Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ Aurion ❯ Chapter 5

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Lloyd awoke to see himself in Welgaia.
"How did I end up here?" He said aloud while he tryed to sit up.
Kratos came in at that time stopping Lloyd from sitting up.
"That is a heavy wound, you shouldn't try to come up off this bed." Kratos said concerned.
"You know, you weren't supposed to resue me. That was what the Chosen's group was supposed to do." Lloyd said to him.
"I know that, but the wound was too deep, besides, the group wouldn't of been nice to you after what happened." Kratos told him.
"Even so, I should still of done my job." Lloyd said.
"Lloyd, you could have died! I do not want you doing something like that again!" Kratos said annoyed with his son.
"You haven't changed..." Lloyd said not looking at his dad.
"Oh, not this again!" Kratos said even more annoyed.
Lloyd took this moment not to care what his dad said and stand up, he was not going to endure this.
"Lloyd, don't you dare leave!" Kratos yelled at him.
Not caring about his injury or what Kratos was saying, Lloud left.

____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___
Lloyd had successfully left Welgaia and was in Tethe'alla, where his targets were. He perfectly knew Kratos would be looking for him, and he knew that the Chosen's group wouldn't take him in full-heartily this time. Plus the wound Bota gave him was agony for as long of a distance as he would need to go. He couldn't make any detours, he had to go to the capital at once, even if it was really going to hurt him. He couldn't let pain be in the way, he was Kratos' son after all, he could endure it as long as he could. So when he did reach the capital, he could have some treatment.

_______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ________
Coming into the capital, Lloyd's body finally hit the ground from the pain and strain. At that moment, the Chosen's group was walking up to thee gate.
"Whoa, is he alright?" He heard Genus ask.
Lloyd had a hard time keeping his eyes open, but he saw Raine put him on his back while she examined him.
"He's bleeding heavily, he must have a deep wound. He needs medical attention." Raine informed him.
"Can he move?" He heard a familiar voice say.
Lloyd knew who that was, that was the Chosen of Tethe'alla, a perverted, lady chasing, informer for Yggdrasill, known as Zelos. If he was with them, then Lloyd knew that it was a matter of time till Kratos would find him.
"No, if he did, he would only loose more blood. We really should have a docor for him." Raine explained to him.
"Y... you still...." Lloyd started only to pass out.

_____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ __
Later on, Lloyd found himself in the Chosen's house being looked after by Raine.
"You mine explaining somethings to us Lloyd Aurion?" Raine asked him.
"What are you talking about?" Lloyd asked her back.
"Don't play dumb with me Aurion, you and your father are angels of crusis, can you deny that?" Raine asked him.
"Whoa wait, what are you talking about? What does dad have to do with this? And what do you mean angels!?" Lloyd asked her confused.
"You, you are Lloyd Aurion, son of, Kratos Aurion, the angel of crusis. Even if you play dumb, you can't fool me." Raine said sternly.
"Look, I haven't SEEN dad since the last time I saw you, I received this wound when I wasTRYING to help you!" Lloyd said anoyed.
"Okay, explain to me how you ended up in Tethe'alla?" Raine said thing she had Lloyd.
"I took a rheyard from Yuin." Lloyd lied.
"How do you know Yuin?" Raine asked futher.
"He and my dad were friends before I was even born." Lloyd said.
"Does your dad work for crusis?" Raine asked him.
"I don't know, dad never tells me those kind of things." Lloyd lied again.
"Where were you when you ran off?" Raine asked.
"I was all over Sylvarant, you know, you guys were everywhere when it came to talk." Lloyd said.
"Do you know where Kratos and his boss are?" Raine asked.
"I really don't know, nor do I care." Lloyd said, not lying.
"How exactly did you receive this wound?" Raine asked.
"Bota gave it to me..." Lloyd scoffed.
At that moment Zelos, Sheena, and Genus walked in.
"Oh, um, can I talk to the owner of the house? I'd like to thank him." Lloyd asked Raine.
"Okay, Zelos, he wants to thank you."
"Um, can I talk with, um, Zelos, alone?" Lloyd asked in hopes they couldn't tell he was faking in the fact he didn't know who Zelos was.
"Sure, you guys don't miond right?" Zelos said.
The others just went outside the dorr to the lower floor.
"What is it, Lord Aurion?" Zelos asked him.
"Oh, so you remember who I am, good, now, is my father looking for me?" Lloyd asked.
"No, he knows that you're doing your mission, he wants me to keep an eye on you though." Zelos said catching Lloyd's full attention.
"Well, just until you're healed, though, you're still in charge. But I must say, you had both Lords Yggdrasill and Kratos worried." Zelos informed him.
"Good." Lloyd said smling.

__________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _____
Kratos and Yuin sat at the table with each other, Kratos seemed out of it, while Yuin was curious on what Kratos was thinking.
"What is it, eh, Kratos?" Yuin asked him.
"Hmm, oh it's nothing..." Kratos replied.
"Is it about Lloyd?" Yuin asked, knowing he hit it exactly.
"Yes, I was wondering how he received such a wound. You wouldn't happen to know, would you Yuin?" Kratos asked him.
"No, it could of been the renegades work, but it isn't known knowledge that you have a son." Yuin pointed out.
"That is the more reason why I'm curious on the fact he had such a wound..." Kratos said.
"You don't think he made it himself?" Yuin suggested.
"No, the wound was too big for a sword or two. Wait... Bota of the renegades carries a big enough weapon for that." Kratos realized while he stood up.
"Yes, but what are you going to do?" Yuin asked hastily.
"I am going to have some answers..." Kratos said.