Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction ❯ Symphoniacs ❯ Chapter 4

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Thanks for all the reviews/donations! We've tried putting this up on mediaminer and I really don't think anyone there even knows what ToS is. But alas, more for us, ne?
Well…. My mom and I walked out of a grocery store and she saw a man who looked just like my father, but we both knew he wasn’t. She pointed at him and said, “look, there’s your dad!” The guy glanced over with a weird look on his face. This happened a long time ago, but I thought back and this came to mind:
You see a random mercenary and point to him and shout to your son, “Look, Lloyd! It’s your father!”
Back to the list:
You Might be a Symphoniac If:
By: BabyKat Snophlake
And: ShiniMegami Solqua
You can see some form of ToS in just about every song. If it’s not obvious, you’ll find it… sooner or later…
You’re frustrated that you have to wait to get the entire Anime into your grubby paws before you can make that music video you've been dreaming about for two years.
You are, however, happy to settle for using your still piccy collection to make an AMV.
You can’t use all your piccy’s in your collection because the song isn’t long enough. You then decide to drop the project because you can’t decide which piccy’s NOT to use.
You are the main reason “Tales of Doodles” on YouTube has so many views.
You see a Meteor Storm and wish Genis wasn’t so far away.
You have conversations with the ToS characters.
They answer back.
Those around you consider this “normal”.
You’ve set up a message board just for ToS! (Seriously, if anyone has, I want the linkie!!)
You’ve decided on favorite types of music for the characters. (I’ve decided Raine likes Loreena McKennitt)
You know the birthdays of all the characters. (Genis was born July 12 because I said so. Raine’s birthday is June 4.)
You swear up and down you went to Palmacosta Academy. If you’re not old enough to be in college, you ARE going to Palmacosta Academy… someday.
You have ToS ringtones on your phone.
When you find out about an animal research laboratory you picket outside of it with signs saying, “Release Corrine NOW!” After that, you believe you can summon Corrine.
You’re suspicious that your Pope has a half-elven daughter.
When your Mayor’s wife dies, you claim she’s not really dead. In fact, the Mayor has her locked up downstairs because of some mysterious illness.
You’ve ever wondered if any child you’ve met was actually older than she looked.
That mercenary at the fair looked really good for his age too!
You believe Mithos should’ve been wrapped up in a straightjacket until he came to his senses. (I didn’t really want him to die! He was just… insane!)
You want to go camping with Kratos just to hear the stories he has to tell. (Living for 4000 years, you’d think he’d have a lot of good ones!)
You wish you could go back in time and tell Kratos not to kill Anna! “There’s a way to save her! Don’t do it!”
You’ve tried the game’s recipes in real life. You’re disappointed when they don’t turn out the same.
You’ve made a sandwich with only bread.
You believe in “Living Swords”.
You believe you should get more from the orienteering guy than just “exercise”.
You’ve ever wanted to just hack away at an NPC for whatever reason and curse because you can’t hurt them. (Such as those who get in your way and WON’T MOVE! You know who I’m talking about.)
You’ve ever been involved in a “Pairing war”.
You call Lloyd a hypocrite. He kills people all the time! Without remorse!
Genis is also a hypocrite: “Drown these pathetic souls!”
You’ve decided Kratos is a masochist. Why else would he wear so many belts and buckles? ( looks a ShiniMegami )
Playing ToS IS the reason you haven’t updated your story in four months.
The first thing you teach your child is how to play ToS.
You use ToS to teach in the classroom, and you insist that your students call you “Professor Sage”.
You always have one of those students who fall asleep in class. He is dubbed Lloyd and a prime target for chalk-chucking.
You’d ace any ToS trivia, online or off with flying colors.
You’ve begun calling yourself a Symphoniac because of anything on this list.
And now for your generous donations!
You spend hours on the phone talking about how the Yggdrasill tree keeps freaking dying (In tales of Phantasia as well) and that they should freaking fire Martel at protecting it because she sucks at it.
You feel weird playin Tales of Phantasia, because they call items 'relics' that you happen to know Lloyd had given to him by his fathers.
You get the derris-emblem in Tales of Phantasia from a lowly NPC soldier and burst into tears, saying it's more important.
You've watched 'Lloyd's Pretty Fly for a white guy' on Youtube seven times in a row.
You've Mangled Mithos, assualted abyssion, slaughtered sworddancer, and lynched living armor.
You talked about ToS nonstop to your friends who eventually get the game and then talk about it with you.
You wonder why they didn't simply fly up and grab the dang fruit in the Ymir forest.
You are angry that in Tales of Phantasia you can't use the time travel machine to go see Lloyd.
You are furious to all ends when you go to Derris-Kharlan in ToP and find Kratos isn't there.
You dream about buying Tales of the World and make calcualtions on when you can get it. (Two more weeks, two more weeks...)
You say 'you are what you eat' and your brother says 'So Mithos eats a lot of fruit'?
You intend to show your grandchildren ToS
You attempt to get your father to play ToS.
Your grandmother watches you play ToS and says that the characters are 'very intelligent, except the one in red'.
You are furious they don't have more videos for ToS on youtube.
You think if ToS was a TV show it would pwn Naruto.
You imagine Lloyd kicking Naruto's butt.
You wonder why Anko from Naruto looks like Sheena.
Your teacher wants to play ToS because of your ranting.
You spend ten minutes thinking up 'symphoniac' quotes.
You randomly burst out ranting 'THEY NEED A TOS TWO!' every few days, and your family is used to it.
Your sister loves putting Genis in his cat outfit and making him run around Altimira screaming 'I'm a kitty!'
You read this story.
The Amazing Chris--
You cry yourself to sleep because you never got to see Kratos in a swimsuit. (And I'm a GUY!)
You can recite all the names Colette gave to the dogs in the game.
You got Zelos's "Gigolo" title the hard way.
Whenever you see someone squinting, you yell, "Kvar!"
You stared in shock at the screen for 20 minutes at the end of the game, just because Genis NEVER learnt a dark spell.
You wish you could have the same shade of hair as Genis/Raine.
You TRIED to get your hair to look like Genis/Raine, and cried because the hair colour doesn't exist.
You laugh every time you see one of the Wonder Chef's disguises.
You actually enjoyed Niflheim.
You star-gaze and try to make constellations that resemble your favourite characters.
You called your boss Yggdrasil when he wasn't looking.
You wish the Z-Skits had sound so much, you voiced the characters yourselves.
You've convinced your parents to try to make a sandwich Lloyd's way.
You freak out whenever you see a tomato.
You don't reply to anything in more than one word all day, and then tell everyone it's because of an "Experiment" done to you
You wrote a 3 page story based on the Summon Spirits for English and got an A.
You watched Barnyard solely because you found out Cam Clarke voiced the ferret.
True story: If someone says 'Sacred powers' then either me or Jana HAS to finish the rest of Kratos' incantation for Judgement! And non-Symphoniacs have found out, and keep repeating 'sacred powers' over and over!
Heir of Okami--
1) if you start naming dogs random names like poochie, fluffy, spot. etc.2)if your dog runs away there must be monsters in the area.
1. You write FanFiction for ToS.
2. Ditto the one above, but you then draw a homemade doujinshi of said FanFiction.
3. You buy the OVA.
4. You buy the OVA, then hack into your computer to play the OVA. (Guilty as charged. XD)
5. You slaughter the other bidder on those Lloyd and Kratos figurines by twenty dollers.
6. You do flash movies either parodizing ToS or doing something dealing with ToS.
7. You LEARN how to do Flash Movies BECAUSE you want to do said flash movies.
8. You voice act for your movies, even though your voice-acting is horrid.
9. You claim that Lloyd and Kratos are indeed alive in Tales of Phantasia, and point to a random forest.
10. In said Tales of Phantasia, you claim that Lloyd merely lended Cless the Material Blade and Suzu Fujibayashi's ancestors was either Zelos or Lloyd, then making a long explination over the internet to presuade others.
11. You wished you didn't live in the middle of nowehere, where there are no conventions, and dream of buying more ToS stuff.
12. You are going to get all four OVAs: The first as a gift, the second from your cash, the thrid as a b-day gift, and the forth one as a nicely-placed Christmas gift.
13. You will pay fifty plus dollars to buy a thirteen page doujinshi if it had Kratos and Lloyd in it, and then buy six more books to finish off "your collection." (Guilty here, too.)
14. You happily will make clay 3-D chibi models of the ToS people, and then get your fellow ToS-loving neighbor to look at them.
15. Said chibi clay dolls are so good, they are scary. (Lloyd and Kratos down, everyone else to go. I just need more clay...)
16. You read FanFiction of ToS stuff.
17. ToS crossovers and parodys pwn, and you'll flame people to death if they don't update at least one a day.
18. If you are a male, you wished you were Kratos.
19. If you are a female, you wished you were Anna (until her death point, when you jump over to Sheena/Raine/Presea.)
20. Sheena can utterly defeat any ninja from Naruto, and you got a comic/flash movie/5,0 word essay to prove it.
21. Your room has ToS pillows.
22. You wished they had the ToS Manga by that famous manga person for sale in your local manga bookseller store.
23. You don't want to wait for said manga, so you search on Google for a scanlation of it.
24. You search on Google for any other ToS doujinshi stuff also scanlated.
25. You wished there were more fans to talk to in the real world...
And thus concludes chapter four! I have noticed that some of the same ones are beginning to pop up. What's scary is I wrote this chapter and waited a couple days and then I realized that some of the ones I wrote down showed up in a couple reviews. I left them there anyway, I dunno who came up with them first. Hehe, let's try getting really creative, (or sad, whichever). I challenge you. Thanks so much!

And a special post script to benboy490, our only mm contributor
You know you're a Symphomaniac when, after hearing about the sequel, your faith
in God is renewed. (After all, you've been praying for it since you first beat
the Exbelua.) Also, your family and friends could tell you who the Exbelua
really was, without ever having played the game.