Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Lost Brother Found ❯ Chapter 8 ( Chapter 9 )

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Okay so a friend and I have been discussing everything that's been going on with ffnet as well as that program or whatever that's being allowed to run and get stories and authors banned. This was what she came up with.
"I know what you mean but maybe authors that were banned can maybe start their own sight get together with others and plan one out that way maybe in time we can be a serious competition for this site... All it takes is planning."
What do people think? Neither of us really knows how to start up such a page so we'd need someone who knows how.
Chapter 8
Sam gently woke Jess up as they pulled into the salvage yard. She yawned and then looked around, frowning.
“Sam?” She asked as Sam got out and offered her a hand. She let him help her out of the car as the front door banged open and an older man came outside.
“Hey Bobby! Thanks for the warning.” Dean called out as the three of them started for the house, Dean and Sam carrying their bags.
“You okay?” Bobby asked and both boys nodded.

“Jess, this is Bobby, an old family friend. Bobby this is my girlfriend Jess.” Sam introduced them and Jess managed a shaky smile for him.
“Get inside and we'll talk.” Bobby said and they trudged inside after him.
“I can't believe....they were shooting at us.” Jess murmured and Sam held her close.
“I'm sorry Jess, I'm so sorry. I never meant to put you in danger.” Sam whispered and Dean and Bobby looked away, giving them the illusion of privacy.
“Sam please, what's going on?” She asked and Sam sighed, looking at his brother and the man who might as well be their uncle.
“My name is Sam Winchester and when I was six months old my mother was killed in my a demon.” Sam choked out, not looking at her for fear of her reaction.
“Once our Dad found out the truth he began hunting down anything supernatural.
“When...when I was eight....” Sam trailed off and Dean reached out to place a hand on his shoulder.
“Dad and I were hunting a werewolf and it got the drop on me. To become a werewolf you have to be bitten by one. It clawed me up good but it also bit me. Our Dad saw that and.....he shot me with silver, aiming for my heart. He missed and I spent the next nine years on my own. I was different from other werewolves, I was in complete control when transformed but I never went near anyone I knew, afraid that they wouldn't listen and would finish what John had started.” Dean explained quietly.
“Then one night I was chasing another werewolf and I found Sammy. He was alone and at the mercy of the wolf I was after. I fought it, killed it and...Sam was scared at first but then he just accepted that there was a werewolf trying to help him, not eat him. His leg was badly broken, the injury he was using a cane for when we first got to Stanford. After the sun rose and I changed back I got him to the hospital where they operated and gave him blood. When he woke up I told Sam the truth and he accepted me. Then....he showed up.” This time it was Dean who couldn't keep going.
“Dad showed up with silver bullets, despite not knowing Dean was there. He'd decided that the only way I could have survived was to have been bitten. Dean tried to get us out without a fight but Dad shot at him and I....I stopped the bullet. I have....abilities Jess. I can move things with my mind and sometimes I have dreams and they come true.” Sam told her, holding her hands gently in his. He stared at her as she took in everything he'd told her and then fought the urge to flinch as she withdrew her hands from his.
“Jess?” He asked as her eyes went wide.
“How...what...Sam, that's....that's crazy. There's no such thing as werewolves!” She finally managed to say, pulling even further away from him and then staring at Dean and Bobby.
“No it's not Jess.” Dean murmured and then he let his inner wolf just close enough to the surface for his eyes to change to gold. Jess gasped and scrambled off the couch and way from them.
“Jess its okay, everything's okay.” Sam soothed as he got up, slowly walking towards her.
“No it's not! How could you....I was gonna move in with you and you were keeping all this from me! How could you? I thought you loved me?” She demanded angrily and Sam flinched.
“Jess I do love you, I just didn't know how to tell you...or if I should. Knowing this, it's dangerous.” Sam told her.
“Hunters don't tend to have long happy lives girl, these idjits were just trying to protect you in their messed up way.”Bobby interjected on their behalf.
“I don't believe this! This is crazy! It's like something out of a horror movie.” Jess muttered as she backed into the wall.
“Jess.” Sam pleaded, holding out a hand to her but she shook her head.
“Stay away from me.” And then she bolted past them and out the door.
“Jess!” He practically screamed, moving to follow her. But all he could do was watch as the car tore off down the road and pray no one found her before he did. She just needed time....that was all.
Very short I know but a lots been going on the last few weeks and this seemed a good place to leave it considering.