Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction ❯ Symphoniacs ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Another installment of “You Know You’re a Symphoniac When” Enjoy!
You know you're a Symphoniac when you see a man in handcuffs and you shout, "Regal! Don't blame yourself, it was the Desians!"
“Why didn’t they make a Yuan figurine? Why?” Is a very common phrase.
Because they don't have ToS in the game room at the convention, you set up
your own playing station in a corner, and spend the rest of the convention
doing what you would have done even if there was no convention, except here
you can infect others with your obsession.
All your characters have every title and costume possible
You know the voice actors names (English and Japanese) and other roles they
have done.
You visit a friend and don't get offended when they don't entertain you.
(Said friend knows you know where their gamecube is). When you finally
do go home, you've hardly spoken five sentences between the two of you but
both still consider it a visit well spent.
You love Zelos, absolutely adore him, but cannot stand to look at him in a
You learn to sew. (ToS costumes exclusively)
You have a ToS related customized toy.
Your family and friends know if they give you anything not related to tos
for a gift, you will disown them.
You build models of ToS characters they did not make models of.
ToS is the theme of your party.
You know ToS so well, you could edit sequels and spin-offs for continuity.
You proselyte for and promote the Church of Martel.
You paint your pets fur to match either Noishe or Corrine (and call them by
the respective name).
You used to think angels were good, now you're not so sure.
Submitted by freakyanimegal456:
Your father calls you an 'inferior being' when he tells you to clean your room.
Your Mother knows who you're talking about when you say Lloyd is an idiot.
You named your cat Corrine and your dog Noishe.
When you trip, you say, 'curse you, Colette!'
Half of your class knows you hate Zelos' guts.
If someone says 'Lloyd', everyone smirks at you because you love him.
You make funny names for the characters and use them with your friends 'TaBAtha' 'Altressa'
You and your brother get into deep discussions on whether or not you feel bad for Mithos.
You can compare any situation in life to ToS.
Your father calls Colette a ditz and Kratos an arrogant (Adding that he is cool)
Your little sister acts like a spaz whenever she sees a picture of Genis.
Submitted by LittleLinor
I have a relical mode (and it's true too XD)
You convert your friends to the ToS fandom so you can have the WHOLE TEAM in a cosplay (did that too XD)
you crush on a guy because he reminds you of Kratos (true too --' )
You can quote any of Zelos's jokes
You noticed Raine does a very bad innuendo in one of the skits.
You deduce the reason she didn't go see the Unicorn.
Submitted by Serenity Aur
- You've researched all or most of the character's voice actors.
- Your mother knows who your favorite/hated character is.
- Your friends know that when you say "hubbie" they know you mean Kratos (Or Zelos/Lloyd/Yuan/Regal/Genis)
- You still cry (or want to cry) at the ending.
- You've taped a marble to your hand and pretend it's an exsphere.
- You question yourself in church.
- You've gathered four or more friends, some sticks and go whack at random plants pretending you're traveling Sylvarant and encountering enemies.
- You've fought a friend and rehearse the lines during battle.
- Your school binders are packed with photos or drawings of ToS.
- You've won the sweepstakes cards the official website was giving away a few years ago. (I didn't get Kratos though...But I got Zelos and Genis!)
- You've submitted even more things for Kat to write in her fic list.
Thanks so much for the submissions! Hehe, And for the support! What’s sad is some of those apply to me also.