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Disclaimer: I do not own "Tales of Symphonia" or any of its characters, they belong to Namco.
Yeah, another one of "those" lists, but I couldn't help it! Most of these are true! I tossed in a few just so I can't say that everything on this list applies to me. (Which would be pathetic. This is my way of saying I'm not as pathetic as I think I am.) Anyway, Enjoy!
You Know You’re a Symphoniac When:
By: Baby Kat Snophlake
And: ShiniMegami Solqua
----------- The List:
-You have 99,999,999 gald.
-You’re disappointed you can’t get more gald to buy those passes through Hakonesia Peak.
-You buy the Japanese PS2 just to play the Japanese Version of ToS.
-You’re going to Jo’Anne’s Fabrics five times in one day to customize a costume for one of the characters.
-You’re desktop has the same ToS wallpaper for a year and a half.
-You’ve done a lot of research for a fanfic that can never be published. In fact, the books collected for that research would make a Fiction writer’s dream library.
-The day the anime came out suddenly became the happiest day of your life, despite the anime not being in English Subs.
-You pay someone to make the weapons. Better yet, you make them yourself.
-You get insulted when you dress up as a pink kitty kat and people don’t call you Genis.
-You walk down the aisle at a grocery store and shout out the characters’ battle cries.
-Your father comes home with a bandage on his hand and you ask him where he got his exsphere. (Yes, this really happened...)
-One or more of your pets have the characters’ names. (In my case, all my living cats do.) (Raine Midna Sage, and Lloyd the name in massively abridged, check out my profile for the whole name)
-You wish you could marry Lloyd, or Kratos, but Genis (as much as you love him) is out of reach because he belongs to Presea.
-Anything involving ToS gets ruined, and you cry like you’ve lost a best friend.
-Your car reflects your love of ToS.
-You would never cut your hair! Ever! Unless you wanted to look like Genis, then it’s okay to trim your bangs.
-You spend $40 on hair supplies to change your hair color so you look like one of the characters. Normally, you only spend money on shampoo.
-You spend money on caulk with no intentions at all using it for construction or remodeling of a house. (If you cosplay and have no idea what I'm talking about, PM me! Trust me! It's a good trade secret!)
-Your mother knows was “ToS” means.
-You’ve watched the anime four times in three days.
-You’re collecting the original manga despite not knowing how to read it.
-You understand that the plot of the manga despite not being able to read Japanese.
-You can’t understand what they’re saying without the English subtitles, but the Bonus Disc will still make you pee your pants from laughing too hard.
-You’re suddenly afraid of any twelve year old with a kendama.
-You’re afraid of the physical abuse from your teacher, especially if she has chalk in her hands.
-You know what foods all the characters love and hate.
-You gave Yuan a last name and an excuse why he doesn’t use it because Namco was too lazy to do it.
You’ve written over 100 Z-Skits for the game. (Here’s looking at you, Twilight Scribe! )
-You beg your friends (and pay a hefty price too!) to have them vote your way in a ToS poll.
-Your friend has never played ToS but could tell you all about it.
-You’ve found a way to get 21,000 gald in one battle with THAT dragon. (If you found out how to get more, let me know!)
-You know which dragon I’m talking about.
Genis and Raine are powered up enough to take on the Coliseum by themselves and win.
You’ve beaten the Uncle Game.
-You rebuild Luin the first chance you get just to watch Lloyd fight with paper fans, and Zelos and Kratos fight with baseball bats.
-You’ve seen Zelos fight with a bouquet of roses.
You’ve seen every Z-skit there ever was, without ever going to the Katz village.
You come up with random titles for everyone.
You’ve decided on one for yourself.
-Japan is a very appealing place to go when you find out the anime will only be aired over there.
-The soundtrack was all you heard for two weeks.
-You’ve beaten the game from start to finish more than three times, and you still play it.
-You’ve cornered Lloyd at a convention for a piccy and then you became one of those rabid fangirls you complain about.
-You fell in love with said Lloyd and to this day you don’t know who he was. (Really, I should’ve asked for his phone number. -.-)
-You would spend $80 on a sword if it belonged to Kratos.
-You bring the game along with you at convention for those ignorant people who have no idea who you are because they never played the required sidequest.
-You have yet another reason to fear rabbits.
You know what Zircon really is.
-You DON’T want to become an angel. You know what angels really are!
You’ve suddenly become an atheist. Everything you once knew was proven to be a lie.
Before then, you prayed to the Goddess Martel.
-You dream about ToS and its characters.
You’ve jumped from a bridge with complete confidence that shouting “Undine help!” will save your life.
You’ve tried to convince everyone you are NOT a half elf. You are an ELF thank you very much!
-ToS makes you do things. Things you never would’ve done otherwise. (use paypal…..)
-You alone could support Namco if only they would make everything ToS. (Seriously, my house would decked out in ToS crap if they would just make it and sell it!! Until then, makes it herself )
-You’ve customized things in your house to be ToS. (I’m making a light switch cover, electric outlet cover, a laptop bag….)
-You treat the characters like they are living people. (“You stupid dragon! How dare you hurt Lloyd!”)
You’ve tried feeding different plants Kirima fruit to see if they’d suddenly blow air.
You try to kill weeds with Amango Fruit.
You’ve looked for the Devil’s Arms and swear that you can hear them calling to you.
You’ve looked for the Shadow Dancer in the mines near your house, knowing you can’t go looking for him in the forest until you’ve beaten him in the mine.
-It disgusts you that Genis had DARED to fail making a rice ball! (It’s RICE! How hard can that be?!)
-You don’t let Raine cook for fear that the other characters might die.
You don’t like to fall asleep in Inns because some assassin might be trying to kill you or your best friend.
You wear the same outfit day after day until you meet Aifread. Then you forever dress as a pirate.
You’ve been betrayed by every friend you’ve ever met. Except your teacher. (Seriously, everyone has betrayed Lloyd at some point or another. Raine is the only one I can think of who doesn’t actually turn against him. Genis did on his walk with Mithos, and Colette with her all not telling him crap thing. The rest are self explanatory).
-You’ll travel for two hours to be able to play ToS. You’ve gone for three weeks in pain from withdrawal symptoms because you can’t play it now that you’re back home.
-You hate cooking so you wish Genis or Regal would come over and cook for you.
You can name all the Devil’s Arms and who uses them.
-You’ve become a walking advertisement for ToS.
-You are seriously thinking of naming your son Lloyd in the hopes that he will save the world from its current predicament.
You refuse to name your daughter Colette for fear that she would become a “Chosen” for sacrifice.
-It breaks your heart to hear Presea say “I want to go home.”
-You love Zelos because he’s not real. If he was, you’d use your seals on him.
-You’d never live in a place called “Luin”. You know what the names means….
-You know not to visit Palmacosta either.
You’ve tried calling animals with your ring near different colored plants and you just don’t understand why they won’t answer.
-Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium means something to you. That’s okay, you know how to cure it.
You know whether or not you can talk to the unicorn.
You’ve planned weddings for the characters because they didn’t get married in the game.
-You’ve ever thought about stealing Lyla’s money for yourself and cursed Namco for not letting it happen.
-Your ToS game has an exclusive memory card.
-You do not condone child abuse, yet cheer every time Genis and or Lloyd get smacked.
-You get paintings and/or drawings of your favorite character commissioned.
-You find a wonderful broach in a pawn shop and take it to a goldsmith to have it adjusted to an exsphere. (hehe, this is true! I'll be Anime Oasis showing it off, come and see!)
You’ve lost all confidence as a man.
When the power goes out, you attempt to summon Volt.
-Your ToS pictures folder is larger then your family pictures folder.
You faithfully check the stores for merchandise every week even though they have not had anything new for5 months.
You request your chef’s name, if it is Raine, you request a different chef.
The only sleep you get in a week is in the game. (Sleep? What’s that?)
To insult someone, you call them a Desian.
-You pester your friend into buying ToS until she actually does. Better yet, you do all the work for her so all she has to do is pay. (I got it off of Ebay for her.)
-You fight viciously for the Art Book for sale on Ebay.
-You went from Pawn Shop to Pawn Shop trying to find the guidebook. Then you get upset that they wouldn’t have it because the game should be more famous than it is. But that’s okay, ToS has a cult following.
-You wait for the day ToS dominates the world.
-It’s painful to write disclaimers at the beginnings of stories. (I don’t own ToS… TT)
You’ve beaten the "normal" game in less than two days.
-You get colored contact lens just for your costume.
-ToS saved your life. You treat it like Gods because of it.
-You listen to the soundtrack for Lion King 2, Simba’s Pride, and pretend you are listening to Kratos singing to you.
Better yet, when Simba sings on screen, you point to him and say “It’s Kratos!”
-Somehow, some way, everywhere you go, something reminds you of ToS.
-You read this list to your mother and she laughed. (I'm pathetic...)
-Your coworkers and your boss know what ToS is.