Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction ❯ Symphoniacs ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Welcome back! hugs all
I received an incorporeal facial slap the other day. I walked through WalMart and stopped at a Spork that claimed to be a combination of a spoon, knife, and fork. I noticed on the packaging that it said it was made of polycarbonate. Immediately I could hear Raine echoing in my head. “Just as I thought! This is polycarbonate! Developed during the Ancient War to defend against magic!” I even repeated it allowed. I shook my head, muttering under my breath, “I’m a Symphoniac because I can repeat character’s phrases from memory.”
Well, my mom heard my muttering and asked me what I was going on about. I was shocked by what I heard next:
“You might be a Symphoniac if you buy something made of polycarbonate just to defend yourself against magic.”
My jaw dropped. Thus, I have to add a new one to the list:
“You Might Be a Symphoniac If your mom comes up with a new phrase to add to your list.”
Sad isn’t it?
Anyway, back to the list:
You Might be a Symphoniac If:
By BabyKatSnophlake
And ShiniMegami Solqua
You see a man with long blue hair tied back in a pony tail and congratulate him that he finally took his handcuffs off!
You hear about a criminal who does deserve the death penalty (I’m not talking about Regal!) and you shout out, “Meet the Hammer of Godly Thunder!” Then you let Volt take care of the rest.
You spend $48 on a print out of your favorite character so you can frame the poster and hang it on your wall. (I am SO considering this….)
Your guide book is falling apart, but you’ll sooner starve than throw it away.
You’ve covered your guide book with clear contact paper to protect it.
You’ve memorized everything in that guide book, so you don’t even need it!
You carry your favorite ToS character figurine everywhere you go. (Genis and Presea travel in my car with me! Hehe)
When your car says “Angels Watching Over Me” you are talking about Colette, Kratos, Yuan, and Lloyd.
Your license plate has something to do with ToS.
You start a collection of license plates with each of the character’s names.
You see yourself as a 90 year old still playing the then Ancient GameCube.
You know that the secret back-door entrance into any enclosed city is the sewer.
You’re sure you will find Zelos sneaking back through said sewer if you go through it at night.
And now for the Donations!
Donated by: Zoray Zorial
- When you see someone wearing jewelry with a large stone, you ask whose life was sacrificed to create it.
- You laugh for long periods of time after finding out that Genis was voice-acted by a woman.
- You wear a pendant of a carved wooden rabbit to protect you in case you get shot at.
- You accidentally adopt the speech habits of a character (Indeed I have...)
- You've nicknamed your friends after characters because of their behavior.
- You've received such a name.
- You rant and rave at NAMCO for not making Yuan a playable character.
- The scene with Botta in the Remote Island Ranch makes you cry.
Donated by: Animegurl64
-You've played the game all the way through (subquests and all) about 50 times sadly enough
-When at Anime conventions you shell out $100 dollars for 5 of the characters figurines and consider that spending 2 hours in line for them was worth it.
-You scavenged Artist's Alley or its equivalent for ToS stuff
-Having found it, you proceed to have it framed for your room.
-Your friends and you have spent have spent a weekend playing ToS nonstop (all 48 hours of it)
-Your English teacher is well aware you write fanfics having edited one while you wrote an essay for them.
-Your friends no longer find it odd that you can start talking about how to effectively crossover ToS with another Game/Book/Anime etc because you know the mechanics of that world so well.
-Your parents no longer bat an eye when they here you scream angrily at 3:00am because Kratos can be such an .
-You've been nicknamed Kratos because you cosplayed him for a con.
-Your bf went as Yuan also cosplayed
-and you were asked by random coners to do Yaoi stuff despite how cool that was you refused
Donated by: CutePresea
You bring a region 2 DVD player and a copy of the first volume of the OVA to play at a convention.
(Kat: Okay, so I reworded it, but I’m planning on doing this, so… I had to add it!)
Donated by: LittleLinor
Your baby sister knows the names of each and every ToS character, and that includes Yuan and Mithos.
Donated by: Tobiasa
1.You scour Ebay for ToS things and drool over them.
2.You beg parents for an Ebay account so you can buy said stuff.
3.A ToS sequel is your fondest hope and dream.
4.You want to get your mom to make you ToS plushies(becasue you suck at sewing)
-You alternately consider learning so you can FINALLY make that Kratos plushie.
5.If your house ever gets robbed, the first thing to come to your head is, "Oh God, my Gamecube! TALES OF SYMPHONIA!" (True story)
6.You downloaded Narikiri Dungeon 3 rom so you can see the ToS cast again, despite its only being in jap, and kick butt in it.
7. You later find the partially translated version, and attempt to translate the rest.
8.You want to buy a PSP ONLY to play Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and see the ToS cast again in english/3D.
9.You went into a state of shock when you realized Yggdrasill was male.
10.You did NOT think Zelos was a girl when you first saw him.
11.You and your friends fight over 'who gets' Kratos, Yuan, Lloyd, etc.
12.Your online friends all call you obsessed with ToS, while you attempt to convert them to the game, demanding they buy a GC.
13.You know a guy who says he'd marry Kratos if he was female.
14.You can't draw anything well unless its from ToS.
15.You've gone to Cam Clarke's personal website just to hear 'Kratos' sing/talk.
16: You submitted over 15 things to a 'You're addicted ToS when..' list.
17: Better yet, you could write your own no problem!
Donated by: Cheea5
-You know all or most of the words for the phrases to cast the spells
-You squeal whenever your favorite character is mentioned
-You have spent nights wishing a certain character was real
-You've talked about ToS so much around someone who knows nothing about video games that they can name the game, and/or describe what your favorite character looks likewithout having ever seen a picture
-You have asked a friend of yours to draw an inappropriate picture of your favorite couple
-You have over 100 different pictures of your favorite character saved to your computer
-You spent hours looking for the named pictures
Donated by: My Lovely Yume
- You find yourself repeating every line the characters say, voice acted and not.
- You've written two page essays about something ToS related.
- When you talk about ToS with your friends, you sound like a scholar.
- Your ToS disc(s) hasn't(haven't) left your Gamecube in over 10 months.
- Your ToS discs have holes in them.
- You still act shocked during the Atlessa house scene.
- You think Gamecubes should become mandatory in every household.
- You know the ToS OVA word for word even though you don't speak Japanese. "Arigato, Roido." XD
- Cameron Clarke is your hero.
- You dream of having dinner with the voice actors.
- You wonder if the Moon/Sun is actually another world vying for the supply of Mana.
- You'd give anything to get your hands on a rhearid.
- You've gone through a random forest looking for Origin's Seal.
- You've blamed your fate.
- You have more than 40 ToS save files on a single memory card.
- You hum the opening sequence and name every character as they show up.
- You narrate the game while playing.
- You've tried to cast First Aid after cutting yourself.
- You've looked online for a recipe for Miso Soup.
- You rate your parent's cooking in stars.
- Your fastest play time is less than 10 hours. (I have one that's 20 hours with 10x multiplier and transferred techs, but that's with the side quest).
- You've tried to form a pact with a teddy bear.
- You're suspicious of mercenaries.
- You've tried to ingest foreign objects, thinking it was Aionis.
- You think every skyscraper is the Tower of Salvation.
- You've planted a tree in your backyard and named it the Giant Kharlan Tree.
- You want an automated doll like Tabatha.
- You speak to your friends over the phone like Tabatha.
- You convert everything into percentages. "Fifty percent of the milk remains."
- You wish you were a Zelos groupie.
- You've called someone a "Violent Demonic Banshee."
- You've named other people's dogs.
LOL I must be really bad... I've thought about taking all the ones that apply to me directly and posting them in my profile. The rest are hilarious but not necessarily true for me, so I'll leave them here, in their home. Anyone else game? Thanks again for all of your support! Keep the donations coming! Hehe... (It sounds a lot better than Suggestions, because I'm not writing them...)