Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Lost Brother Found ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 4
Jim stared at the phone, not sure whether or not to make the call. But he knew John Winchester and he was going to come after his children with as much backup as he could find. Which meant they needed backup too. But who to call? They needed Hunters who could see more than just black and white when it came to the Supernatural. His best bet would be those who knew the boys, they'd be more likely to want to side with them. With a small smile he started dialling, he knew exactly who to start with.
“Bobby, its Jim Murphy.”
“Hey Jim, how have you been?”
“Not bad. Look, have you heard from John Winchester lately?” Jim asked.
“Not for a few months, why?” Bobby asked, not sure what was going on.
“What would you say if I told you I have both Winchester boys in my spare bedroom?”
“I'd ask what you've been drinking Pastor since Dean's been dead for nine years.” Bobby answered gruffly.
“He's not dead. Scared me half to dead when he walked into the church carrying an injured Sam. And before you ask he passed all the tests...except one.”
“Which one?” Bobby asked tightly and Jim took a deep breath.
“Silver. He was pretty torn up by the werewolf like John claimed, but it didn't kill him. John was the one who tried to do that when he say the bite. Dean saved Sam from another werewolf and got him to a hospital, his legs in a bad way so they're here to let him heal. And John is after both of them.”
“Damn it Jim. This is a lot to ask a guy to believe. You're saying Dean had enough control not to attack Sam? That John tried to kill him? And why is he after Sam? Does he think he's infected? Is Sam infected?”
“Sam's okay, his leg was broken and they had to put some temporary pins in. Did John ever...say anything about Sam and Mary's death?” Jim asked, not sure how to phrase it.
“You mean that stupid thing about the demon doing something to Sam? That he could change sides? It'll never happen, Sam's a good kid.”
“I agree but John...he tried to shoot Dean with silver, Sam stopped the bullet Bobby. That's why he's after Sam. And there's no way he's going to come alone. I need your help, I can't protect them alone.” Jim admitted and then fell silent as Bobby sighed loudly. He could imagine the hunter taking his ever present hat off to run a hand through his hair.
“What do you need?” Bobby finally asked.
“Back up for when they come. He'll track them down eventually no matter how well we hide them.” Jim explained, feeling horrible that they were making plans against a man they had both called a friend.
“True, if you can say one thing for John it's that he's a persistent bastard. If he thinks they're monsters to be hunted he won't give up till they're dead.”
“As far as he's concerned they all ready are, he's just after the things wearing their faces.” Jim paused to think for a bit.
“Could you come here? I think it'd be good for them to see not everyone will turn their backs on them.”
“I'm already grabbing my gear. You calling anyone else?”
“Any suggestions?”
“Caleb and Joshua to start with. I can't see them turning Dean or Sam away. As long as you're sure Dean's not hurting anyone they'll side with him.”
Dean and Sam looked up as Jim joined them in the spare bedroom.
“Making calls?” Dean asked nervously and Jim paused, it was going to take some getting used to Dean having such good senses.
“Sooner or later John's going to come after you and he won't be coming alone. We need our own help. I called Bobby and he's on his way. He was glad to hear you're alive Dean. I'm going to call around to a few of the other who know you two, I'll start with Joshua and Caleb.”
“What...what if they side with DaJohn? What if they want to kill us?” Sam asked nervously, moving closer to Dean, seeking comfort.
“They won't Sam. Anyone who knows you knows you'd never switch sides. As for Dean, Bobby wanted to be sure you have control but other than that was fine.” Jim explained.
“He'll be here by morning. I'll get started on dinner. I've put a stool in the bathroom along with plastic so Dean you can help Sam have a shower. You'll feel better once you've cleaned up properly.” Jim explained and then left them alone.
“Do you think he's right? Will Bobby help us?” Sam asked and Dean shrugged.
“I don't know Sammy, but we do need help.” Dean told him before scooping him up in his arms.
“But Pastor Jim's right, you need a shower little brother, you stink!” Dean teased and Sam laughed.
“Thanks a lot jerk.” Sam grumbled but couldn't stop smiling.
“No problem bitch.” He set Sam down on the closed toilet seat.
“Uh...I'm going to have to...”
“I know Dean. Let's just do this.” Sam told him and Dean nodded, kneeling down to remove Sam's socks and then his sweatpants. He hesitated and then removed his boxers while Sam pulled his shirt over his head. Grabbing the plastic he wrapped it around Sam's cast and then taped it in place. The rest of his wounds were covered by water proof bandages and Jim had left new supplies out for after the shower. Lifting Sam again he sat him on the chair inside the shower and then started the water. They both avoided eye contact as Dean helped Sam with his shower first and then drying and dressing. He cleaned and redressed Sam's wounds as gently as he could and then carried him downstairs for dinner, not wanting Sam to jar his leg by using the crutches until it had more time to heal.
Bobby parked his truck and stared at the unfamiliar car in front of Jim's house. He'd spent the trip trying to make himself believe that Dean was still alive, despite nine years believing otherwise and now it was time to see for himself. Taking a deep breath he grabbed his bag and headed for the front door. Jim had it open before he reached the front porch and they exchanged nods of greeting. He followed Jim inside but froze as he saw the two boys, young men really, sitting on the couch. Sam was sitting sideways, his legs pillowed on the older males lap. As for the older...short dark blonde hair, green eyes and a familiar necklace.
“Dean?” Bobby asked and got a nod in answer.
“Hey Bobby.” Dean managed a shaky smile for him and Bobby blindly felt for a chair.
“It's really you Dean?” He managed to croak out and Dean sighed, sliding out from under Sam's legs and approaching the older hunter slowly. He knelt in front of Bobby and stared up at him. Bobby stared at him, studying the changes from the boy he had known. He smiled slightly as he saw the familiar freckles almost hidden in tan skin.
“It's really me Bobby. I know what Hunters think of werewolves but I'm not like them. I'd never hurt anyone. You have to believe me, please.” Dean spoke quietly, not wanting Sam to hear him beg. The next thing he knew he was being hugged and then quickly released.
“It's good to see you boy.” Bobby told him gruffly and then looked at Sam who fidgeted uncomfortably.
“How're you doing Sam?”
“Not too bad. Leg itches a bit.” Sam shrugged and Bobby got up to give him a brief hug as well.
“Are it okay?” Sam asked and Bobby nodded.
“I know you kiddo, powers won't make you go bad.” Bobby told him and Sam smiled.
“Now let's get planning.”