son once may have affected his shot.
The wolfs behaviour with Sam, or what had been Sam had seemed odd to him at first but now it made sense. The creature was simply looking for an ally and something that could stop a silver bullet would be very useful. The fact that the wolf hadn't attacked or even eaten him during the night was interesting but maybe Sam had held it off and then it had helped him due to some sort of lingering familiar feeling? The wolf still had all of Dean's memories after all even if it was no longer human, and Dean had always been so protective of Sam that maybe some of that had come through even in the monster. Either way he'd lost both his boys now. In a way it was good he'd never have to face Mary over this, how could he tell her both her sons were now monsters?
John went to tear the picture up but then stopped, unable to destroy the last bit of evidence he had of Mary's boys. He put it back in his wallet and packed his gear up. He needed to track them down and end it, to put their souls to rest and free them from what they'd become. And as much as he hated to admit it he'd need help taking them both on. So he pulled out his cell and started calling, ignoring the lone tear that trailed down his face.
Thought I'd give you a look at what John's thinking. I may end up redeeming him in the end but it'd be a dying act or something. What do you think? Redeem him or let him stay a bastard?