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Hey! Rydia here! I started this story some time ago on FF, and decided I'd broaden my horizons a bit. So I hope you enjoy! (The writing gets better as it goes on, I promise.)
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From Yesterday into Tomorrow
Chapter One:
A New Beginning
The brunet teen crouched impatiently amongst the foliage surrounding Martel Temple as his red tinted eyes scanned the general area. Sure, it was nothing spectacular, just a normal forest situated not too far from the sea, but the scenery was not what the teen was gazing at. Shooting a slight scowl at himself, the adolescent rose silently and trotted through the undergrowth—he just was not close enough. After all, it would be many more years before he obtained his dad's level of vision.
Dropping down as close to the tower as he could without risking, the brunet teen silently observed the events unfolding before him, while being sure to heed his father's instructions.
“Go there, to Iselia, and join the Chosen's group. Gain her trust and protect her at all costs,” instructed the older male as he absentmindedly tested the edge on his sword. “Once you've succeeded in that, I will meet you in Palmacosta where I, too, will play my part and join the Chosen's group. Are we clear on this?”
The brunet nodded eagerly, red eyes full of excitement. “You got it, Dad!” he chirped out eagerly, ready for the upcoming adventure.
“That is good, son, but do not forget your place. You are a human to them, nothing more. That means absolutely no mana usage—and keep your techniques to a minimum.”
“Yes, Sir!” he agreed eagerly, “…but why can't you come with me now?”
“I have my reasons, Son…we mustn't, at any cost, blow our cover unless the Chosen's life is in danger, so it will be far more realistic if we do not join them together,” lectured the older man as he watched his energetic son out of the corner of his eye.
“Got it…but I can't wait until we get to Palmacosta!” grinned out the excited teen as he bustled about, collecting the last of his supplies.
“Oh, and Lloyd…don't die.”
Lloyd could still hear his father's parting words to him echo through his mind, it seemed a funny thing for the terrible and mighty seraph to be afraid of the death of one single teen.—but then again, Lloyd knew that he, too, would be devastated if anything bad ever befell his father. He supposed it was the `family bond' thing…after all, Kratos was all of the family he had in the world.
Picking up the sound of footsteps approaching at a rather forced pace, Lloyd returned his attention to the matter at hand. He knew his instructions well; he was to join the Chosen's party not by playing the hero, but by seeming to need help. While this concept disgusted him, he knew better than to disobey his father.
Watching the approaching figure, he was able to distinguish that it was a female with white hair. Was she elf or half-elf? He was too far away to tell. Lloyd was fully aware of the fact that a small group of Renegades had entered the temple earlier, with the intention of ambushing the Chosen. Well, this woman certainly did not seem very Chosen-y, he somehow imagined that the `Chosen of Mana' would have a far larger entourage. Besides, she was too old.
Hearing the sound of laughter coming from not too far away Lloyd glanced quickly to the side. Blonde hair, about sixteen years old…now that was the Chosen of Mana!—even if she did have a small entourage, consisting only of the apparent relative of the white-haired woman. Smiling slightly to himself, he slipped away, intent on making the temple before the Chosen and after the white-haired woman.
Raine felt her lavender eyes go wide with excitement as she entered the temple, now this was a fine piece of architecture! And built for the Goddess herself! What a place! Raine knew it was her job to inspect the area before the coming of the Colette, yet how could she pass up this chance?
In her elation, Raine failed to notice that her presence was not the only one within the structure's confines, and that none of the priests were to be seen. Gazing around in awe she was shocked to hear a harsh voice break out behind her.
“Hey there girlie! Whatcha doin' in a run-down place like this un?”
Whirling around Raine found herself face-to-face with several Desians. Backing up she jumped slightly as she felt a heavy prod on her back—she was surrounded!
Glancing about nervously she put on her best face and glared at the would-be attackers. “What does it look like? I'm inspecting the area! But I must know…what are Desians doing here? Iselia has a non-aggression treaty with the Human Ranch!”
Her challenger scoffed openly at this. “And what d' we care `bout what you and yer Desian buddies got er don't got, eh?”
Wait. What? That did not make any sense. He spoke as though…he was not a Desian. Why was that?
“Anyways, girlie, it's high time yew told us what yer plannin' on doin' here…don't happen t' have any relation t' the Chosen's journey….now do it?”
Fighting her fear back down Raine refused to allow her fear to show. “And what if it does?”
“Then you die.”
For the first time in her life Raine truly felt fear well up inside her chest. Here she was, alone and surrounded by at least twelve Desians, who were apparently intent on killing her.
Lloyd grunted quietly to himself, he had successfully snuck into the building, so now came the time to put his plan into motion. Sure, it was not exactly what his dad had in mind…but it would have to suffice.
Rushing forward the red-clad teen drew his twin swords in one fluent motion as he threw himself into the back of one `Desian,' who was about to attack the woman…whom he had successfully determined was a half-elf.
“Come on, ugly! Do you enjoy picking on women?” he yelled out, hoping to catch the attention of the two outside, as he stabbed his right blade deep into the back of one of his opponents.
Raine could scarce suppress a relieved sigh when the strange teen came to her rescue. She had no idea where he had come from, or why he was here, but he had saved her…at least for the moment.
Taking advantage of the Desians' divided attention, she smashed her wooden staff into the head of one of them as she attempted to keep her attention on her back also. After all, not doing so could easily prove fatal.
Lloyd mentally cursed himself for making such a poor decision as he watched the Renegades closing in on him too. He was under strict orders not to get carried away with his abilities—a minor detail he had forgotten before charging into the fray. Crossing his twin blades in front of his torso Lloyd braced himself to take the blow of yet another opponent. Deflecting the blow he whipped his right arm about and thrust the sword into the stomach of his attacker as he carefully stepped back, a calculated retreat.
“Colette, did you hear that?” questioned the twelve year old half-elf, glancing over at his best friend as he did so.
“Uh huh, I did, it sounds like fighting! And in the temple too!” yelped the overly-energetic Chosen as she began sprinting forwards, blonde hair fluttering out behind her as she ran.
Blinking, the white-haired half-elf took off after her. Why did Colette always have to be so spontaneous? Following her up the steps that lead to the temple the young half-elf, Genis, breathed a sigh of relief to see a familiar face looking down at them from the landing.
“Phaidra! What's going on?” he yelled up to Colette's grandmother, worry clouding his face. Raine was in there.
“Genis! Colette! It's good to see you two are safe! The priests and myself got attacked by Desians…only a few of us made it out alive…” she muttered, eyes downcast. “Unfortunately, I was unable to get back from helping the priests hide in time to warn your sister…it seems she has gone inside.
Clenching his teeth Genis began running for the entrance, kendama clenched tightly in his fist. No way was some stinking Desian going to rob him of the only family he had!
Entering the dark confines that were the entrance to Martel Temple, Genis blinked as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, where was she? Finally catching sight of his sister, blurry as she was, Genis breathed a sigh of relief. At least she was safe—for the moment.
It was then that the strangest thing happened. Genis felt himself get shoved to one side to make way for a heavily cloaked figure to step inside.
“We're leaving.”
That being said, all of the Desians simply turned and left, much to Genis' surprise.
“Wha-what just happened?” voiced Colette, also slightly shocked by the occurrence.
“I…don't know…” muttered Genis in response, eyes still wide with shock.
Ignoring the two new occupants of the temple Raine turned her gaze upon the young teen who had saved her life. He was crouched upon the ground, propping himself up with one of his swords and breathing heavily.
“Are you okay?” she asked, kneeling down alongside the teen as she attempted to inspect him for any injuries.
“Hm? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired,” Lloyd lied in response—he was not tired at all, in truth.
Rising slowly Raine dusted her flamboyant orange clothing off as she turned to face her brother and the Chosen.
“And you two, just what are you doing here? After I specifically told you not to leave the school!”
“Um…uh…you see sis, we were…”
“We just wanted to see the Oracle!” Colette chirped, failing to see the danger of the previous situation.
“Oh, you did, did you?” Raine lectured firmly, eyeing them both. “Well then, I guess this saves me the trouble of going to fetch Colette for the ritual.”
Lloyd knew this was his chance if he was ever going to get one.
“The Oracle?! Wait! Is she the Chosen?” hspewed out, trying his best to act excited. “This is so cool! I can't believe the Chosen of Mana is right here!”
Turning from her brother and the Chosen, Raine eyed the flamboyant newcomer once again.
“Oh? And just who are you? And what are you doing here?”
“Um…well, my name's Lloyd. And…uh…” Lloyd began, slightly unsure of what to say this time, “you see…I was just out exploring when I heard all of the fighting…so I came to check it out, that's all.”
Raine smiled slightly at the eager youngster, he certainly seemed excited enough, and he could handle a sword…or two. “Well then, Lloyd, would you like to come with us? Your skill with a blade would certainly prove useful, what, with all of the monsters infesting the temple.
“Wow, really? You mean it?!” he yelped out in excitement. “Cool!”
Raine smiled and nodded, “just as long as you try to calm down.”
Lloyd nodded and smirked a little. Stage One: Complete.